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Sequential Spelling Reviews

Sequential Spelling uses spelling lists which build on words to help children spell bigger words. For example, if they can spell stand, they can spell understand and misunderstand and misunderstanding. The sequences are not based on grade level curriculum. The sequences are based on building from easy words to advanced words as from all, tall, stall, install, installment, installation. This programs helps younger students to spell words they would not normally be able to spell in the younger grades. Placement tests are available on the website, although they recommend that most students start with Level 1 due to the nature of the program.

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  1. Sequential Spelling Review by Sharon
    Pros: The child who otherwise flounders with rules and sounds and all the complexitites of traditional spelling programs can now relax and learn the way his brain is gifted to learn!
    Cons: This is not for a child who wants the facts and the rules of spelling. That child will likely be bored to death by Spequential Spelling.

    Grades Used: approximately the middle school years

    This program was designed by Don McCabe, an educator who battled the unique challenges of Dyslexia in his own life. I first read his book, and then discovered his spelling program. He learned about his special gift of Dyslexia and he learned to capitalize on that gift. In so doing, he learned how to bless others with similar thought processes: he thought in patterns and pictures. This is typical for people with Dyslexia, but some people who were never diagnosed with dyslexia also think best this way.

    Wow! His method truly spoke to my son! While never truly diagnosed with dyslexia, one son and one daughter appeared to have similar thought processes. They didn’t learn through spelling rules or constant review. Standard spelling programs frustrated them. They learned through pictures. Sequential Spelling helped them picture the smaller words like cat so that they could add to the picture created and eventually create larger words like scattering. This was a revolution for them!

    They didn’t need rules about long vowels and certain sounds. They needed to see the patterns in the words! Sequential Spelling did that. My only regret is that it took me a few years to discover Mr. McCabe’s book and this spelling program. Knowing that I could reach some of my children with rules and some of my children with patterns has made all the difference in my teaching as a whole!

    I began the program years ago when the company only had books. I think it is wonderful that the program now offers the option of a DVD Rom so that you can sit and quietly observe your child, or leave to assist another child without disrupting the spelling session. The little books were fine for me, but they did take one-on-one teaching time that can be hard to find in a large family.

  2. Sequential Spelling Review by Barb S.
    Pros: Build Larger Words on Smaller Ones

    Sequential Spelling is hands down our spelling curriculum of choice. My 1st and 2nd graders get so excited when they can spell really long words like “misunderstanding.” But the method is so easy! If they can spell “and,” and “stand”, they build on that to spell even larger words. I keep telling them that kids in 4th and 5th grade aren’t spelling these words. That really inspires them.

    Sequential Spelling provides you with each day’s word list. Word families are worked on for a week.

    We really enjoy this!

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