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Easy Grammar texts use the prepositional approach combined with effective strategies. This helps students to understand grammar, a tool for speaking and writing properly.” The courses are for grades 2 – 12, and involve student texts, workbooks, a teacher’s guide and a mastery review intended to be used at the beginning of each days’ instruction. Course materials are very affordable. There is no multimedia component with the instruction. Student work pages are reproducible, making it cost-effective to use with several students. Easy Writing and Daily Grams are also offered.

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  1. Easy Grammar Review by Tracy
    Pros: Easy to follow, quick to complete
    Grades Used: 6th, & 8th

    I used easy grammar plus for my 6th grader and 8th grader during the same year. I worked well with the grade gap and made my homeschool load much lighter. I used a smart phone app called a pdf scanner to scan the worksheet pages from my teacher book and then sent them to print 2 copies on my printer. Much easier than trying to hold a book on a copier.

  2. Easy Grammar Review by Laurie
    Pros: Easy to use and does not require large amounts of time to complete each page.
    Cons: None for me

    Grades Used: 4th, 5th, & 6th

    I came across Easy Grammar while searching for a grammar based curriculum to use with my son who was struggling in grammar in 6th grade (This was in 1998). I used the big purple book with him; I believe it was for 5th grade. The one concept that helped was that it taught prepositional phrases first. This made it easier for my son to find the subject of a sentence. I also liked the way the book introduced capitalization rules a few at a time so it wasn’t too overwhelming for him to remember them all.

    I used this curriculum with each of my other 4 children as well. I only had the teacher’s edition and covered the answer side of the book. This worked well for us as each day these lessons did not take much time. Once they worked through this book, I moved them to Daily Grams.

  3. Easy Grammar Review by Amber Doering
    Pros: Easy to teach and use with my 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade

    Wanda Phillips does an absolute amazing job at making Grammar not only enjoyable, but not so overly time consuming that it could detract from the possible interest in English and Grammar that students might experience with other grammar books. My daughter and two eldest sons enjoyed the Easy Grammar books as well as the Daily Grams she sells on her site. Thanks SO much Wanda for producing such user friendly teaching materials that even us mom’s can easily use with our children! These books have helped my children tremendously!

  4. Easy Grammar Review by Laura Smith
    Pros: price and ease of use
    Cons: haven't found one so far

    Grades Used: 3rd / 6th

    My son was an unfortunate causality of the public school systems cracks. He was a 6th grader barely reading at a 4th grade level with writing skills below 1st grade. I needed a program to help close this gap.
    The Easy Grammar Grade 3 has been, so far, a major blessing! We paired this program with a basic writing (starts with punctuation) book. My son’s reading at a 5th grade level and his writing has improved to a 2nd grade level in 4 months!!
    This is really easy to use. The teacher’s book has the page that the student sees in the workbook (on the left) with the identical page on the right including the answers. If I don’t understand what the book is asking for I can look on the right and see exactly what they are looking for and explain it.
    The Daily Grams workbook covers multiple subjects in the same format for daily use and takes about 5 – 10 minutes to complete! Everyday it covers capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, and sentence combining. It is very repetitive but repition equals memorization and learning! BONUS it only takes a few minutes for kids to do!!

  5. Easy Grammar Review by Mary Storm
    Pros: short lessons, self-teaching
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 7, 8

    My daughter really liked easy grammar for 7th and 8th grade. It didn’t take her long to finish each page – not a lot of writing but mainly circling the correct answer.

  6. Easy Grammar Review by Nicole C.
    Pros: short lessons, each lesson builds upon itself
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 2nd through 5th so far...

    We have loved using Easy Grammar. The kids like how short the lessons are and I like that it covers Grammar very well! As a side note, a teacher from our local public school looked at our book and said it is ahead of where they are teaching.

  7. Easy Grammar Review by Kendall
    Pros: Easy to teach
    Grades Used: 2-4

    We tired 3 other Language Arts curriculum before we found Easy Grammar. My son now actually likes doing the Easy Grammar lessons each day. The lessons build on each other and are so easy to teach. The name says it all.

  8. Easy Grammar Review by Julia Conner
    Pros: Easy to use
    Grades Used: 3-12

    Getting the prepositional phrases out of the way helped my children to find the other parts of speech.

  9. Easy Grammar Review by Sandra Byus
    Pros: Makes sense
    Cons: Memorization

    Grades Used: 6 th

    I really like this curriculum. It is definitely laid out different, but I think that it works. The memorization can be a con, but it is a pro also. I believe my daughter recognizes prepositions better than before. I also like the approach with picking out the prepositions first. This curriculum may not work for everyone, but to me the approach just made sense.

