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Math Mammoth Reviews

This is a collection of texts and worksheets that can be mixed and matched to meet the needs of the student. The goal of the publisher is to provide materials that “help parents and teachers teach math so our children and students can really understand what is going on.” The materials are prepared in such a way that all the explanations on how to do the math are contained within the materials themselves. The materials can be purchased as a CD, as printed copies or as pdf downloads. The prices start at $2 for individual worksheets up to $95 for the full curriculum on CD.

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  1. Math Mammoth Review by Sian
    Pros: affordable, rigorous, informative website
    Cons: no-frills text/workbook

    Grades Used: 4th and 5th

    I used MM for my son for 4th and 5th grade. I liked the fact that the curriculum is affordable and rigorous. My son enjoys math and learns concepts quickly. He struggles a little with word problems, but I think that’s mainly because he lacks the patience to ‘show-his-work’ and explain how he arrives at his solution. I appreciate that the curriculum is Common-Core aligned. Maria Miller does an excellent job explaining her views on Common Core on her website. Her website is very informative and she has taken a lot of time to thoughtfully address/ answer concerns and inquiries. Although I no longer home school my son, I felt that this curriculum prepared him well for 6th honors grade math. This curriculum is good for kids who are self-directed. For my son, the examples and explanations were sufficient, but it might not be for students who are not strong in mathematics. Also, the work texts are VERY basic. If you are looking for textbooks with a lot of color and graphics, or are visually appealing, this textbook is not that. It’s very cut and dry and to the point. Again, this was not an issue for my son. I view him as a “no-frills” kid who wants to get straight to the point and get his work done.
    I am very happy with my son’s progress using this curriculum.

  2. Math Mammoth Review by edna
    Pros: Self taught, easy to follow
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 2nd, 3rd and 7th

    We used math mammoth for my 2nd and 3rd graders. Absolutely love the way Maria presents each topic. I also used the 7th grade curriculum and my daughter loved it.

  3. Math Mammoth Review by Shannon
    Pros: Very complete
    Grades Used: 1-3

    I looked at many math programs after I found this one I knew it was the right one for us. I used this program for both my children grades 1 and 2 and they have both finished there first year and moved on knowing all info and scoring very very well on the end of year standardized test. I will continue this math with them until they complete it which will be till they finish homescooling.

  4. Math Mammoth Review by shonna rice
    Pros: fun, good instruction
    Grades Used: 6

    We tried other programs but struggled. Math Mammoth gives simple easy to understand instructions and the mastery approach means my son has a chance to get a good grasp before moving on to new lessons. we tried Saxon but it was very difficult always trying to find more work because they only gave a few problems with that lesson and then suddenly jumped to another.
    The lessons give enough variance and amount of work to get a grasp but not overwhelming. My set included two workbooks and a teacher answer book. It worked out that one book was completed in a semester and then the other in the second semester. It was a good half way done feeling.

  5. Math Mammoth Review by Rebecca Capuano
    Pros: Inexpensive, thorough, easy to teach and understand, good tips for doing mental math, shows students the "why" behind Math computation
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 1st, 3rd

    We have used 3 Math curricula in 3 years for my global-thinking, Math-challenged, non-sequential DD, including BJUP Math, Math-U-See and Math Mammoth. (I have also used Singapore Math with another child). Without a doubt, Math Mammoth has been the winner! Math has always been a challenge for DD, but she consistently says how much she likes “this Math”. I originally used it as a supplement to BJUP, to try it out, and then came back and decided to use it exclusively, because it worked so well. The program is very inexpensive, and we bought the online version which means we simply downloaded everything for the grade we are on, and then printed it out and put it into a folder. Math Mammoth also offers downloads for individual topics as well (such as Addition, Place value, Money, etc.), which is why it also can work well as a supplement to other Math curricula.

