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Five in a Row is a literature-based unit study curriculum for younger elementary students. Available in both softcover volumes and as digital downloads (the downloads include some features not available in the books), FIAR is used by many families for all but the Language and Math while others use it in conjunction with other resources. For more information on Five in a Row, visit TheHomeSchoolMom has a large collection of Five in a Row resources for each FIAR book with information about the author and illustrator, story summaries, and links to lesson plans and websites that are great go-alongs for each story.

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  1. Five in a Row Review by Rebekah Labell
    Pros: wonderful choice of literature with varied lesson choices
    Cons: not in-depth study - may need supplementation depending on child (besides math & grammar)

    Grades Used: Pre-K - 1

    We are absolutely loving our journey through FIAR. The girls are so attached to the books each week and are sad to return them to the library. For Christmas, they are getting copies of the books we’ve read so far! I love the variation in activities – we have focused, for example, on vocabulary words for the Language Arts lesson for each book and my 6-year-old is loving charting her vocab words in her binder. We have focused on the geography lessons for the Social Studies piece, which has fit in well with our learning about the world & continents. We’ve decided to supplement beyond the basic math & grammar so as to build a more Classical education, but we’ll keep FIAR as part of our days because it’s just so much fun and extremely valuable. For kids to learn how to read and really appreciate a book is just amazing! (And, I just won a trivia game on a question that had to do with one of the books…which I wouldn’t have known had it not been for FIAR.)

  2. Five in a Row Review by Dianne
    Pros: A fun way to learn.
    Grades Used: Kdg, 1st.

    I LOVE FIAR! My children enjoy reading the book each day for five days. Every day, they learn something they didn’t hear the first time. By the end of the week, not only do they know the story, they have learned social studies, science, art, math, vocabulary, cooking, Bible, and more….all from the use of one great book!

    We make a lapbook each week and there are so many great resources for these online for FREE! My girls love the lapbooks and are able to tell me about each thing they learned at the end of the week. So, not only are they having fun, being creative, and enjoying great reading time with mommy, they are also retaining what they have learned.

    Before Five in a Row is available for 2-4 year olds (we will be using it next year!), Beyond Five in a Row for those over eight, there’s also a Bible supplement, a cookbook which is fun (we cook something to go with our unit every week), and a Holiday book.

  3. Five in a Row Review by Cathie
    Pros: Simple to use, uses basic books from the library, brings literature and the bible together in a meaningful way
    Grades Used: preschool and K

    Such a sweet curriculum for moms that plan to do cuddling on the couch, reading books and doing projects together that compliment their reading. Great for kids close in age.

  4. Five in a Row Review by Heather Owens
    Pros: Exceptional book choices your children will always love.
    Grades Used: Pre-K - 2nd

    This curriculum was foundational to our family. It put the love of learning into my children right away. You will read age-appropriate books with activities to follow that will help them understand and appreciate the world around them. We also used the Christian Supplement which was excellent to pull scriptures, faith and morals into each lesson.

  5. Five in a Row Review by Donna Clasen
    Pros: Wonderful resource for small children, easy to use!
    Cons: A little prep is required, can get repetitive.

    Grades Used: pre k - 2nd

    I used this when my girls were little. They are only 2 years apart, so it worked out well to use for both of them. They loved the stories and the activities they got to do with each story. We never used it for the full 5 days, we could easily finish the activities in 2-3. It opened up a world of books to us that we may have never sought out on our own. I’d highly recommend it for use with younger children.

  6. Five in a Row Review by THSM
    Pros: Excellent book choices, age-appropriate activities
    Cons: 5 days of the same book gets boring for some children

    We loved this literature-based unit study when my youngest was little. We didn’t always follow it the way it should be used, but I highly recommend it for the great choice of books and the age-appropriate activities suggested.

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