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According to its publisher, “Saxon Math is the only major math program on the market today that systematically distributes instruction, practice, and assessment throughout the academic year as opposed to concentrating, or massing, related concepts into a short period of time–usually within a unit or chapter. Saxon Math’s approach to math instruction ensures that students not only gain but also retain essential math skills.” The program transitions students from manipulatives and worksheets to a textbook approach as the students progress to middle school.

Saxon’s K-3 program is designed to teach basic arithmetic concepts as well as geometry, patterns, time, and more. Each lesson is scripted for the parent. Manipulatives accelerate understanding of abstract math concepts, and worksheets provide cumulative review. Saxon Math for middle grades transitions students from manipulatives and worksheets to a textbook approach. The emphasis in the middle grades is on developing algebraic reasoning as well as geometric concepts. Lessons include new concepts plus a review of previous concepts. Middle and upper grades have Solution Manuals which give step-by-step solutions for all problems in the book. Saxon’s high school program offers a textbook, tests, and a Solutions Manual. Homeschool kits are available for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Advanced Math, and Calculus.

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  1. Saxon Math Review by Suzzie
    Pros: amazing way of teaching
    Cons: too many skip steps

    Grades Used: 9 10

    I am myself a student and I use to struggle with math but Saxon actually changed that. I use to hate math but now I can don’t dislike it. I think its a great book it help a whole lot but I just think that they should stop skipping some steps. I love how Saxon try to make us students think outside the box but after spending 2 hours in one problem and you still can not find it….it gets really really frustrating. Especially if you went and look at the lesson where the problem is from. I love this book and I would recommand it to everyone because it makes you think really hard. Even though I am still behind in math I feel like if I continue to use Saxon than I should be just fie when I graduate in two years. But seriously STOP SKIPPING the steps because it get frustrated.

  2. Saxon Math Review by Amy
    Cons: Confusing, lacking important steps in directions

    Grades Used: 2-11

    I have used Saxon math for both of my daughters since they were in early elementary school. I love Saxon, and my daughters have understood math and tested very high on their standardized tests…until we came upon their Advanced Mathematics curriculum. I want to warn parents that something has gone wrong with this amazing math series. There are many lessons where my daughter and I are left with many questions – such as…. in that example, where did they get that number? We feel that they skip “simple” steps that they take for granted, but as a learning math student, you wouldn’t know about the additional step. Also, we have found many problems that were not taught in the previous lessons – I get that they are trying to get the students to think “outside of the box” and apply what they know to a new situation. These problems are way beyond that. The book itself is not as helpful as years past – every other Saxon book we have used has had the lesson number posted under the problem so the student can go back and re-read the lesson if necessary. This book is lacking that, which is very frustrating for my daughter who many times would like to look back to refresh her memory on a formula, etc. I don’t know what to recommend, but I can tell you this will be the last Saxon math book we will ever use.

  3. Saxon Math Review by Tuesday Holmes
    Pros: My child "gets math" & now loves it!
    Cons: I have not found any

    Grades Used: 5/6

    I used the Saxon Math curriculum for my son’s 5th grade year. This was our first year homeschooling. My son dreaded math, and had always struggled with it. I am pleased to say, he is very confident in his mathematical skills. Thanks to Saxon, my son looks forward to Math. It is his favorite subject. We will absolutely use it again next year!

  4. Saxon Math Review by Mary Shemerdiak
    Pros: Gets job done well
    Cons: Colorless

    Grades Used: 6/5

    My 9yo DD is halfway thru saxon 6/5, and it has gone really well (total is 120 lessons in the book) . She has become more confident in math. I was ready to send her to mathnasium, when I decided to try this for her – I am quite happy I did. It wasn’t too pricey, I got the main book and worksheet/facts books- imperfect – at CBD for a discount , solutions manual on Amazon used so I saved on it. My DD writes on the main book, because she didn’t want to write things out in a separate notebook – which I told her is fine as long as it’s neatly done. She no longer cries doing math, as everything is well explained and practiced sufficiently in each lesson.

