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Teaching Textbooks™ Reviews

Teaching Textbooks™ is a math curriculum based on 3 easy steps: watch the lesson, do the problems, and watch a tutor explain the ones you missed. Teaching Textbooks™ were designed specifically for independent learners (they focus on teaching/explanations). From the website:

A Teaching Textbook™, with its approximately 700 pages of text and 120 – 160 hours of teacher instruction on CD-ROM, is both a teacher and a textbook combined into one. And the CD-ROM teaching isn’t just abstract lectures either. There are also down-to-earth, audiovisual step-by-step explanations for every single one of the almost 3,500 problems in the book … [The Teaching Textbook™] introduces proper terminology only after first presenting the underlying concept in plain language.

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  1. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Anne
    Pros: If the website works, it is a good curriculum
    Cons: The website has a lot of problems

    Grades Used: 10th

    BUYER BEWARE. We purchased the 3.0 online subscription for Algebra 2 and have had many days where the website didn’t even work because of heavy traffic. TT sold more subscriptions than their system could handle. I called asking for them to send me the book and DVD set instead of the online subscription and was told that they couldn’t because the cost of shipping was too high. Poor customer service to say the least. Also, the same guy always seems to answer the phone. I mean he says he’s “customer service”, but I have a feeling he is the owner/manager/customer service all in one. I also have a feeling he doesn’t mind that he sold more subscriptions than he can handle.

  2. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Sandra
    Pros: God Send for Average Math Students, Really Works!
    Cons: Easy for moms to overlook making kids show work

    Grades Used: 9-11

    Teaching Textbooks has been a Godsend for our second homeschooled teenager. When my kids were little the older one used Saxon and the younger one used Horizons. Both are hands on, challenging, and very thorough and easy to use and I recommend both of those programs up to about 6th grade. After that, it gets very hard to teach Saxon, so my older son began teaching himself using DIVE CD’s Art Reed CD’s. He was so focused and self motivated that it worked. I only had to insist on good handwriting and properly lining up his work. We did have a few battles over that, but thanks to a well respected Math Club friend, he was finally convinced that was correct. However, when I tried to switch my younger daughter from Horizons to Saxon plus the CD’s it was a daily meltdown. Her level of math understanding and her level of focus was not a match for Saxon’s very long, very tedious and very black and white pages. We tried numerous co-op classes, but they only met twice per week and were using disjointed Common Core math books. So, we started her on Teaching Textbooks and we have never looked back. She loves the lessons! We do recommend working ahead a little so that they can complete the first 5 chapters of Pre-Calc by the end of junior year. This way your student will really be ready for the SAT’s. I also recommend the Khan Academy SAT Practice which raised my daughter’s overall score 100 points. Alongside her gentle but firm foundation in Teaching Textbooks she has scored over 87th percentile on the SAT’s and we expect another big improvement after her junior year. Here are my two Caveats: 1. I don’t really recommend it for the younger grades unless you are seriously overwhelmed with many children. The kids do better with pencil-to-paper practice day in and day out. 2. You HAVE TO really win the “battle” of making your kids show all their work, nice and neat, line by line, for every problem. Don’t let them get in the habit of doing in their heads or guessing. Otherwise by the time they get to Algebra 2 they will not be able to work out the long problems. 3. It’s not for future STEM majors. I really think that if you have a child who is great at math and planning to be an engineer that you should either get through these early and then switch to community college by 10th or 11th grade, or you should consider Saxon, Prentice Hall Classics, etc. 🙂

  3. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Tasha
    Pros: An option for homeschoolers
    Cons: Lack of friendly customer service and high cost

    Grades Used: 6, 7, 8, Pre Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2

    I have been able to over look the high cost of Teaching Textbooks and the mistakes that pop up from time to time with the curriculum. Sadly, all of that changed about an hour ago. I called TT’s customer service number to request help that they have given many times in the past and Ryan answered. Has TT changed the way they help their customers? Greg and Shawn Sabouri, you have lost a customer all due to how Ryan was unhelpful and borderline rude. We will no longer purchase or support TT. I admit I should know how to uninstall the curriculum from our computer to place on another but I will also admit that I am not computer savvy- therefore, I called to ask for help. When I asked to speak to someone else, I was told no one was available. It’s truly sad when you honestly just need some assistance, you call the customer service number provided by TT, and get treated and talked to the way I was. Wouldn’t it have been easier if Ryan said we can no longer offer that assistance but you can google the directions that explains the steps? Customer service means a lot. Hopefully in the next training courses, customer service and etiquette will be covered.

