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Supercharged Science Reviews

This is a complete hands-on online science curriculum for homeschoolers taught by Aurora Lipper, a former Mechanical Engineering instructor at Cal Poly University. It is designed to be totally kid-friendly so that you can just point your kids to their next science lesson. The curriculum includes videos, texts, homework, a teleclass featuring the textbook author, parents resources, a means to ask questions of the author and a way to record experiments. The curriculum is available online for a monthly fee, and there are also texts, CDs and numerous science project kits at various price points. Features include:

  • Experiments that are designed to use inexpensive commonly available materials so shopping for them is easy. Plus, I always try to use inexpensive stuff so you don’t need to buy all sorts of expensive supplies and equipment. In fact much of what you already have, or it’s free.
  • In depth textbook readings for older kids, so you don’t even need to buy a text book
  • Exercises and quizzes so you can keep tabs on what your kids are learning
  • Live interactive video tele-classes every 2-4 weeks where I’ll introduce each new unit and answer questions.
  • All videos are saved online so your kids can do lessons at their own pace. Different kids are at different levels, so you can go through the lessons at any pace that is right for your kids.

They have a downloadable science activity manual with videos that you can try for free.

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  1. Supercharged Science Review by shonna rice
    Pros: fun, engaging, focused
    Cons: finding some of the parts

    My son loves this stuff! I have had “skeptical” family members say “You learned/did that at home”?!
    Aurora is energetic and the projects are simple but keep the students attention and desire to do more. She usually uses stuff everyone has in their kitchen or can get at Wal-Mart. There has been a time or two I needed to go to a hardware store but it wasn’t difficult on me or the checkbook. My son’s favorites were the rollercoaster, catapults and water hydraulics.

  2. Supercharged Science Review by Lois Tebo
    Pros: a fun way to experience distance learning
    Cons: expensive

    Grades Used: 3-8

    We have tried some of the online experiments and enjoyed the chance to pop rockets off in our basement! She does a good job of sending out materials lists in advance, and of explaining concepts.

  3. Supercharged Science Review by Lori
    Pros: exciting stuff
    Grades Used: 2nd

    We downloaded the free booklet and signed up for the newsletter. We love her videos and enjoy her enthusiasm. She also has great free resources for other subjects in her newsletter.

  4. Supercharged Science Review by Nicole Hale
    Pros: FUN!
    Cons: pricy

    Grades Used: all

    We LOVE Aurora’s science! My children love to watch the videos and then make/do the project. In fact they want to do it all the time (and not do the other schoolwork!) We purchased the one year package with all of the supplies (since I have a new baby) and it was pricy – but since it saved me the time in locating all of the necessary supplies for each experiment – that’s always our challlenge around here – it’s actually saved me sanity in the long run – and that’s PRICELESS!!! Aurora is the kind of science teacher we all wish we had in school! Her enthusiasm is contagious! I highly recommend this resource!!!!

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