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Easy Timeline Creator

by Mary Ann Kelley

Easy Timeline Creator is a CD-based computer program for Windows users that allows the student or instructor to create timelines for specific user-delineated periods. Your student builds the timeline on the computer and then prints out the final product. The finished timeline can be displayed upon the wall or assembled into a notebook. This timeline Continue reading »

Geography Matters

by Mary Ann Kelley

Geography Matters’ flagship product is the Mark-It Outline Maps, which are available in a variety of sizes in paper or laminated for creative write on-wipe off activities. Geography Matters also provides geography curriculum manuals and support materials, such as atlases, to make teaching geography a simple task for homeschool parents and classroom teachers.

History Through the Ages

by Mary Ann Kelley

History Through the Ages is a collection of clip-art style figures to affix on wall and book timelines. The entire collection is available as one set, or they may be purchased separately as Creation to Christ, Resurrection to Revolution, Napoleon to Now and American History. Resources are available printed on cardstock, as a CD, or Continue reading »

Moving Beyond the Page

by Mary Ann Kelley

Moving Beyond the Page is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that covers science, social studies, and language arts. Its project-based curriculum covers preschool through about 10th grade and is designed for gifted, creative, and hands-on learners with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking. Continue reading »

Wall Timelines of World History

by Mary Ann Kelley

Wall Timelines of World History is a collection of full size 10 x 1 foot wall timelines. Help your students understand and “see” the progression of history with interactive and engaging timelines. Because the timeline is a full foot in height, there is plenty of room for timeline figures, notes, biography cards, or any other Continue reading »


by Mary Ann Kelley

Working from the idea that literature communicates powerfully to young minds, WinterPromise developed a curriculum that is strongly literature-based. This offers parents the opportunity to do less teaching and more “learning together” with their children. This “Learning Together” method has the additional benefit of requiring almost no preparation for the parent, preserving as many moments Continue reading »

Wonders of Old Timeline Book

by Mary Ann Kelley

Wonders of Old Timeline Book is a beautifully bound book that provides the student with blank timelines that can be completed with historical events relevant to the particular course being studied. The accompanying CD includes category symbols that may be printed on sticker paper and affixed on the blank timeline.

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