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Tapestry of Grace Reviews

Tapestry of Grace is a unit study style, classical, core curriculum for History, LA, Geography, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Bible/Church History, Government. It has both printed or digital options and covers material on a four-year cycle with four classical levels.

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  1. Tapestry of Grace Review by Cheryl Powell
    Pros: together, chronological
    Cons: prep, science lacking

    Grades Used: lower grammer K, 2nd of Egypt freebie

    TOG was on my list of possible curriculums so when one that we were trying was not working and we were at the point of history that Joseph was in Egypt, I thought it would be a good time to try TOG’s free 3 week trial available from their website.
    At one point I had an old version of yr 4 of TOG (in all the binders) but now it’s all online or CDROMS. We did the 3 week Egypt trial you can get online with a 2nd and K child at the time (and a toddler and infant around too). It was a ton of fun, they learned a lot and enjoyed it. Some moms say the books are hard to get but our state has an interlibrary loan system so I had no troubles. The Bible was a bit over their heads and was harder for me to connect for those ages. I loved having more concrete lesson plans to follow than what we had been using and the activities were a blast! We didn’t stay because I like a book in hand- the old binder version was too similar to what we were leaving and I was afraid of burn out again. But I am not techie enough for computerized TMs and such. Even the 3 week freebie- I printed it all out for paper TM in hand.

  2. Tapestry of Grace Review by Laurie Jefferies
    Pros: Christian focus, covers many subjects, chronological, covers all grades
    Cons: prep time needed each week

    Grades Used: Lower grammar (grades 1-3), Years 1 and 2

    We love Tapestry. With a strong literature focus and hands-on activities, Tapestry connects the threads between the Bible and world history really well. It provides a lot of activities so you need to pick and choose, like a buffet! It does take time to plan out each week but as children get older they should be able to help do this. It is not a workbook based program at all but I love being able to borrow many of the books through our library system (or you can buy them) and then do hands-on activities (crafts, maps, games) to help us understand history. I bought the lapbook for Year 2 Unit 1 and it has been a fun add-on. We did less of the activities for that unit and used the lapbook instead. There is a helpful introductory video where Marcia explains how to plan out each week with a minimum of work.

  3. Tapestry of Grace Review by JulieCC
    Pros: very broad and deep; multiple levels; chronological; several subjects
    Cons: can be expensive; lots of parent prep work with reading;

    Grades Used: Rhetoric level, Year 1

    This is our first year using Tapestry of Grace. We’re doing Year 1 Rhetoric. There are many virtual co-ops available and classes from TOG via Lampstand Learning Center. I think a co-op or outside teacher is needed for the Rhetoric levels. I only teach one and it’s a lot of prep reading work for the parent-teacher. My son does the History and Literature (the core lessons) with a co-op. So I only have to teach 6 weeks of every 36-week year.

    I love all the subjects covered and it meshes well with our other curricula. We do them all. What isn’t done with the co-op we do together. Not all subjects are covered each week. It has the history & lit, church history/bible, government, philosophy, fine art, and geography. All strands tie together each week. I love how the curriculum is chronological and Christian (denomination neutral). There are great user forums and groups where the author reads and writes. It’s also a great jumping off point if you want to go on rabbit trails.

  4. Tapestry of Grace Review by carrie walsh
    Pros: history,literature,language arts,art,music and geography included
    Cons: expensive for my family

    I again tried a free offer,but on this one,if I could afford it I would definitly buy the whole curriculum.I loved the way they laid everything out down to week by week and daily plans.It included almost all subjects and includes a church history section.Packed with book resource options,info.,activities.Also has all grade levels included.Overall good deal I just can’t afford it at this time.A complete system.

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