  10. Easy Grammar Review by Paula
    Pros: short easy to understand lessons
    Cons: perhaps too short as it seems to cover subject matter too quickly sometimes

    Grades Used: 3-7

    I like the simplicity and the overall design but one or two days spent on some subjects is just not enough for my daughters. I have supplemented with free worksheets online for extra practice. I like the cumulative review and cumulative test after each new subject test as it helps reinforce ideas previously covered. We also use daily grams and find it a very inexpensive way to practice skills in a few minutes per day. I never liked diagramming sentences as a child, it never seemed to make sense, this makes sense.

  11. Easy Grammar Review by Tonya Free
    Pros: short easy lessons
    Grades Used: 9th

    My daughter has really enjoyed using the Utimate Easy Grammar for 9th grade this year. She likes that the lessons are short and reviews all the basic rules for English. It has really helped her learn and keep focused on her grammar since it is not so time consuming to do.

  12. Easy Grammar Review by Brose
    Cons: constant quick changes

    Grades Used: 6th

    I know the title says Easy and I see some great reviews here on it. I guess it depends on the child and the teacher. For my child it was confusing, to many rules to remember. I personally didn’t care for it either. We went back to Bob Jones English which is more simplistic for my child.

  13. Easy Grammar Review by Barbara
    Pros: Very easy to use
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 2nd

    We have just started using this for our 2nd grade daughter. It is so simple to teach and super easy for her to grasp. This really helps compliment our other language arts and handwriting curriculums. The repetition is great to help her remember punctuation and to test her on nouns, verbs, etc.

  14. Easy Grammar Review by Theresa Roman
    Pros: Breaks down for easy understanding
    Cons: It works when used DAILY

    Grades Used: 3-6

    Easy Grammar, in combination with Daily Grams, is an excellent way to learn English grammar. When used correctly, it should only take 20-30 minutes out of the whole day.

    Because of using Easy Grammar and Daily Grams, my daughter was able to understand Henley Latin when in High School. It was the teacher’s first year (she met once a week in a class), and my daughter could explain it better to the class.

    Easy Grammar and Daily Grams also helped my daughter score high in English Grammar and concepts in her yearly testings, and on her ACT PLAN test for college entry.

    Highly recommend!

  15. Easy Grammar Review by Millie
    Pros: Good price
    Cons: Not much fun

    Grades Used: 6th

    I like it overall but If you have trouble you might need to go 1 grade down if possible! It is very repetitive same instructions for almost a week!

  16. Easy Grammar Review by Shera DeMay
    Pros: easy to use; not too much writing for young children; easy to implement daily
    Cons: a little costly if you need to buy multiple books plus the teacher manual; a erally big book for two grades worth (in one edition) is a bit cumbersome and sometimes comes apart; not much instruction

    Grades Used: 2-5

    We liked this program, but we also used just a teachers edition (we covered the answer page with a blank page and paperclips) so when we used it for multiple children, they all had to re-write onto their own paper. A good program overall for kids who are pretty good with reading and grammar, and for those who tend to get overwhelmed with long worksheets to do everyday. With some parent involvement, a good program for a literature based curriculum.

  17. Easy Grammar Review by Pati
    Pros: single reusable book, flexability, easy to use
    Cons: a few inaccuracies in the answer key (minor overall)

    Grades Used: 3rd-6th

    Easy just as the title says. It is important to memorize the list of prepositions as the beginning of the year and then the student is off. The first year I used this with my daughter in 3rd grade I “taught” and she did the assignment alone or together with me if the text suggested it. I then corrected her work. Since then she has been on her own each year and only comes to me if she has an occasional question, finds a mistake in the answer key, or needs me to correct a section that has answers that vary. She loves it. I hand her the teacher text each year and she takes responsibility. We also use the Daily Grams book which reviews things she has learned daily and includes sentence combining for learning good sentence structures. If you have read to your children extensively from good literature, complex sentence structures are not a problem and they will find this exercise very easy. We love the pretest/posttest which shows the progress for the year. It is very satisfying. It also is an indication of learning retained over the summer. The teacher’s guide has some suggestions for active learning activities that can help solidify learning and add interest to the lessons. I lay out a year plan of completion for the course at the beginning of each year that outlines the order I want my daughter to complete the units in, but this in not necessary. I have found my daughter has retained parts of speech and proper usage forms much better than I ever did which I attribute to this curriculum.