  4. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Selena
    Pros: Hands-off for parents who are not into math. Fun and engaging.
    Cons: Picking one grade up means it finishes in the Junior year. No TT for younger ages.

    Grades Used: 3

    We are currently using TT3 online for our 2nd grader. He loves it and I wish it was available when I was his age. I might actually have enjoyed math!

    Here’s what my son says, “I like how they give you multiple tries. What I don’t like is the Bonus Round because you don’t get a whole lot of time and some times they’re super difficult.” (He has good scores in the program.)

    We plan on using TT for years.

  5. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Melanie
    Pros: Easy to use!
    Cons: Is not one size fits all. Does not adequately prepare students for required state testing.

    Grades Used: 4, 5, 6, 7th and Pre-Algebra

    This program has worked really well for my 15-year-old but not so much for my 13-year-old. We have been using TT for three years. My younger son is halfway through the grade 6 book and scored at the third grade level on his 7th grade test. I can see now that he needs a lot more repetition and a text that teaches to the achievement tests. My 15-year-old tested as well as the average 10th grader but is only halfway through the Pre-Algebra (8th grade) text. However, he has always done well in every subject, even when using less than ideal texts.TT has not been a magic pill for us but I will most likely keep using it for my older child and find something different for my younger.

  6. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Donna
    Pros: Easy to use and understand, Fun for my daughter and has been a great confidence booster.
    Cons: None so far, but we are only weeks in.

    Grades Used: 5

    My 5th grader has been using Teaching Textbooks 5 for 3 weeks now. This is our first year of home school. It has been easy for her so far. I feel like the beginning lessons have been a lot of review from earlier grades. I like that it has built up her confidence in Math because she has easily received grades above 90% and she just completed lesson 14. I have yet to see her really challenged at 5th grade level math with this program. I’m hoping that it builds up to something more on grade level and even a little beyond by the end of the year. As long as she stays on or above grade level, this program has been a very positive experience so far.

  7. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Deb
    Pros: Easy to use
    Cons: Material not covered thoroughly

    Grades Used: algebra

    We used TT for algebra for my 8th grader. She liked it and found it easy to use. However, when she finished I printed off an old version of a state algebra test to make sure she had covered what she needed. She totally bombed it and said that she had to guess at 2/3 of the questions.
    We will now be re-doing algebra with a different curriculum.

  8. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by NeviRose
    Pros: Easy to use, not unreasonably priced
    Cons: Passive learning, not thorough understanding

    Grades Used: 4,5,6

    This program was incredibly easy to use, but I really didn’t feel like my kids were actually learning the material. I watched them to see how they were doing: they’d write down NOTHING and throw in an answer. There was a review with the answer, they’d “do it over”, put in the correct answer and move on. When I became more involved and required writing the problems, show their work, etc, it wasn’t worth it. They had already discovered the sneak and made math miserable without it. They did learn something, but it wasn’t a thorough understanding.

  9. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Misty
    Pros: Reuseable, automatic grading
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 3-8

    We have loved Teaching Textbooks! Traditional math papers were overwhelming for one of my daughters but seeing and hearing each problem individually has been very helpful. I love that it automatically grades each problems and can work them through it if they don’t understand it. I see this as being even more helpful in high school math! We have started Teaching Textbooks in 3rd grade and will continue to use through high school. The fact that we can reuse it weighs out the price.
    When we switched to new computers, I called the company and they reset the pass codes right on the phone, very helpful!

  10. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Vickie Cox
    Pros: Automatic grading and daily planning. Easy to use. Simple lessons that teach what needs to be taught that day with review that is interwoven so your child really grasps the complex concepts.
    Cons: I really can't think of a con. The price is maybe high for some but well worth it since it's like you have a tutor. Would love to see more math added like Trigonometry.

    Grades Used: 4th grade thru 12th

    Teaching Textbooks has been the smartest move we made with our three home-school children. We began when it started out as I was moving away from Abeka and finding programs that fit our children’s needs, wants and lifestyle. All three were good in math but by high school, I needed to understand what they were learning but at that time, I couldn’t help. We started Teaching Textbooks with older two and Math u see with youngest. It too is a great program for my younger son. We loved everything about Teaching Textbooks and soon switched our youngest over. It changed our world. It now offers automotive grading and if you get the problem wrong, you can review it at that moment or wait. One of mine likes to wait and see the solutions after she attempts the wrong ones again. My older son did so well, he took college math for duel credit. My daughter has used it in college to understand a problem not covered well in class. I am returning to school and sit with my son to learn all I had forgotten! It’s an incredible program and I wish they offered one in English and even Accounting as well as Computers. We love Teaching Textbooks and they are revising to make them better.