  5. Saxon Math Review by Kay
    Pros: Love the continuing review throughout the course.
    Cons: Not very colorful. No eye appeal.

    Grades Used: 1-2

    I really like this curriculum. My daughter has done well with it.

  6. Saxon Math Review by RENITA HENDERSON
    Pros: Builds on each year. Each year starts with review.
    Cons: expensive if you buy the whole set( you do not nee the whole set)

    Grades Used: 6-10

    Love Saxon math.

    you can print out a placement test to see where to start your child.

    I also use them to be sure my son has retained his math and qualifies to start the next book. I love that each Saxon math book starts out with a review of the previous year to get you mind back on track.

    You do not need all the books, if you know math. The current student books have the answers in the back to the less practice and odd number questions. The teacher books have the student book in the front with an answer key in the back. So you can use either alone.

    My son started out with math 65. The numbers are advanced 5th grade student- normal 6th grade student and so on for 76 and 87. Next he dis pre algebra whis is algebra 1/2, algebra 1, and now finishing algebra 2 and doing physics at same time.

    We plan to do advanced math next as it contains geometry and trigononometry and for 12 grade calculus. The have other programs like geometry alone and physics.

    We usually find best price used like on ebay or homeschoolcalssifieds . For those who need a little extra help, I reccommend the DIVE dvd’s that are taught by chirstian man. You do not have to do anything and you child can watch over and over till they understand.

  7. Saxon Math Review by Brandy
    Pros: Easy to Learn!
    Cons: Expense High

    I love this program… I was never really great at math neither is my son. With this program it was easy to learn the concept of math! I wish it were a little easier on the wallet. Very happy with Saxon Math!

  8. Saxon Math Review by Kendall
    Grades Used: 1-4

    I love the way that Saxon Math Courses are set up. Each lesson build on the last. It doesn’t jump around like some of the other courses we have looked at. Saxon has solid skill building techniques that wouk well with my childs learning style.

  9. Saxon Math Review by Anita
    Pros: Excellent explanations, built-in spiral review
    Cons: Very traditional - no bright colors, etc.

    Grades Used: 3rd, 6/5, 7/6, 8/7

    Saxon Math is a very solid math program. In the early grades (up to 3rd), it is in a workbook style format. The older levels advance through math concepts in an orderly and incremental way.

  10. Saxon Math Review by angie
    Pros: thoroughness of teaching
    Cons: considerable teacher prep

    Grades Used: 1st through 5th

    Saxon teaches math in a very thorough manner. There is daily review interjected with the new teaching. I feel both my girls learned well from Saxon (and we didn’t even use side B of homework on most days!). They teach facts (addition/subtraction/multiplication/division) in way that is easy to understand and the daily fact sheets keep the students on their toes. On the down side, there is a considerable amount of teacher prep involved. But it’s worth it to lay such a strong foundation

  11. Saxon Math Review by Kim Gilbertson
    Pros: Well laid out, easy to teach
    Cons: Lots of repetition, some lessons not useful for homeschoolers, upper levels more difficult

    Grades Used: K-10

    We have been using Saxon Math for many years now. It gets the job done. Subjects are well-covered and understandable. Examples are clear and there is lots of practice.
    That said, let me say there are some things I don’t care for.
    In the early grades, some lessons are obviously geared for a classroom. For example, how many of us can, or will, call up 15-20 friends to ask them what their favorite ice cream is so we can make a graph? I usually just skipped these types of lessons.
    The teacher’s manuals are large and complete ( and expensive), with everything you need to say written out. Perhaps a first time homeschooler might need this, but after that, I would prefer just a less expensive lesson plan.
    In the upper grades, the Saxon Teaching CD’s or Dive CD’s will save a lot of headache if you’re not savvy with Algebra and up.
    All in all, for K-Pre Algebra, Saxon is a good math program. If you’re good at math, the upper levels will also be a good buy.

