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Sing, Spell, Read and Write Reviews

Sing, Spell, Read and Write is a learning-to-read curriculum that uses a 36-step program of carefully sequenced systematic, explicit phonics instruction to build fluent independent readers. Using look, listen, point, sing-along, and echo routines along with gross motor and fine motor activities, the program actively engages the senses and effectively reaches all types of learners. The Kindergarten Combo Kit contains enough language arts instructional material for two full years. Two kindergarten student workbooks are included featuring larger print and fewer words per page. Topics covered include letter recognition, letter sounds, manuscript writing, and beginning reading. Promotes independent reading by the end of Grade 1. There are built-in assessments and achievement tests to track each child’s progress. Cost is about $300. A Pre-K Readiness program and assorted supplemental materials are also available.

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  1. Sing, Spell, Read and Write Review by Jennifer F
    Pros: Learning is like a game
    Cons: Child gets bored by grade 2

    Grades Used: K,1,2

    This was our first attemp at homeschooling and it was so much fun. My daughter LOVED this program and it was so easy to use. By the end of the first year she was reading on her own. The only complaint is that she got bored by the end of year two.

  2. Sing, Spell, Read and Write Review by Ruth Stroup
    Pros: catchy music, builds on itself nicely
    Cons: 2nd and 3rd years not very helpful

    Grades Used: K - 3

    We enjoyed using the 1st grade Sing, Spell, Read and Write. I used it for all three kids and all did well. Mine was the older version so I am sure that the newer versions are updated. My teacher book was not as laid out as I like it, so I had to figure some of it out. I am sure the newer version is set up differently. The stories were a bit dry in some of the books, but they have to be easy. I thought they were a whole lot more creative from the books I learned to read with. The phonics games can still be helpful when the kids forget some of the rules they learned a couple of years ago. I did use the 2nd and 3rd grade but didn’t like them much. The 3rd grade was especially not helpful from what I can remember, I used it with the first child and not the others.
    I would recommend the 1st grade curriculum and would use it again myself if I had more children of that age.

  3. Sing, Spell, Read and Write Review by Lynn
    Pros: Complete, multisensory
    Cons: Price

    Grades Used: K, 1, 2

    I bought the K/1 Combo when my oldest was ready for K. He loved it so much, he wanted to do several lessons a day. His younger siblings were the same – they all loved it! The songs are fun and catchy. The games are great reinforcement of the concepts learned. I found the daily spelling too much with my oldest, but do it with my youngest. All 3 of my children learned to read with this and all read above grade level. I taught my 4-yr old preschool class how to read with the K level program. It works. Only con is the price, but I got 6 years out of mine, so I can’t complain!

  4. Sing, Spell, Read and Write Review by Tiffani Crews
    Pros: a complete curriculum, fun for those who like to sing and play games
    Cons: stories can be dry as depending on the edition you pick up, it was written in a different generation, pricey

    Grades Used: k and 1st

    We have been using sing spell read and write for a while now. We like it because it covers reading, writing and grammar. We like to take the writing workbook and do the words elsewhere so that it doesn’t seem so overwhelming because they put all the 50 or so vocab words on one page to copy. Make sure if you purchase this curriculum second hand or in pieces that you get the same publication edition. There are many updates and they do not always work well together. I bought all my pieces through friends, garage sales and second hand stores so they do not all coordinate perfectly. But its nothing I can’t over come. I am very pleased with the outcome and performance from my kids. My 5 year old is on book 7 of 17 and can read quite alot. They teach blends in the beginning that goes along way with discovering words that they have never seen before. Over all I like it. It is pricey if bought new.

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