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Mystery of History employs a classical (using rhetorical teaching techniques), chronological (instead of thematic) and Christian approach to teaching history. The Mystery of History is written from a Christian, young-earth, perspective, teaching children to see God’s hand throughout history…and how the Gospel of Jesus is the mystery behind all of history. Written in a conversational style, many lessons are presented in the form of mini-biographies, integrating fascinating stories with the events of the time. Arranged by quarters and weeks, each quarter begins with an “Around the World” summary of events to introduce the time period; lessons progress chronologically with each week having 3 lessons, a pretest, review, and exercise or quiz. The 108 lessons will take a year to complete if you follow a traditional 36 week school year.

Activities are broken down by age group and reinforce the material just learned through fun ideas that engage all learning styles; they’re based upon the classical grammar/logic/rhetoric stages. Review exercises cover the timeline and map work exercises; quizzes are cumulative reviews that go over material from the very beginning of the course; the semester-long tests are similar (though longer), covering materials from 2 quarters (one major time period). Quarter-end worksheets help students synthesize what they’ve learned and keep everyone straight! Suggested Schedules for different age groups are included, as well as plenty of reproducibles. Line-listed answers included. 636 pages, activity pages reproducible, softcover, three-hole-punched and perforated pages.

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  1. Mystery of History Review by Toni Mills
    Pros: Multi-level teaching, christian
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 1, 3, 5

    This was our first year using Mystery of History. We are just about finished with volume 1 and I’ve already ordered the second volume for next year. I was looking for a history curriculum that I could use with all three of my boys at the same time. I love that the suggested activities cover all age ranges. Sometimes, we just do the activities for the younger grades, but they all learn so much! This is a huge time-saver since I only have to teach history once. Also, it is more fun to get all the boys involved at the same time. The best history curriculum I’ve used!

  2. Mystery of History Review by Cristy S
    Pros: Christian worldview; short lessons; audio for A/V learners
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 3

    Audio for Mystery of History, level 1 has proven to be such a help in our homeschool. Lessons are 5-7 minutes long for easily distracted a/v learners. Tying Biblical accounts to scientific discovery has helped my 9 year old make sense of what other materials has deemed conflicting views. Downloading the audio in parts from the publisher’s website makes it possible to trial the product before committing to the entire program.

  3. Mystery of History Review by Spauldorf
    Pros: FABULOUS!!!!!!!
    Cons: The beginning of the first book was boring.

    Grades Used: 6-10

    WOW! Mystery of History is by FAR the BEST history curriculum I have ever seen! I have to admit, that I had heard that and bought them and we struggled through the beginning of the first book, in fact I was going to sell it, but for some reason I didn’t and decided to stick it out. I am SOOOO glad I did and so are my kids! They absolutely LOVE history thanks to these books! We have tried many many programs and this one literally blows them all away! It can be used for all ages, it covers timeline, geography and age appropriate activities which was brilliant. It is also an excellent idea to have them summarize what they learned for the important facts to put in the notecards. My kids still use these cards 4 years later! It is conversational style and it has led us to many discussions. I enjoyed it as much as the kids!
    It is so interestingly and richly written, it holds your attention. We were captivated! I once compared what we learned with an Abeka textbook…psaw! The abeka text had 1 tiny paragraph about the king we were studying and MOH had 3 lessons addressing him and his deeds.
    I cannot say enough good about this program! Perhaps, I will leave it at this, because it speaks volumes…. We have been waiting 2 years for vol. 4 to come out and have had to choose other programs in the meantime… My kids have both stated that they want to read it when it comes out on top of the curriculum we are using now. Thats how much they love it. My daughter wants to go through it all again. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

  4. Mystery of History Review by Paige C.
    Pros: multi-level teaching, multi-subjects covered
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 1st to 2nd - 7th or 8th grade

    The best testimony I can give about Mystery of History comes from the mouth of my 19 year old who is in college now. While looking through some pictures, we found a hilarious picture of him (he was about 12) and his two younger brothers(10 yrs, & 5yrs) dressed up in sheets, sandals, and head bands to mimic the ancient Greek, Socrates, with a sign that said, “Know thyself.” My son laughed and said, “That was the best history I ever did!” He has, since home schooling for 10 years, went to a private Christian school, public school, and is now in college, so what more can I say……..that picture is still on my frig door as I write this, and gives me a giggle (still) when I look at it!!

  5. Mystery of History Review by Lillian Gimmelli
    Pros: Lots of great story
    Cons: A bit difficult to fully understand

    Grades Used: 4&5

    I used this curriculum with my son who has a slight problem with reading comprehension, some lessons needed to be read twice so that he can fully understand the session, otherwise very good curriculum.

