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Online G3 is an online class provider for humanities instruction. It is geared to gifted/advanced learners working at a middle school or high school level. It also has a sister academy for upper elementary ages, Athena’s Advanced Academy (Online A3):

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  1. Online G3 classes Review by Heather G
    Pros: My daughter's favorite classes
    Cons: Wish my dd had time for all the classes

    Grades Used: 4th - 8th

    OnlineG3 is truly exceptional. My daughter has been taking humanities classes with Jamie/Headmistress Guinevere for years. Jaime really understands gifted children, she is wonderful with them. I listened in on many classes and I can hear why these classes are so popular. The material is perfectly suited for gifted learners. The activities are fun and Guinevere is great at incorporating new technology. My daughter loves the social aspect of G3, especially creative writing on the forums. I really can’t say enough about how great G3 is.

    Sabrina J – It seems to me that it was unhappy mistake that you missed the email about the registration. Jaime offered you what she was able to, given that it was the week before classes started.

    Based on my years of experience with Jaime Smith, I have to say that she and OnlineG3 are a treasure to the gifted community.

  2. Online G3 classes Review by Sabina J.
    Pros: Seems like great classes! Online format has potential
    Cons: No Infra-structure. No admin. Trying to run it all herself

    Grades Used: 8th

    Very disappointed with this online homeschool resource. Signed up for 3 classes which were the core of my daughter’s homeschool curriculum for Fall2014 back in June. After paying for classes got message on the screen saying:

    “Thanks for registering. If there are issues with the registration, we will contact you. Expect an email the week before classes start.” (that’s this week for us since my daughter’s first day of class will be on Aug. 25!)

    I kept waiting for something to show up. Nothing every came

    I told Jaime Smith, the head mistress for the school in previous email that I had signed up for three classes. That we were very excited about attending and that I had already purchased the books. (July 12th).

    I was sent one email (which I overlooked, that’s on me!) with no follow up to see if I had received the email and no follow-up phone call. Based on the email exchange, I would have made an effort to inform the perspective client that they payment had not gone through and the registration was not confirmed. I run an online school with 450 students. We would never treat someone this way.

    So here we are at the beginning of the homeschool year with no classes and everything full everywhere. Basically I was told by Jaime at online G3 that she didn’t have time to talk the situation over with me on the phone. That I could take my pick of the classes remaining or get a refund and go elsewhere. One of the classes we signed up for was French I. It’s critical that my daughter is in this class.

    I tried to talk to Jaime and asked for her help, Her response below:

    Hi ______________,

    This is an online business and I conduct it by electronic forms of communication – i.e. these emails. I simply don’t have time for phone calls when, in reality, this is very straightforward process to execute.

    (Well, not straight-forward as it was their system that told me “Thanks for registering…….we’ll send you an email the week before class starts. Sounds like a confirmation to me)

    I’m sorry that your initial registration attempt failed because your credit card was declined

    (plenty of money on the card, should not have declined. Issue with their system)

    – these things happen, and I did email you as soon as it occurred.

    I’m sorry that you didn’t notice that email until yesterday, after our semester had already begun and we’d filled classes. This is why I sent you the email when your card was first declined (it is time-stamped).

    Despite our classes being filled, I have attempted (and am attempting) to accommodate you and your student by laying out your options in these emails. If you cannot choose from the options that you’ve been given in this format, than I will be more than happy to refund your current registration.

    Options she is referring to is a paltry selection of left over classes……none of which will help my daughter in 8th grade. At this point, all classes on most sites are full…..this is not good enough!

    I’ll take my money else where. This is not a warm caring individual that I would trust to educate my daughter. Seems they are more interested in the $219/class (x 500 or so students) they are making. The customer is the least of their concerns.

  3. Online G3 classes Review by R. Burke
    Pros: Wonderful teacher, very interactive, quite reasonably priced
    Cons: I just wish Jaime had more Great Books-style classes because what she does is wonderful.

    Online G3 has been a marvelous experience for my child, who took Greek mythology in preparation for the National Mythology Exam. Thanks to Jaime’s great teaching, she got a perfect score on the exam and loved every minute of it — the interaction with the kids, the opportunity to have an interactive class online, and the G3 forums especially!

  4. Online G3 classes Review by JulieCC
    Pros: wonderful instructor; great social forums, customized instruction
    Cons: need high-speed 'net connection for best experience

    Grades Used: 7th and up

    My son has been taking G3 courses for three semesters. He absolutely loves them and cannot wait for them each week. He really enjoys the curricula used, Jaime, the instructor, and socializing with classmates on the social forum. The kids have fun writing stories together, discussing favorite books and games, and lots of other stuff!

    You can begin to connect with G3 with the forum subscription, which gives your students access to the student forums, BrainPop, and Discovery Education Streaming.

    You must enroll early each semester so your student(s) can get into a class. They are extremely popular and fill up quickly.

    My son will continue G3 classes until he’s exhausted all of them. 🙂

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