  12. Saxon Math Review by Tenessa Porterfield
    Pros: Reinforces concepts, straightforward
    Cons: Very, very dry

    Grades Used: 1st, 5/4

    Saxon is very dry, very boring, very everything I hated about math as a kid. What it does do is reinforce all previously learned concepts day in and day out. You will not learn something and then not touch on it again for a long time. It builds a strong foundation that is consistently revisited. My Aspie loves the completely dry and straightforward approach to math. He has been using the 5/4 and it has worked really well for him. We will stick with Saxon.

    On the other hand, my daughter (1st grade level) hated every second of math when we were using it. She wanted bright pictures and fun activities and Saxon does not deliver on those. So we switched math curricula with her. It was a good decision.

  13. Saxon Math Review by Erin Mosher
    Pros: very repetative
    Cons: not explained well

    Grades Used: pre-alg

    My daughter had a really hard time with the saxon math pre-alg. I had a hard time teaching it as well, I felt it was not explained well at all. After struggling w/ it for half a school year, we switched to another curriculum.

  14. Saxon Math Review by Anna H
    Pros: Excellent review
    Grades Used: SaxonMath Homeschool 5/4

    I find this level of maths provides an excellent review and progression for a primary school student. While not as colourful as the Singapore Maths (we used the grade 1 books), these provide a solid foundation and continue to review the basics (which we need). This book introduces concepts easily (I can basically read the introduction of each unit) and works through key examples, and then provides the student with a set of problems to work through.

    I would highly recommend it to parents who wants a solid foundation for maths for their child and wants the continual reinforcement of basic concepts (practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.!).

  15. Saxon Math Review by Emilytwinmom
    Pros: thorough, lots of review
    Cons: can be bland

    Grades Used: 6th and 7th so far

    My oldest loves Saxon math. Really loves it. He hated math in public school. Liking math at home is a success all by itself in my book!

    It’s very easy for me as the teacher, and the repetition is exactly what my son needs – some might find it boring, but let me tell you he remembers everything thanks to all the review! I haven’t had to use the supplemental lessons yet, but it’s comforting to know they are there. It’s very easy to see if your pupil isn’t understanding something, and the homework is set up so the questions have the lesson number they coordinate with right there for you to go over again. Can you tell I love it too?

    I was disappointed with the kindergarten Saxon math, just looked at it today. It looked very bland for young kids, but I may be looking for something with more color and “jazz” because my “kindergarteners” are really my 4yr old twins dying to start school. I went with BJU math 1 instead of Saxon, but am hoping once we’re done with the BJU we can return to Saxon 2 and be happy with it! I still bought the manipulatives, they ROCK no matter what elementary math program you’re using!

  16. Saxon Math Review by Chrissy

    It is a great program if you have alot of time to spend on one subject. It is great if you have the time. It explains step by step ow to do everything and I realy enjoy it but it is time consumeing

  17. Saxon Math Review by Samantha
    Pros: well taught, great practice, good for self teaching
    Grades Used: 4th and 5th

    yes it can at times be “not fun” but it is math!! I find the repetitiveness great, math should be constantly reviewed or it will be forgotten. I love that for every problem it is listed what lesson they learned it in so if they need to look back they can. I know that if my children continue with this curriculum they will do very well in math.

  18. Saxon Math Review by Cendi
    Pros: the manipulatives are awesome for children who have a hard time grasping new concepts
    Cons: the manipulatives are so easy to lose

    Grades Used: K, 1st, 2nd, 5th

    It would just be a little better if i didn’t have to replace the manipulatives each year from what gets lost.

  19. Saxon Math Review by Pati
    Pros: Pre-algebra was excellent
    Cons: K-3 too slow and basic

    Grades Used: 1, 2, 3, Pre-algebra

    Used this for pre-algebra for 8th grade and loved it. Explanation good-review excellent.

    Tried it for early grades and was disappointed. It set my girls behind in math. It was too basic and slow moving. Switched to another curriculum middle of 3rd grade and my daughter was way behind in that curriculum while the Saxon was to easy and slow moving.