  6. Mystery of History Review by Samantha
    Pros: easy to use, can be used with multiple ages, fun to read
    Grades Used: 5th

    we are loving using Mystery of History, volume 1!! my kids really enjoy reading it each day and doing the projects and timeline. I like that bible history and world history are together in chronological order. it is so easy to use!

  7. Mystery of History Review by MELINDA STOGSDILL
    Pros: like being able to use it for both my daughters at the same time one is in 5th grade the other in 8th grade. Easy to understand love the activities that go with each lesson
    Grades Used: 5TH, 8TH


  8. Mystery of History Review by Donna
    Pros: Multi levels, Christian worldview,
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 4th, 6th, and 9th

    We all enjoy this history. I incorporate treats to “test” who is paying attention when text is lengthy. It works. We all are learning.

  9. Mystery of History Review by Pati
    Pros: multi-level, easy
    Grades Used: Level 1

    Have enjoyed what we have done. Like the integration of Biblical history. Easy to pull out and use with little to no preparation. Can choose to do more or less according to your time and aspirations/style preference.

    Small snippets of history provided in text. Can choose to put more research into it for older students.

    Good springboard for multi-level teaching.

  10. Mystery of History Review by Melody Cox
    Pros: Holds my kids attention
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 6th, 7th, 8th

    Love the Mystery of History series. Finally history that you can understand. Thorough knowledge presented in a story form. My boys find it hard to put down. I would highly recommend this series. I even purchased a set for my mother. She love them also.

  11. Mystery of History Review by Shera DeMay
    Pros: multi-level; little prep time required
    Cons: you do need access to a printer for the maps

    Grades Used: 5-11

    We are just beginning with MOH, but so far we like it. I wish I had known about it earlier and could have started my older girls on it before now. The lessons are short, and the activities are broken down into ‘younger’, ‘middle’, and ‘older’ age groups so that you can all work on the same lesson in the same book at the same time. Also, it has a good grasp on Biblical history, while also covering what went on in other parts of the world at the same time. This is a big plus for us. So far, I highly reccommend it!

  12. Mystery of History Review by Marcy Carmack
    Pros: Christian worldview, use for multiple levels, comprehensive, Bible woven in with secular history
    Cons: initial prep

    Grades Used: 2nd, 4th

    This is the first year we are using Mystery of History and we are really enjoying Volume I. I LOVE that the author has woven in the Biblical history with secular history in chronological order. It is so fun for me to see where the Biblical events fit into secular history (something I never learned in my schooling!) And my kids love learning the Bible stories over and over again–they love that they know alot of the material already.
    This curriculum is great for teaching different levels–the author even includes suggestions for activities for younger, middle, and older children. My 2nd and 4th graders both really enjoy this program and my preschooler also loves listening to the read alouds and doing some of the fun activities.
    There is some initial prep work (making the timeline, etc) but it’s not bad. This is actually a very easy program to use with all the information included in the manual. I do supplement with a few other resources plus the author includes a section in the back of recommended resources. I also like the maps and feel this is very helpful in teaching where many of the historical events took place. They now recognize many of these places on a globe or world map.

  13. Mystery of History Review by Susan Washabaugh
    Pros: Multi-levels
    Cons: A lot of material

    Grades Used: 4th and 7th

    This is a fantastic course. I learned so much about history and so did my kids. I will say it has taken us more than 2 years to get through Volume 1. There is so much to do and we don’t make history a priority. But you can choose how much you do and how fast you complete the study. It was fascinating to me to learn how the different civilizations fit into Bible times. I love the focus on Jesus as it is HIStory.

    Each weekly unit starts out with a pretest and then 3 lessons and then a test. You can copy the tests. Also you are to do memory cards and then timeline each week. And each lesson has activities for different age groups. There are maps in the back which are used in some of the lessons, so you learn geography too.

  14. Mystery of History Review by Rebecca
    Pros: Plenty of information, resource list, printable resources available
    Cons: Alot of reading out of the text-doesn't always work for little one

    Grades Used: 1st and 3rd

    We are first year homeschoolers. I was pretty excited to get Mystery of History because History is my favorite subject. I should mention that we bought the first version. There is a second version available and it claims to make the timeline directions easier to follow.

    Maybe it’s because we’re first year homeschoolers, but I found this to be a little too overwhelming. Our kids are 4, 6, and 8. They just weren’t interested in the beginning lessons, like Tubal and Jubal-Cain (hope I got that right). Also, we weren’t able to buy any of the additional resources, like the books and videos. It’s a long list, and the costs add up quickly. I never did figure out how to put together the timeline, but like I mentioned, the 2nd version claims to have simplified that.

