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Sensory Play

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child's Brain Power

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child’s Brain Power

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the expression “brain food.” For me, that expression conjures up images of fresh fruits and veggies and all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs to be healthy. Building and maintaining a healthy brain does begin with a nutritional foundation, but there’s so much more to the process than just fueling your child’s brain with food. As homeschool moms, there are several things you can do to boost your children’s brain power throughout the day. Intrigued? Read on. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Sensory Math with Tangrams

Homeschool with Tangrams

Tangrams are simple seven-piece puzzles that build visual-spatial skills. Kids and adults alike enjoy manipulating the standardized pieces in the set, which includes a parallelogram, a square, and three sizes of right triangles. The pieces can be fit together to form a square, and in fact, when the puzzle pieces are made of wood, they are often stored in a square wooden frame. The real fun and thinking occur while moving the shapes around to form “pictures” or shapes. There is a real challenge in matching shapes that are already drawn out as puzzles to solve. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Tub Schooling

Tub Schooling

What are the toys in your bathtub? And how good are you at tolerating a little mess? If you’re able to create a nice collection of bathtub toys and allow some extended playtime in the bath, you have the possibility of giving your preschool and kindergarten age kids a good experience “tub schooling.” It’s more important for your kids to enjoy creative play than to sit at a table doing worksheets for hours a day from ages 3 – 6, and there’s no place better to play than in the bathtub. I suggest having a plastic bin full of toys, stocked with… Continue reading »