  11. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by V
    Pros: Provides video instruction if students learn well this way
    Cons: Not up to state standards, way too easy if child is strong in math, little parent/student interaction

    Grades Used: 4

    This is one if the few homeschool curricula we’ve used that has been a complete flop. My son started in 3rd grade using the 4th grade book and it lasted 1 month. It is way too easy if your child is strong in math. He was going over some things he learned with ABeka in 1st grade. (Not review, but new concepts). Maybe this is the right curriculum for some…I would advise checking state guidelines and making sure your child will be prepared.

  12. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Tina
    Pros: My son loves it!
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 3

    My son is seriously hating everything about his school work…except Math. He loves Teaching Textbooks and constantly asks me why we can’t make everything like math. The concepts are covered in a way that is easy to understand and it has ample practice for him to solidly understand before moving forward. I absolutely love this math curriculum!

  13. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Meredith
    Cons: PRICE

    Grades Used: 3

    One thing that no one has mentioned…. If you had a teacher that you loved in elementary school, that taught to your learning style, with textbooks you enjoyed… and you could keep that same math teacher all the way through high school… wouldn’t that have been awesome!?

    My son is mathematically-minded (unlike his artsy mommy) but didn’t enjoy math… until now. He did not like Math Mammoth (weird common core type math that did not make sense to him, or to me)… so we have been using Life of Fred. We will continue with our “Fred books” because he loves them, and insists that we read them together before bed.

    So, Life of Fred and Teaching Textbooks are working very well for our family. The lessons are review, for now, to ensure that we haven’t missed anything along the way… and he knows this and agrees. He knows it will get harder, but is looking forward to the high school math! He’s 10, and went from hating math to looking forward to the higher-level math! Between Life of Fred and Teaching Textbooks, he has realized that math is all around us and isn’t they dry, boring thing that some teachers or curriculum present it as… it’s science and life and helpful and sometimes, even funny. It helps us double a cookie recipe or figure out how much we need to save to buy that Lego set. It helps us figure out how many of something we need in Terraria (a 2-D game similar to Minecraft) to buy/make some crazy self-defense weapon to defend against the goblin army. We are now doing math, in life, every day…. and that is a wonderful thing.

  14. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Angie
    Grades Used: 7th

    My son just started Geometry. So far he loves it. I like that he gets a teacher with the textbook. I like the automatic feedback he gets while doing all the questions. I didn’t take Geometry in high school and I was worried about it. TEaching Textbooks has taken the worry away for the higher maths.

  15. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Britt
    Grades Used: 3

    I wanted a math curriculum that my son could do on his own and this has been a good fit. It’s presented in a fun way and there is a little animated figure that claps or dances when each problem is solved correctly. It not only entertains the student but it has the added benefit of entertaining my toddler for 20 min too! She loves to sit and watch her older brother do his math lesson.

  16. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Marla Kral
    Pros: Self Explanatory, Computer Based, Gradiing
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: Eigth

    We have tried many math curriculums in my daughter’s elementary years, but when we got to the pre-algebra and higher math’s she needed more explanation. This curriculum gives her the opportunity to review the material more than once. It also lets her do the problem at least two times before it asks if she would like to review the lesson.

  17. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Bethany
    Pros: simple and easy to understand, great resale value, easy to find used
    Grades Used: Algebra

    I wish I had found this years ago!!! My son did algebra this year and he mostly just uses the textbook. He has only asked for help a few times and when watching the teacher, totally understands it.

  18. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Tara Gilmore
    Pros: Easy to use; great for highschool
    Grades Used: 4th, 7th, 9th

    We used Teaching Textbooks for the first time this year and I WISH we had used it from 3rd on up with all my children. I love how everything is explained in great detail and it’s all on the computer. The only one who has used her book at all is my 9th grader and that was just briefly. I was so nervous about high school math! I am not great at math myself and wondered how I was going to teach it in high school. Since using Teaching Textbooks this year, I now have no worries about the remainder of high school. This is a great, great program!