    Perhaps it gets better in the middle grades, but it was too late. Saxon lost us to another more thorough challenging curriculum.

  20. Saxon Math Review by Shera DeMay
    Pros: lots of practice; reviews alot
    Cons: too many questions daily; not always explained well

    Grades Used: 3-8

    While my children are learning, they definately do not enjoy it. There is much repitition, but in the review, if you don’t remember how to do something, you have to search back to find instruction or examples. Also, if the parent is not a ‘math person’ you will surely need the teacher guide. (Plus, the instruction is much different than what I learned in school, so I have to learn the new ways of doing the problems frequently.) In the older grades, we have had to use supplements to teach some of the more algebraic math, as we just weren’t ‘getting it’ from the instruction given. I wish that for this price there were more help guides given.We will continue to use it until we find something better though.

  21. Saxon Math Review by Marie
    Pros: it has everything you will need
    Cons: spiral learning

    Grades Used: 4/5

    I’m probably one of the few who don’t like this series. I thought I would & purchased it when we first started homeschooling. It is based on spiral learning and repetition, which as stated above gets pretty boring pretty fast. I find that linear learning when it comes to math, has a better outcome.

  22. Saxon Math Review by Ruth Stroup
    Pros: laid out clearly, repetitive
    Cons: overly repetitive for some

    Grades Used: K - 6th

    We found the Kindergarten too easy so we skipped into 1st grade. It has been very easy to use as well as continuing to remind the student of what they have already learned. In the 1st – 3rd grade we only use one side of the worksheet unless there is some concept that hasn’t been understood, then we use the back part for that problem. We find the repetition to be a positive thing rather than a negative as it continues to review concepts already learned so as not to forget them. The older math also includes the lesson number in which it was learned if the student can’t remember how to do that problem. We use that feature occasionally and find it quite handy.
    We will continue using this curriculum.

  23. Saxon Math Review by Cheri Burt
    Pros: Easy to use; plenty of practice
    Cons: Can be boring; no color

    Grades Used: 1st

    I used this only one year and even though she learned math she was bored. I tried shortening the practice pages by only assigning the odds or evens or just every other row but she still balked at math each day.

    It is great for a group of kids doing math together.

  24. Saxon Math Review by Cynthia Schultz
    Pros: Well organized, lots of practice.
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 7th

    I really like this progam and the approach it takes to math. You are reviewing problems daily while adding new ones. I find that with this repeat method my son does little studying for the test because of his readiness for them. He has improved since the start of this year and is now getting A’s on the tests, and his confidence is building as well. This is our first year homeschooling and I will be defintely using Saxon in the future. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  25. Saxon Math Review by Jody Fasnacht
    Pros: thorough, easy prep, trusted
    Cons: can be repetitive

    Grades Used: 1, 4, 5

    This is my second year using Saxon Math. This year we are using Saxon 1 with my Kindergartener and my first grader, Saxon 5/4 with my fourth grader, and Saxon 6/5 with my fifth grader.

    What I love about doing Saxon with all my kids is that everyone knows exactly what is expected each math lesson. As a teacher, the prep time for me is easy, and with four precious elementary students, I need easy prep for at least a few of my subjects. My fourth and fifth grader have become good at reading the lesson instructions and understanding the new concept being taught. The “practice set” each day deals exclusively with the new material, and if they need help understanding it, they can either go back to the instruction material or come see me. The daily “problem set” incorporates the new material with material they have mastered (or are trying to master) with increasing difficulty each day.

    My first grader knows what to do with her math worksheets, and she is learning to read the instructions and follow them closely. My kindergartener, if I can get him to sit still for five minutes, will often just do the fact sheet or one side of the practice sheet. But he was just not created to sit still, so I allow him to do other hands-on activities, like sorting or counting.

    Overall, my kids do well with this math program. It isn’t their favorite subject, but I don’t get very many complaints. There is absolutely nothing flashy or glamorous about the Saxon math series, but I believe that it is teaching my kids what they need to know and doing it in a way that is working great for my multi-age classroom.