  18. Easy Grammar Review by Cheri Burt
    Pros: Easy to use from year to year
    Grades Used: 3rd-5th

    I had used another program before finding Easy Grammar/Daily Grams. I love the ease of use for the teacher and the value. I bought the teacher’s guide for Easy Grammar and copy the student pages. I will be reusing these books for each of my children.

    Some children will need the parent there to assist them through each new concept but my oldest has easily learned the concepts herself and completes what is assigned each day.

    I remember diagramming sentences in school and hated it all but my 7th grader never complains and I can see through her work that she is learning. No, this will not be something she uses every day in the future but it is something she will need to know if she wants to go on in school past the high school level.

  19. Easy Grammar Review by Sherry
    Pros: Easy to use
    Grades Used: 4

    My son and I have been using Easy Grammar for a few months now and he really enjoys it because he ‘gets it’. The lessons are very easy to teach and for him to understand.

  20. Easy Grammar Review by Bethany
    Pros: Easy to understand and teach.
    Cons: The layout was confusing at first, until I got the hang of it.

    Grades Used: 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th

    Easy Grammar came with our Winter Promise curriculum last year, so I thought I’d give it a try. At first, I was quite disappointed, because the layout seemed so bizarre. We’d discuss Infinitives for a day and then move on to helping verbs the next, all in the middle of the preposition unit! I was at the point of throwing my hands up and returning to ABeka, but decided to take one more look before ordering. I sat down and looked all the way through the book in detail, watched some of her online videos discussing her philosophy, and came away with a new understanding and appreciation for what I held in my hand! I realized that we weren’t supposed to completely grasp infinitives that one day, but that we would come back to them for mastery in time. Once it made sense to me, I could make it make sense to the kids! I rolled up my teacher sleeves and got to work making some fun reusable grammar games and activities to reinforce what we were learning, got each of them a magnet board and words to work with (the possibilities with these are endless!). I’ve begun doing the example sentences on the board, classroom style, and let the kids come up and solve them in different color markers, etc. All of this makes up for the “fun factor”, and I now frequently hear, “Yaay! Grammar time! I LOVE grammar!…”

    All that to say, this is a great program and WILL work, but you do have to teach it. Spending a little time working on making it more fun and hands on for those who need it will make it much more successful. It does NOT work as just a worksheet in a workbox, teach yourself method!

  21. Easy Grammar Review by Sharon
    Pros: Easy to understand.
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 3-12

    I love this curriculm!!! I have been using it with my three children for over a span of about 20 years. I had used several other curriculms prior to Easy Grammar and they were hard to teach and difficult for my chidren to learn. Easy Grammar is exactly that-EASY. Presently I am teaching my youngest son who has severe dyslexia and is “behind” in most other subjects but he does well in grammar. The other day he was able to help a friend who goes to public school, do his homework on prepostitions. He said, “It was easy, it is just what we do!!!” He is having success in this area because it is a wonderful method of teaching grammar!!!

  22. Easy Grammar Review by Janet
    Pros: This was enjoyable to use. I used this with three of my four children. They, too, found it a valuable curriculum to use. By the time we got half way through, it was not much of a problem picking things out in the sentences. Pronouns, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc. were now easy to understand and use.
    Cons: There really isn't much for cons. Hmmm, I guess the book could have been arranged better. Some of the lessons hadn't been totally taught how it is done until a few pages later. I used Easy Grammar Plus which was all grades together.

    Grades Used: Elementary thru High School

    I used this with all three of my boys. They all did very well with this curriculum. It did have some of the teaching concepts after some of the actual lessons off and on which made it difficult to do until it was realized and the teaching pages found. Overall it was a quick, easy, and likable curriculum. The price was really affordable, too.

  23. Easy Grammar Review by Emily
    Pros: Short Lessons
    Grades Used: 4th, 5th

    While I enjoy this course and the layout of it, my boys don’t enjoy it much at all. They dread it. I’m not bashing the program, but I think each child learns differently and this is just not the perfect fit for us. We’ll use our books this year and see how we are after the end of the school year.

  24. Easy Grammar Review by Sarah Schaar
    Pros: Easy to Use
    Cons: No continuous review, boring

    Grades Used: 3rd

    This book has no review! It covers each element of grammar separately, one at a time. It also REQUIRES useless memorization. I can’t think of a time when I’ve ever needed to know where a prepostition is in a sentence as part of real life.

  25. Easy Grammar Review by Sandie
    Pros: Very easy to use and understand
    Grades Used: 6-9th

    I think anyone who uses this would be very pleased . Its a must for homeschoolers.

