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Spectrum offers supplemental workbooks in the following subjects: Math, Early Childhood Reading & Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Testing. The materials are grade appropriate, but there are not materials for every grade.

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  1. Spectrum Review by Leanne
    Pros: Nice layout, thorough in concepts
    Cons: Not enough room to do/show work

    Grades Used: 2nd, 3rd

    I piece my son’s homeschool curriculum together. We don’t care for the other Spectrum subjects much but we do LOVE Spectrum math. I’ve tried almost everything when it comes to math and Spectrum has been our constant for the past 2 years. I didn’t like the order of Bob Jones math…we tried Beast Academy and it was like Common Core to the EXTREME… We use Spectrum Math, with Math Seeds (through Reading to supplement, then at the end of the school year, I have my son do the Brain Quest book by himself to reinforce/fill in any gaps and put his skills to work!

  2. Spectrum Review by Karen
    Pros: Easy to follow concepts and worksheets
    Cons: Not enough writing space (Grade 3 Book)

    Grades Used: Grade 3

    We are using the Spectrum – Grade 3 and Math Word Problems books. The Grade 3 book, has simple 1-2 page lessons in the ELA and Math sections, that make it easy for my son to catch on to the concept. The Reading section breaks down stories into manageable pieces with grade appropriate questions for each section. If he struggles in any area, I seek additional online resources to supplement the curriculum. Unfortunately, there are no tests to ensure the information is being absorbed.
    The MATH Word Problem book has a better set-up, where each concept has a pre-test to find out what he knows, before the lessons begin. Then, after each section of problems, there is a posttest, to ensure the information is absorbed. Additionally, there are semester final tests.

  3. Spectrum Review by Nancy
    Pros: Perfect for early education.
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: PreK - 1st grade

    Currently using many different PreK books and introducing a few Kindergargen and First Grace ones with my 4 year old. They have been amazing for helping my early learner! He’s truly loved every book and grown so much by the end of each!

  4. Spectrum Review by Pam Werling
    Pros: We love 1-2 page lessons.
    Cons: The grading keys have no solutions.

    Grades Used: 6 and 7

    After using Abeka and Bob Jones curriculum, Spectrum has taken lengthy textbooks and put lessons into bit sized chunks, that my ADHD daughter can handle quite well. She loves the 1-2 page lessons and completes most of the lessons independently without much clarification from me.

  5. Spectrum Review by Marye Beck
    Pros: consistent
    Cons: a bit scatter-shot, but all elementary science is like that, I think

    Grades Used: 3, 4, 5

    We have used three grades worth of these “Spectrum Science” workbooks; we have purchased up to Grade 8, too. My daughter is currently working through the Grade 5 book (she previously finished Grades 3 & 4). The layout is a narrative (which you can read to the child, or have the child read it), then a series of questions. The reading level and questions get progressively harder, the further on you get in the series. Within a workbook, I’d say the reading level and questions stay about the same. Regarding scatter-shot-ness, I think all elementary science curriculum suffers from scatter-shot-ness, so Spectrum just fits in with the pack in that regard.

  6. Spectrum Review by Misty
    Pros: doesn't require a hidden code to do the work
    Cons: not enough space to do work

    Grades Used: 4, 7, 8

    My sons have been using these books this year and it works well for them since they catch onto math concepts quickly. The only complaint both my sons had was that there wasn’t enough space to do their work on the pages, something easily resolved by using scratch paper or a white board. I like that the examples follow the same way of doing the work that I learned 25 years ago.

  7. Spectrum Review by Robin Wheatley
    Pros: Logical sequence, easy to understand
    Cons: Doesn't give teaching suggestions

    Grades Used: 2

    We are using the Spectrum Math book for grade 2 this year. It is set up in an easy-to-use manner, with a pre-test for each section, then the practice pages, and then a post-test. It also includes a mid-test and final test. The pages are clear and uncluttered. The only thing I have found difficult is that there are no suggestions for teaching the concepts, apart from a little introduction to each section for the student to look at. I have had to add things like flashcards to reinforce memorization.

  8. Spectrum Review by Susan Washabaugh
    Pros: Easy and interesting
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 4th

    I used this to test my son at home for 4th grade. It was straight forward and provided great feedback on how he was doing in reading and math.

  9. Spectrum Review by Alma Torres

    I bought these books to prepare my 3rd and 4th graders for State testing. These books were amazing. My kids scored very high.

  10. Spectrum Review by Peaches Tyson
    Pros: great for tests preperation
    Grades Used: all grades

    I use these books to prep my 2nd grades for the SAT.

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