  26. Saxon Math Review by Kristina Johnson
    Pros: thorough, explained well
    Cons: too much repetition for levels 1-3

    Grades Used: 1-12

    with the first 3 grades we had to skip some exercises because there was too much of the same things, but that might be good for someone who needed a lot of practice. Teacher’s materials are well laid out. We eventually used another product for the first three grades, then went back to Saxon starting with book 54 and going through high school.
    We used earlier editions that are no longer available- I don’t know if they have significantly changed current editions.

  27. Saxon Math Review by Kim McCready
    Pros: Good value
    Cons: Repetition

    Grades Used: 1,2 4,5,7

    I started homeschooling with Saxon math and we had a very difficult time. The repetition was hard on the kids. I started having the kids do every other and they did better. I stopped using Saxon and moved to something else. We didn’t do as well. Last year I went back to Saxon and the kids love it. All 3 of my kids are doing well. At the middle school levels there is not so much repetition and my middle schooler is very happy to be doing saxon.

  28. Saxon Math Review by Jane
    Pros: spiral learning, thorough
    Cons: can be time consuming

    Grades Used: 1st, 3rd, 5/4

    Very thorough and easy to use. I like the spiral learning aspect. Great curriculum for those that need specific instructions on how to teach the lesson (upto 3rd level).

  29. Saxon Math Review by Bonita
    Pros: very thorough, reviewing of older principles
    Cons: black and white textbooks pages

    Grades Used: K-12

    I have 4 children who have all used Saxon Math. We used the dive program for these books ( a cd that goes over each class) with only the one high school course on Calculus. My two older sons have went on to college and did very well after using these books from early elementary age.

  30. Saxon Math Review by Lori Snyder
    Pros: spiral learning, easy retention
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 4-11

    The Saxon math program has made teaching math easy and made learning math a breeze. Our children have gone through each book without tears and without mom and dad pulling their hair out! Our oldest child is using Advanced Math right now with the Saxon Teacher CD-ROM and is not having any difficulties with the concepts at all. We plan on using Saxon all the way through Calculus. Both children have tested in the 98% range and higher every year since we found Saxon on their Iowa Test of Basic Skills on the math sections. I would highly recommend this curriculum.

  31. Saxon Math Review by Sasha Brown
    Pros: Well scripted and thorough program!
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 7th (Book 8/7)

    My daughter loves math and it is the one subject that she looks forward to daily. She looks forward to the challenge of “beating” her previous times on her daily pretest and loves mental math. This is a great program and we will be using it for the rest of her homeschooling career.

  32. Saxon Math Review by Suzanne
    Pros: easy to use
    Grades Used: K-8/7

    I have and hopefully my kids have also enjoyed using Saxon math. I feel my oldest who is in 6th grade and at Saxon 8/7 is being challenged. My youngest 2 children (1st, 2nd grade) struggle more with math concepts and are keeping up with the worksheets and fact sheets. I have my 2nd grader try to beat his own time (he needed more than the suggested). This program allows me some flexibility in scheduling because it has less than 140 lessons. I wish it was packaged a little different for the homeschooler (i.e. having the oral and written tests recording sheets together, I feel like I need to be flipping all around to find what I need).

  33. Saxon Math Review by Sam Brown
    Pros: Most solid math program I've seen!
    Cons: Some kids get bored with all of the review.

    Grades Used: 1-12

    This math program does the best job of making sure the kids learn the skills they need in a logical sequence that builds very nicely from one skill to the next. I’ve tried a lot of different math programs over the years (started using Saxon when it was first coming out in the mid-80’s and before they had the younger grades) and this one is the best for building a solid foundation.

    The math whiz kids get kinda bored with the repetition, but for both the “average” math learner and the math struggler, this program is great.

    For mom, it’s really easy too and the chapter tests let you see where your child may need a little bit more work. That’s when I pull in the Cuisenairre rods.