    The information is clearly laid out, and is easy to teach. Actually, I have learned quite a few “tricks” to doing mental math from this program, myself! My daughter likes the colors and graphic layout used in this curriculum; Math-U-See did not use any colors and it was difficult for her to keep her focus on where she was on the page. Also, Math Mammoth explains concepts thoroughly and provides plenty of practice, without being cumbersome. It does not focus on the use of manipulatives, but this was a good thing for my daughter who had done Math-U-See and got annoyed by having to use manipulatives when she just wanted to do the Math in her head. Math Mammoth demonstrates the conceptual foundations behind what the child is learning, and helps kids learn mental math, but does it without manipulatives by walking the child through the mental concepts on paper by surprisingly easy-to-grasp means. My holistic, figure-it-out-without-writing-down-the-steps-of-how-you-got-there DD really like this aspect of the program.

    In addition to the practice, chapter reviews, and tests that are included in the download (as well as answer keys to everything), there are also numerous online resources that are suggested. We have used many of these online sites (such as free practice games for multiplication) and have found them immeasurably helpful.

    I feel that the scope and sequence of this curriculum is perfect for my daughter and she is able to to the large majority of the work independently. This curriculum is the first one in which, by the time a new concept is introduced, my DD has really mastered the previous ones. Math Mammoth does a good job of helping children understand the “why” behind the computation they are doing, but does so in a much easier-to-understand method (with much clearer explanation) than, say, Singapore Math. It also incorporates a good combination of computation problems and word problems, as well. Generally, once I explain the concept to her, DD is able to then go and work on her own.

    This is the first program in which she has felt successful at Math, and we have been very impressed! Overall I think it is a tremendous value for the money, and a fabulous Math program!

  6. Math Mammoth Review by Rebecca Morgan
    Pros: inexpensive, thorough
    Cons: value package must be printed for each lesson

    Grades Used: 1st

    We completed MCP math K during the first half of my daughter’s year in Kindergarten. I read wonderful reviews and decided to purchase Mammoth Math 1-6 grade downloadable product. Unfortunately, this product is truly geared for a bit older child (despite what website said about no need for kindergarten math product if student could knew and understood a list of math skills (which my daughter did).. My dd got very frustrated always learning new concepts and not being able to have the “satisfaction” of repeating what she had learned. We switched to Horizons for 1st grade and have had zero frustration with it. Mammoth math is great for teaching and expanding on concepts but may leave the student frustrated with lack of ability to demonstrate what he/she has learned. Just was not a good fit for my young student.

  7. Math Mammoth Review by Vicki
    Pros: breaks it down to the point where children understand the why behind what they are doing.
    Cons: haven't really seen any cons.

    Grades Used: grades 1-6

    We have just switched to Math Mammoth after trying various other curriculums. I began to notice my DD was not understanding the “why” behind the concepts she was being taught. She could do the problems but could not tell me what she was doing. Math was a struggle and a cause of anxiety for her.
    One thing I do notice is Math Mammoth is very detailed-which is good- and may be a little harder than other curriculum that we have used, such as Horizons and Rod and Staff.
    I backed her down a grade level to go over basic concepts that were not learned using the spiral approach.
    Because you can print out exactly what you need, it is easy to go back and pick out specific concepts that need to be reviewed.
    You receive exactly what the site says you will get and promptly.
    I purchased the grades 1-6 and feel it is an exceptional value.
    My DD’s confidence in her ability to do and understand math is growing. I tell her everyday, she is becoming a math whiz!
    I would gladly recommend Math Mammoth to anyone. Whether their kids are a math genius or struggle, as mine has.

  8. Math Mammoth Review by Cathy Rasque
    Pros: inexpensive, detailed, great examples
    Grades Used: Grades 2-5

    We love that Maria Miller (author of Math Mammoth) takes each learning task and breaks it done into individual workbooks. My 5th grade daughter is currently doing: Intro into Fractions, Multiplication 1, Place Value, Geometry 1 and Measuring 2. The beauty is if your child excels at fractions, you can move them quickly through the book into the next level while maintaining the other tasks. We found in math books that contain all math tasks, we sometimes end up skipping a part or not learning it completely in order to stay on track with the other tasks.
    The pricing per workbook is phenomenal. Maria also offers great packages on her products.
    The pages have great colored, detailed examples that allow my daughter to basically learn on her own. Maria also offers websites that allow for additional learning and fun activities for kids to try.

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