  19. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Mary Storm
    Pros: easy to use, less frustrating
    Cons: expensive

    Grades Used: 7th

    My daughter has always hated math – she didn’t mind it with Teaching Textbooks – they made pre-algebra funny and fun. She could understand their explanations and did not get all upset every day as in the past.

  20. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Laura
    Pros: Easy to use, good for visual and audio learners
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 4th

    Our daughter has struggled with Math since kindergarten. Now it is her favorite subject.

    The DVD begins with a lecture of that day’s Math concept that lasts about 5 minutes. Then there is a practice session of about six problems, then the day’s lesson begins, which usually has 22 problems for each day. It is set up so that the child can be completely independent in his/her Math because when they present a problem, they offer a ‘hint’ so that the student can get a reminder in case they are unsure of how to do the problem. All they need to do is click on the hint button.

    Also, if the student gives an incorrect answer, they have the option to click on ‘Yes’ to see the explanation and they will show how the problem was supposed to be done.

    I usually sit with my daughter when she does Math because I want to know her weak points. When she misses a problem, we pause the DVD, watch the correct way to do the problem and then we take some time to do extra practice on that particular problem for a while until I feel she understands the concept and then we go on. If you take time to do this way daily, the problem areas will be handled immediately.

    We love Teaching Textbooks. Every day, there is review of previous lessons built into the lesson and so there is nice review. There are not a lot of exercises each day, only 22 Math problems each day, but if you take the time to add extra like we do on weak areas, there is an adequate amount. Some days and possibly even most days, you may not need to add extra because they simply understand the lesson, but that is okay, because they understand and that is our goal.

    We plan to continue with Teaching Textbooks because it takes something that was so painful for my daughter and made it enjoyable. That is worth a lot, because I believe that if a child struggles, they will not learn to their potential, however, if they enjoy learning, they will go beyond what we thought possible. Attitude is key.

  21. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Christie
    Pros: Great for struggling readers
    Cons: Expensive

    Grades Used: 5th and 8th

    This program saved my sanity this year! My 5th grader is a struggling reader and easily distracted. Saxon just wasn’t cutting it for us anymore! It was too dull and black and white for my son who needs to be kept interested. TT does just that. It has fun ‘buddies’ and the cd’s keep his attention. He still works slowly, but that is just the type of student he is. The fact that he likes the program is good enough for me!

    My 8th grader was stressed out w/ Saxon because at the Algebra level they just don’t explain their work well enough! There is no explanation of how they arrived at their answers, and I can no longer help her at this level. TT is wonderful for her in that it explains everything! She can see and hear how the solutions were found and the best thing is that she can do all the work on her own so I have more time for my other kids!

    (I do wish it was more affordable though!)

  22. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Marilyn Kendrick
    Pros: easy to use,awesome for large families.
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 5th,6th,7th,pre-algebra,algebra,geometry,and algebra II.

    Absolutley love this Math!!! I couldn’t have homeschooled highschool without it!! When you think of the time you save by purchasing this product its crazy not to have it! (unless you love teaching math)
    It’s very easy to understand and takes the worry out of “are my kids getting it” question. I’ve used it for 4 yrs. My son even completed two years in one year using this! I can’t say enough about it!
    If you have more than 1 child you are good because it can be shared with younger siblings! Great investment!

  23. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Sandra Byus
    Pros: Short lectures, Good amount of problems
    Cons: Maybe not enough coverage in lecture

    Grades Used: 5th, 6th

    Let me start with my daughter hated math. She still does not like it, but the difference in her doing it now with TT than with the curriculum before TT is sooooooo much better. It would take forever it seemed to do just one or two problems before. Now it is very different. She is not very good at paying close attention always on her own so that can sometimes cause a problem. I may need to go over a topic or reteach it to her, but it seems that their repetitive work helps her to catch on pretty well. She does probably better than what I would have thought. I am very glad we switched to TT!

  24. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Susan
    Pros: very easy, somewhat enjoyable, nice customer support
    Cons: division teaching, expensive

    Grades Used: 3 and 4

    Teaching Textbooks is EXTREMELY easy to use! Once it is installed, the student can do the lessons by themselves. All you do is check their grade book occasionally. However, the DVDs are a bit expensive and you can’t buy new workbooks for a reasonable price. Also, my daughter complained about the division teaching going too fast. Overall, this is a good program, but be prepared to spend quite a bit for it.