  34. Saxon Math Review by Terra Bonella
    Pros: Well scripted, easy to teach
    Cons: May move slow for some

    Grades Used: K-4th

    I love this program for my oldest child because of the constant review of previous taught concepts. It may move slow for some though. I do not always go through the “meeting” or do both sides of the worksheet when I feel he has grasped the lesson. It is easily adaptable that way. The Kindergarten book is more suited for preschool because it is very basic (shapes, colors, etc.). We have very much enjoyed the manipulatives, my boys are always getting into the “math box” to play outside of school time.

  35. Saxon Math Review by Michelle Taylor
    Pros: Follows from one book to the next easily
    Grades Used: 5th through High school

    One thing I really love about Saxon is that it covers a variety of math. By the time you are ready for Algebra or Geometry you have already been exposed to it so its not too overwhelming. To my surprise when my son took a little longer then I had planned he wasn’t behind. The books cover so much in each book that it averages about a year and a half of public school.

  36. Saxon Math Review by Francine Mitchell
    Pros: Scripted for ease of user
    Cons: Not challenging enough, all the materials to supplement are costly

    Grades Used: 1 & 2 (Used for Kindergarten & First grade)

    At the begining of this year we began using Saxon Math 1 & 2 for our kindergartener & 1st grader. I chose a year ahead after reading the descriptions and knowing what they already knew, knew that they were needed a grade ahead. I had been lucky enough to get some of the materials for free, but purchased the rest new (which I found to be very costly, especially for the math manipulatives.) While, using this curriculum with 2 different grade children was easy, since the lessons run just about the same course, the work just wasn’t challenging them. We went back to Horizon’s math (which we used last year) and my children are being challenged and love the color pages…unlike the black and white newsprint style of Saxon. The only thing we’ve kept from this curriculum is the “Meeting Book” and the only reason we kept this was to eliminate our bulletin board weather calendar so we have space for other things. The “Meeting” section to me took up too much of the lesson, while we already dicussed the weather daily briefly, I’d prefer more focus on the actual math.

  37. Saxon Math Review by Cathie
    Pros: My son finally "gets math"
    Cons: Not visually appealing at all, 30 problems a day

    Grades Used: 7/6

    I have switched math programs several times in my son’s six years of schooling. We finally switched to Saxon this year with the DIVE cd rom where he has his own personal teacher. He now understands math better than ever.

  38. Saxon Math Review by LuAnn S
    Pros: Very thorough
    Cons: Very repetitive - can get boring

    Grades Used: K-2

    I liked the lessons plans as they were completely laid out for me. Also, their manipulatives were good for the young kids – although, my kids had a problem getting the blocks to snap together. If I was starting over, I would buy different blocks that snap together easily.

    The worksheets did get redundant. While one of my kids would do as many worksheets as you gave her, the other would get bored. I often let her just do the front side if she got everything right. This encouraged her to do this well so she wouldn’t have to do the back side. Every child is different but this worked well for our family.

    This truly is a complete math curriculum.

  39. Saxon Math Review by Renee M
    Pros: Enjoy the format of the lessons. Nice consistency
    Cons: None so far

    Grades Used: 2nd Grade

    This is my first year homeschooling. I am blessed that the Charter School we homeschool through provides the Saxon Math system. I love the worksheets and the pace of the program. The program also provides lots of opportunity for review and retention. We are very happy with this program!

  40. Saxon Math Review by Merilee Trujillo
    Pros: scripted lessons are very easy to use, lots of review
    Cons: can be a little dry

    Grades Used: 1st

    This is our first year using Saxon Math. My son is in kindergarten, but we are using the Math 1 (first grade) with him. He loves Math, and at first this program was a bit disappointing for me, because he just wasn’t interested in it, like he normally is with math. There seems to be a lot of review and practice which is nice, but can also be boring. We are just now getting to a point in the curriculum where it’s presenting new ideas and is challenging him (two months in). We are enjoying it much more now. It’s really giving my son a good foundation and a deep understanding of math concepts. We love the manipulatives that come with it, and the directions it gives are very clear and easy to use.

