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Richele McFarlin

Richele is a homeschool mom and trained Orton-Gillingham tutor. Her interest in reading difficulties was inspired by her amazing and creative dyslexic daughter. You can visit Richele on her blog at Under the Golden Apple Tree.

Fun Ways To Teach Parts of Speech

by Richele McFarlin
TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Teaching Parts of Speech />

Learning does not have to be boring. Hands-on, active lessons are best for engaging the child and for memory retention. Below are five fun activities to teach the parts of speech. The 9 Parts of Speech: Before participating in any of the activities, review the following parts of speech with your student. Continue reading »

Can Your Child Rhyme? Understanding Phonological Awareness

by Richele McFarlin
TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Can your child rhyme? Understanding phonological awareness />

What is Phonological Awareness? Phonological awareness is an important skill in learning how to read. Simply put it is the ability to distinguish sounds within words when heard in spoken language. For example, a child who has developed phonological awareness skills will be able to rhyme, distinguish individual sounds within a word, beginning sounds and Continue reading »