  25. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Jill
    Pros: easy to use and understand, great re-sale value
    Cons: NONE!

    Grades Used: pre-algebra, algebra I and II

    This is a GREAT math program! We had a child struggling in algebra using a different curriculum. We switched to Teaching Textbooks and algebra finally “clicked”. I regularly recommend TT to homeschool families looking for a math program that’s user friendly.
    Unlike other programs, this one has CDs that will walk through EVERY problem if the child doesn’t understand it(or if mom can’t quite get it either!).
    Some say the price is kind of high but can we really put a price on our child’s education? This program can be used by multiple children and when you are done with it, it has a high re-sale value.

  26. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Beth
    Pros: Easy to use, allows student to be independent
    Cons: On the expensive side; would like to see more practice problems.

    Grades Used: 6th

    I’m using this with my 6th grader, along with Life of Fred Fractions. She has never been strong in math and has hated it. TT has made a world of difference. She loves being independent, and loves the little bear that tells her she the smartest student ever. 🙂 Also, it’s wonderful for teaching multiple students.

  27. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Angela
    Pros: Ease of use, makes math understandable
    Cons: Perhaps a bit weak in the problem solving area

    Grades Used: 6th

    This curriculum was a life saver for us. The frustration that both my son and I experienced trying to get him through math everyday was enough to make me want to throw in the towel. Now he doesn’t dread math. Having an endlessly patient computer program to guide him is wonderful. The only thing that worries me is that while it is very strong in computation, the problem solving seems a bit weak compared to other curriculums. Most of the word problems are very similar in structure. Even that is working out ok for us. Since it doesn’t include an overwhelming amount of problems, I can supplement a bit with word problems etc. My son seems much more confident than he did with the very rigorous problem solving heavy curriculum that we used last year. We will definitely continue with TT next year.

  28. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Loretta
    Pros: Allows child to work independently
    Grades Used: 3,4,5

    I first looked at TT for my son who struggeld with reading and staying focused. He could not stay with his work unless I was right next to him, urging him on. I had 2 younger children and 1 older and it seemed like I never had enough time to go around. When I found TT, I was thrilled. They read the text to him and if he didn’t catch it the first time, he could easily replay it againa and again. This allowed me to spend more time with the other three while he did his Math on is own. It worked so well for him that I got it for my older child as well.
    I like that they constantly are reviewing previously taught material. The lessons are attractive and yet not overwhelming with too much animation, if you know what I mean.
    The company has been wonderful to work with. You can buy these used and they will give you an new code to use if you don’t have one.
    You don’t have to use the CDs. You can use just the book. This works well, although my daughter did one year with just the book and is doing this year with the cd and it seems like it is going better with the computer.
    This is a lenghy review and I am sorry for rambling on here, but I can’t hardly say enough good about TT and how it has been an answer for our family’s need.

  29. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by cathy
    Pros: easy to use and understand
    Cons: it's a bit pricey, but worth it

    Grades Used: 3rd and 4th

    This is our second year using Teaching Textboks and we love it. The kids can do their math lessons on their own with me nearby to answer questions if needed. I’ve seen a great improvement in the confidence of my children and their math skills. I think that is because the lessons are fun and interactive and they feel very accomplished having done it on their own for the most part.

  30. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Amber Neal
    Grades Used: 7th

    Teaching textbooks is by far my favorite math resource so far! Math used to bring tears for me and my daughter, but no longer- thanks to teaching textbooks. I t was on the pricey side for us but now that I have used it with , I think it is very well worth it. My daughter even said she would recommend it to anyone who loves math or hates math, its just a great resource for all kinds of learners ( visual or auditory).

  31. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Theresa Roman
    Pros: Very Interactive and Engaging
    Grades Used: Pre-Alg, Alg I-II, Geometry

    With a Computer Science degree/Math Minor, I understand how the basic foundations of math concepts need to be explained and understood. The DVD interaction takes away the painstaking task of “reading” a book (unless you or your child thrives on that).

    I have tutored TT Math to a student who was two grades below his level, brought him up to a current level in 6 months using TT because he was not taught constant and consistent math concepts in the elementary years.

    TT is also a HIGH resale for homeschoolers. Well worth the price and investment!

  32. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Lynda Crane
    Pros: easy to use
    Grades Used: 3, 6, 7, pre-algebra

    I really enjoy using this program. It has a lecture and it grades for you. What more can you ask for? My boys do complain about the mans voice though! LOL Overall I will keep buying this program!