  41. Saxon Math Review by Erica
    Pros: Very thorough, and working!
    Cons: Boring sometimes (for me!)

    Grades Used: K

    Saxon Math is really working for our family. The manipulatives are fun (yesterday we broke out the geoboard, to much excitement), and my daughter is really learning math. I love the way it spirals, and we cut out about 50% of the review as we go through it, unless she is stuck in a subject and not “getting it.” I can slow it down or speed it up as necessary.

    It seems thoughtfully put together, and I expect we’ll be using this for years!

  42. Saxon Math Review by Elizabeth
    Pros: Very easy to use.
    Cons: I thought it was pricy.

    Grades Used: K, 2nd

    I think Saxon math provides children with a strong math basis and foundation. New concepts are gradually introduced while previous lessons are reviewed. Thus far it is not overwhelming or boring for our children. The children really like the math manipulatives.

  43. Saxon Math Review by Karri
    Pros: lessons are consistantly reviewed
    Cons: none so far

    Grades Used: 5th

    What I like about Saxon Math is that with each daily lesson, you get a 5-minute drill, mental math, new concepts and review of previous lessons. This works very well for my son, who’s least favorite subject is math. I also like this for the basic design. There are no flashy colors or distracting graphics. I appreciate the simplicity of the workbook pages. Overall, I see an improvement in my son’s math skills. He’s retaining more and as a result, his self confidence in the subject has improve.

  44. Saxon Math Review by Stacy Burnett
    Pros: Nothing distracting, lessons are well laid out
    Grades Used: 6-8

    My daughter always struggled with math until we started using Saxon. The way the lessons are given makes it easier for her to understand.

  45. Saxon Math Review by Vicki
    Pros: Makes math fun!
    Cons: None that I have found.

    Grades Used: 2nd

    We are very satisfied with Saxon math and will continue to use it for years to come.

  46. Saxon Math Review by Tina
    Pros: Very thorough and easy to use/understand.
    Cons: Have not found any.

    Grades Used: K-1

    Very easy for me as the teacher. Kids really like it and are doing very well with the program. They love when we get to do things with the scale.

  47. Saxon Math Review by Emilytwinmom
    Pros: Very thorough, easy to understand and use
    Cons: none for us

    Grades Used: 6th

    This is an excellent math course. It has challenged my advanced 6th grader and is his favorite of our textbooks! It is very repetitive, which is great to drive home the core concepts of math. The homework is great as well, because it continuously hits the review questions, and it’s very easy to see if your child doesn’t understand something. There are also supplemental lessons in the back of the books to reinforce a lesson if you hit a hard spot. Just excellent for us.

  48. Saxon Math Review by Patricia
    Pros: Complete math program with lots of problems to reinforce the concepts from one chapter to the next.
    Cons: Algebra 1 book is not as easy to use of understand.

    Grades Used: K - Algebra 1

    We have been using this series of books since my children were in Kindergarten and my son is now in 7th grade and using the Algebra 1 textbook. I feel as if my children have received a solid math foundation and they have consistenly scored in the 95 – 97 percentile when taking standardized tests. My biggest complaint is that now that we are using Algebra 1 I feel like we have moved to a foreign country. The explanations are not nearly as complete and the chapters contain a huge chunk of material. We have completed the first 55 chapters and I feel like we should stick with it but I will probably shop for a different math curriculum after this year.

  49. Saxon Math Review by M Thomas
    Pros: very through
    Cons: no bells and whistles

    Grades Used: 1st-7th

    I have used Saxon Math for years. I have looked at other programs, but keep coming back to this. It has definitely given my children and rock solid foundation in math. It builds on itself which helps reinforce old lessons as well as new ones. I find the explanations clear and easy to understand, which makes it easy for me to teach the concepts. If it continues in this manner, I can easily see using this program through high school. A relative, who is a long time math teacher/tutor, has even commented how well my kids know their math.

    On the con side, there are no bells and whistles. The pages aren’t colorful and it isn’t on a computer. However, I am willing to forgo these things as long as my kids know their math so well.

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