    I think Mystery of History has alot of interesting information, and kids can definitely learn alot from it. I recommend getting the extra resources if you can afford it. I might try it again when the kids are a little older.

  15. Mystery of History Review by Lynn
    Pros: Chronological, fun activities, timeline, multi-level
    Cons: may be a bit much for younger grades

    Grades Used: 1,3,6

    History was once a dreaded subject in our house. We were all bored by it. This was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so glad I took her advice. My kids love this program, which says it all. We enjoy the timeline, which was easy to make from the book instructions. The kids take turns quizzing each other with the memory cards. Mapping activities are too much for my 1st grader, but older siblings can help. I do love that it’s chronological, and I can teach all 3 kids at the same time. We also purchase the optional lapbook downloads.

  16. Mystery of History Review by Lori Snyder
    Pros: easy learning, fun to do, great retention value
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 3-9

    We have used Mystery of History volumes 1-3 and loved them all. My children learned so much that I don’t remember learning about when I was in school. The amazing part is how much of what they have learned from MOH they have retained. We have moved on to a difficult high school level curriculum now and they still amaze me with facts they learned from MOH. The timeline was great!

  17. Mystery of History Review by Nancy Forbes
    Pros: Easy to use, Chronological, multi-level teaching
    Cons: Some instructions can be confusing

    Grades Used: 4, 6

    This is our first year with Mystery of History and we absolutely love it! I love that it is easy to use without much prep work – and that I can teach both of my children at the same time. My kids love the different activities (we pick and choose) and we all love the time line. We put our time line on the wall and the kids make the pictures/info to add. I do think some of the instructions can be confusing, although I understand that the book has been updated and that issue was addressed in the update. I am not a person to follow textbook directions exactly anyway and so we make the “idea” work for our schooling. I would highly recommend this curriculum. I am excited to continue next year to the next volume.

  18. Mystery of History Review by Suzanne
    Pros: love how the Bible has been tied into history lessons
    Grades Used: K-6th

    History is one of those subjects I tended to push aside as not being of the same weight and value as math and reading. However, I love to read Mystery of History to my kids. I want to know what happened next in time. I love gathering on the couch and sharing these stories with my children. We all enjoy the timeline work and many of the additional activities. The lessons can be over a young child’s comprehension. I also wish the CD was mac compatible to save me the time of going to a copier.

  19. Mystery of History Review by Robyn
    Pros: great integration of Bible/World history, easy to use
    Cons: after vol. one a bit much for young kids

    Grades Used: 3, 2, K

    We used Volume one in it’s entirety and just a few weeks into Volume 2. We loved volume one and my young kids at the time (ages 8, 7, 5 and 4) followed along pretty well. We loved reading about our favorite Bible stories right alongside other world events. It really helped us to have a greater understanding of the Bible. Volume 2 just got too deep for my younger kids. I lost most of them. So, we abandoned MOH. However, in our second run-through of history I will pull it out again. I think this series would be perfect for a middle grade student!

  20. Mystery of History Review by Julie Scott
    Pros: Christian history woven in with world history, multi-level, chronological
    Grades Used: Still using first book (for 2nd & 4th)

    I really like this curriculum. I was looking for something that was chronological and incorporated biblical history into world history. I like that it is easily multi-level. All of this (& more) can be read about in the description (very accurate!). We’re taking 2yrs to get thru (vs. 1), and we abandoned the memory cards fairly early on (my 4th grader really disliked doing them, so finally decided to stop pulling teeth and let her drop them (I do think they have great value and if we pull this out again for a repeat in 5 or so yrs I will have her do them then). We pick & choose the activities & have had lots of fun with some of these (we do the “Younger” & “Middle” student ones – my Kindergartner also listens in & participates sometimes) and haven’t done much of the geography. Again, for older students this would be much more valuable. I love the ideas for the timeline & think my girls enjoy drawing them, & we put them in a timeline book I bought from Sonlight (but you could make your own, and she gives suggestions too). There *is* some prep work sometimes for quizzes, activities, but not too bad.
    Oh, there are some details we’ve just come across that I feel area a bit much for my K (Assyrians – skinning people alive, & a couple other similar details – I just skip over that if my younger are listening in (this is a read aloud & sometimes I have the older 2 narrate).

  21. Mystery of History Review by Katy S.
    Pros: multi-level teaching, very in-depth, user-friendly
    Cons: some prep work involved with the crafts & timeline

    Grades Used: 3, 7

    My kids love to do Mystery of History! They’ve really enjoyed making the time-line figures & really learning more about the Bible and how it coincides with PS History. I love that too! Some lessons take longer to teach with my younger one as she doesn’t always “get-it” at first.

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