  33. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Kim
    Pros: tests listening skills too
    Cons: a bit high priced but you can resell when you're done

    Grades Used: 4 & 5

    I love Teaching Textbooks – last year when we were using another popular math curriculum my dd was struggling. We ran across TT at a fair and she played around with it on the computer they had there and liked it. I decided it was time to give it a try…we’ve been hooked every since. She went from HATING math to now wanting to be a math teacher…AMAZING!!!

  34. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Sue Kearney
    Pros: ease of use, all solutions provided, great resale value,
    Cons: pricey, but well worth it

    Grades Used: 7th, pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry,

    Teaching Textbooks has revolutionalized the subject of math in our homeschool. Math is still not a favorite subject, but it not nearly so painful. I appreciate that ALL solutions for practice problems, lesson problems, and tests are provided. The student can either listen/watch the lesson on the DVD, or simply read the lesson in the textbook (reading works better in our house!) The textbook is extremely user friendly–font is easy on the eye, key points are highlighted. The dreaded word problems are written humorously, making them slightly less painful. This is a fabulous math program, especially for those whose strength is NOT math.

  35. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by JulieCC
    Pros: high re-sale value; good for a/v learners; all problems worked out on solution CD's
    Cons: not as many lessons as other curricula; new curricula never on sale

    Grades Used: Algebra 1, Geometry

    My son used TT for Algebra 1 and Geometry. He really liked it. The instructions for Geometric proofs, though, were lacking as he really struggled with it and needed his engineer-father’s help. He enjoyed the humor in the lessons.

    The upper levels have several different CD-roms that have to be put in and out of the computer. It’s a pain to do that all the time. I guess the lower levels have just one student and maybe one parent, CD at a time.

    My son used the texts as “workbooks” by writing all work he could fit in them. The rest he did on paper. So I couldn’t resell those, but the other items have a high resell value on used homeschool curricula sites.

    I decided to change to Thinkwell when my son took Algebra 2. TT had a lot of topics missing, most noteably matrices. Also, TT’s Algebra 2 only had about 125 lessons, whereas Thinkwell’s had 265.

    Teaching Textbooks is great for an audio-visual learner and great for parents who do not know, or do not want to re-learn, higher math levels.

  36. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Leslie
    Pros: Easy to use, makes math fun, brilliant interface with automatic grading
    Cons: Pricey but worth every penny

    Grades Used: 4th, 6th, 7th

    Our family loves Teaching Textbooks Math! We pulled our children from public school in grades 6 & 3 midyear. Both were struggling in math quite alot. Math is also my weakest subject so it was very important for me to have a really strong curriculum for our children. This program is very comprehensive, covering every topic thoroughly and FUN! My son loves the interactiveness. Both of my kids actually look forward to doing math every day and their grades have improved tremendously. This computer-based software gives you the ability to view the lectures as often as necessary. The graphics are fun and allowing the kids to choose their favorite icon is a nice touch. With built-in hints and the ability in the newer versions for the parent to go in and override wrong answers gives the child a chance to redo problems in order to really “get” the concepts. There is also a workbook for children who like to work independent of the computer at times or to get extra work time to help them retain what they are learning. The software is a bit expensive but it’s such an excellent product I am happy to cut corners in other areas so that we can continue to use it. Go to their website for a free demo of their products and a handy pre-test to help you decide what grade level your child should be in.

  37. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by Susan Washabaugh
    Pros: Easy to use
    Cons: Doesn't teach like I learned

    Grades Used: 8

    My 14 year old has been learning Algebra this year with Teaching Textbooks. It has been very helpful. Math is easy for me, so sometimes I find it hard to teach because I don’t understand why he doesn’t get it. This program breaks it down very simply. In fact he was able to skip the lessons for Chapter 7 because it was showing shortcuts for earlier lessons. So he listened to the lessons and then took the Chapter test and didn’t miss any. I would say that’s a sign that this program is successful.

  38. Teaching Textbooks™ Review by brenda rodriguez
    Pros: great for the non readers or learners that have reading difficulties.
    Grades Used: 7th and 8th

    My daughter is dyslexic and has found math so much easier with this aproach. she now enjoys doing her math and can repeat directions with a click of the mouse and it is show in a couple of differant ways so if she doesnt understand it one way she has the second directions helpful. step by step with a easy to under stand directons make math a breeze now not a fight.

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