  26. Easy Grammar Review by Karilee
    Pros: VERY Easy to use
    Grades Used: 3, 5, 7

    After using A Beka for years, we’re so relieved to use Easy Grammar. It is very simple to use and covers the basic mechanics of Grammar in an easy to use format. As this book is used, it is a good idea to keep in mind that Grammar is not teaching children to “write”, but the mechanics of putting sentences and words together properly. If you’re looking for a book that encompasses writing, you may want to look at Easy Writing, by the same publisher.

  27. Easy Grammar Review by Emilytwinmom
    Pros: Easy to learn, repetitive, detailed
    Cons: not very creative, a tad droll but it is grammar after all!

    Grades Used: 6th

    We are using Easy Grammar 6, this is our first year homeschooling. So far it is excellent, and an easy addition to our weekly schedule. We are of course using a separate writing program, as this is only for grammar and does not encompass all of language arts. I have found that it takes some adjustment to just jump into, but I think public school was pretty behind in grammar education! For us this program is a perfect fit.

  28. Easy Grammar Review by Anne
    Pros: Simple approach to learning the basics of grammar
    Cons: none that I can think of

    Grades Used: elementary through jr high

    We have used this grammar program for years with great success. As other reviewers have noted, the actual grammar program is not intended to teach writing. This program is not a stand-alone language arts program, it only teaches grammar. The newer versions of the books do have a writing section in the back, but I have not used that piece of the newer books. Daily Grams does address the writing skill of sentence combining.

    As grammar instruction, this program works wonders. My chidlren learned to understand the parts of speech without tears. We have found with our reluctant writers much of the program can be done orally with little adjustment.

    Grammar, if taught correctly in the early grades, does not have to continue through high school, much like addition and subtraction are never explicitly taught again in high school. With that in mind, Easy Grammar provides just enough material for a home school to teach grammar without overdoing it. We often use one guide over two years, and use only two or three student books for each child from middle elementary through junior high.

  29. Easy Grammar Review by Deb Laird
    Pros: EASY
    Cons: needs more creative activities

    Grades Used: 3,4,5,6

    After using Abeka, my boys became tired of all the handwriting and seat work. Another home school friend told me about this. I used it last year and what a difference. They actually enjoy grammar. They get it done and learn it.

  30. Easy Grammar Review by Helen Schlessinger
    Pros: Great Reference Pages
    Cons: Doesn't help with writing

    Grades Used: 1st-6th grades

    I mostly use Easy Grammar as a supplement. It’s good worksheet practice for grammar skills. I’ve only bought the Student Books because they explain everything quite well and are only missing the answers. I remove pages such as preposition lists and types of a verb to laminate for quick reference. Learning grammar will not make kids good writers. It is necessary for test taking.

  31. Easy Grammar Review by Deb Wielhouwer
    Pros: Easy
    Cons: Can be monotonous, not much thinking involved

    Grades Used: 1st-high school levels

    When I started homeschooling, this was the most popular curriculum. I used it with Daily Grams at the time. My kids thought it was easy to use, and they just kept going. The problem was that they finished all the levels through high school by 6th grade. Once we switched curriculums, there understanding dropped dramatically, so I was concerned that they were just being trained to “spit back” information without really thinking about it. Hence the reason I switched my younger kids to First Language Lessons.

    The strongest thing about this curriculum is teaching how to find a the subject and the verb, and lessons in punctuation and capitalization. This makes for awesome standardized testing scores…but not necessarily understanding on how to write good sentences.

  32. Easy Grammar Review by Patricia
    Pros: Really covers grammar in detail. Repeats the information every year but goes into greater depth.
    Cons: It only goes through Grade 7.

    Grades Used: 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th and Grade Plus (7th)

    Another reviewer mentioned that you had to cover the answer page as your child work on the page. This is only true if you are having them child do the work using the teacher’s guide. There is also a student workbook and a test book that they can use that does not have the answers. Also, the child takes a pre-test at the beginning of the year and then the same test at the end of the year. It is so cool to see how much they have really learned! I firmly believe that both of my children are better at writing and foreign languages because of the knowledge of grammar that they received from this curriculum.

  33. Easy Grammar Review by Nelda Gay
    Pros: Very simple to understand for any grade used.
    Cons: The answers on the page next to the work text. You have to cover it or really trust your child.

    Grades Used: 5th

    This book is very easy to use and understand. The book has the work on one page and the answers on the opposite page. You must cover the answers, copy the pages, or trust your child not to peek at the answers. Not a colorful book on the inside if you child requires that style of book for learning.

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