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Homeschool Tracker is a downloadable homeschool planner and record keeper. Homeschool Tracker Plus is planning and organizing software designed to adapt to your particular homeschooling style in a simple yet sophisticated way. The Basic Edition is free and the Plus Edition has many added features for a one-time cost with free updates included. You can compare the editions here.

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  1. Homeschool Tracker Review by Jessica Scharfenberg
    Pros: I don't know yet, but it's not looking good so far
    Cons: My card was charged but this company has not sent me a link to register, so no access, yet they charged my card.

    Grades Used: Wanted to use 8th and 10th

    I have not been able to access the program over after signing up. There is no phone number to call nor have I received a response from tech support as to why I haven’t received a link via email to register and create a login. My card was charged. But still no call or email response to register and use the software nor a response to my complaint. I had hoped to use the weekend to become familiar with this software.

  2. Homeschool Tracker Review by Tritia
    Pros: Tons of features, solid system
    Cons: Takes a little while to learn

    Grades Used: 8-11

    I’ve been using the online version of homeschool tracker for a few years and it has been excellent. It took a little while for me to get the hang of it, but they have great support and good video tutorials. I entered all of my lesson plans in at the beginning of the year and just schedule teh assignments as we go. Grading is simple and I can create report cards and transcripts easily.

    It’s also nice to be able to access my records from anywhere. So far it has been an amazing system and I’m glad I took the time to learn it.

  3. Homeschool Tracker Review by Kristin Urmston
    Pros: Haven't found any yet
    Cons: Very time consuming to set up. I have past experience with Edutrack.

    Grades Used: 7 thru 12

    This program as well as Edutrack offers no phone support. When emailing questions to HSTO they take days to get back to you. Their forum is entirely to hard to navigate. I don’t have hours to spend reading thru everything. At this time I am on day three waiting for an answer. I thought it would be easier than Edutrack but it really isn’t. I bought the plus version and it has several glitches. Lesson plans show up then disappear. Settings spontaneously revert back. When deleting lesson plans they show up in lessons plans and presets but then you can not use them for presets. My friend just created a transcript on Word and it was accepted by the college her son applied to. (BTY he was accepted into Wheaten) She did not spend hours trying to learn this program!!! I could kick myself for buying a two year subscription. I am not very impressed with this program.

  4. Homeschool Tracker Review by Paige C.
    Pros: Free basic editions
    Grades Used: all

    If you want and awesome freebie then Homeschool Tracker (basic edition) is a awesome free downlond!! They do offer more complex versions for a price, but I have found that the basic version works really well and makes your record keeping look very professional. I have used the printable records to submit to a public school for my older child and I believe having professional looking records helped make the transition smooth. This version includes multiple resourses like; assignment sheets, subject descriptions, hours covered, grades, report cards, tracking sheets for field trips, reading logs, attendance, and a daily journal all of which can be totally individualized for your school and students. It will hold multiple years, multiple students, and everything is printable, and best of all it’s FREE!!!

  5. Homeschool Tracker Review by Kim Hulett
    Pros: easy to use, free, calculates grades and report cards
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: Pre-K-12, personally: pre-K, 2,3

    I’ve used the free Basic edition for over a year and love it. I can see grade averages, hours in school, assignments and more at any time. The report card feature allows for a professional document for school records. Two thumbs up!

  6. Homeschool Tracker Review by Derina
    Pros: Everything in one place
    Cons: Setting up can take a long time.

    Grades Used: K-12

    I loved having everything in one place for all the kids. It did take me awhile setting everything up every summer for all of the different kids and all there different classes. Printing the different reports for the schools was so much easier. We used the plus version for many years. But stopped since I went I iPad.

  7. Homeschool Tracker Review by JulieCC
    Pros: Plus version is a true "Cadillac"; so many features
    Cons: can be hard to learn, esp. if not familar with databases

    Grades Used: for 7th and up

    I’ve used HST PLUS for three years now. It does have a bit of a learning curve to get started, especially if you’re not familiar with database programs (knowledge of MS Access will help).

    The cost is very worth it as it includes lifetime, FREE upgrades and the most wonderful customer service on the planet! You can contact the owners in a variety of ways – IM, chat, phone, email…and their GREAT user forum. You can also make suggestions and if they’re possible, the owners will include them in a future update!

    There are so many features to HST+ you can pick and choose what to use – all of it or just one thing. It is a lifesaver for me for middle & high school planning and tracking! The reports are wonderful – lesson plans, assignment sheets, transcripts, report cards, portfolios, on and on.

    You can set up each student with their own account so they can log when their assignments are complete. The program is totally customized to your style (different themes) and planning/tracking needs. Each student has a different color code. I don’t use that as I’m only HS’ing one.

    You also can share Lesson Plans (they take some work inputting) with other HST+ users. This is something many tracking programs are lacking – you either can’t share, or the lesson plans cost $$$ and aren’t as nice as HST+’s. You can customize all your Lesson Plans to what info you want – just the title of the lesson, or all sorts of information with it: title, time, sessions, points possible, resource used, order of lessons, etc.

    Do yourself a favor and look at all their screen shots, user videos, and user manual on their site. You’ll be amazed! They also have a $5 trial you can use – then apply the cost to a full purchase.

  8. Homeschool Tracker Review by Cheri Burt
    Pros: Easy to use
    Cons: Some areas have too many choices

    Grades Used: Variety (through 7th grade)

    I have been using Homeschool Tracker (free edition) for the last two years. I use it more for recording what we have done instead of as a planner since some of my curriculum has teacher plans with it.

    I use the assignments (to record what’s finished), field trips, reading log, attendance and maintenance tabs. I especially love that I can print out anything I need at any given time.

    The coolest feature is the printable & professional looking report cards. I can customize them to include any subject I want and it suffices to please a grandparent, relative or nosy friend.

    I live in a very homeschool friendly state so at this time I have not had the need to purchase the Homeschool Tracker Plus.

  9. Homeschool Tracker Review by Terra Bonella
    Pros: Easy to use, all in one
    Cons: Time consuming in beginning

    Grades Used: K-4th

    Basic program is free, place to track everything: subjects, assignments, hours/days, grades, resources, etc. I print a weekly report and save onto a disc in case of computer problems.

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