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Valentine’s Day

Homeschool resources about Valentine's Day

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History of Valentine's Day  (Y)
Valentine's Day History and Valentine Match Game form Primary

The History of Valentine's Day  (Y)
From Safe Search

The Story of St. Valentine   (Y)
A reading comprehension lesson from

Valentine's Day Games  (Y, M)
DLTK's Holiday Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day Puzzles  (Y, M)
Print these Valentine's Day puzzles; words sudoku, mazes, counting puzzles, and stepping stones for children to enjoy on Valentine's Day.

Holiday jigsaw puzzles: Valentine's Day  (Y, M)
Free online puzzles from The Kidz

Easy Valentine Word Search Puzzles   (Y, M)
From The

Valentine's Day Puzzle  (Y)
In this fun learning activity for children the candy has fallen out of the Valentine box! Students must click and drag the candy to put it back into the box. Children practice mouse manipulation and patterns in this fun activity. From

Valentine's Day Word Search  (Y, M)
Valentine's Day Word Search is a fun holiday activity for children of all ages. Puzzles can be created two ways: a small grid with shorter words or a larger grid with longer words. This feature will allow younger children to enjoy the puzzles too! You can print or play online. From

Valentine Printables  (Y, M)
The Valentine printables currently available on this site are word search puzzles, dot to dot printables, mazes, valentine coloring pages, cryptogram puzzles, word scrambles, a fun card game called "Capture the Hearts", and more.

Valentine's Day Games  (Y, M)
From A Kids

Valentine's Day  (Y,M,O,T)
From Family Fun

Valentine's Day Themes  (Y,M)
From A to Z teacher Stuff.

Valentine's Day Resources  (Y,M,T)
For kids and teachers from

Valentine's Day Activities  (Y,M)
From Family Education

Valentine's Day  (Y,M)
From Activity

February Holiday Resources  (Y,M)
From Education

Helping Younger Children Celebrate Valentine's Day  (T)
Article from Family

Silly Valentine Poems for children, kids & adults  (Y,M)

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids   (Y,M)
From Danielle'

DLTK's Custom Dominos  (Y)
Great tool for any holiday or unit study theme. Pick a theme for your dominoes and then choose color or black and white before printing.

History of Valentine's Day  (T)

Fun Valentine's Day Facts for Kids  (Y, M)
From Kids Play and

Cards and Crafts for Valentine's Day  (Y,M)
Crafts projects for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. The crafts use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc. Free site with options to subscribe to an ad-free version.

Valentine's Day Section  (Y,M)
From DLTK's Crafts for Kids

ESL Activities - St Valentine's Day  (Y,M)
From TEFL net. Not just for teaching English as a Second language.

Kiddyhouse Valentine's  (Y)
Resources for kids and teachers. Lots of age specific Valentine's Day crafts.

Pam's Place Valentine's Crafts  (Y)
Games with an educational element to them.

Annie's "Valentine's Day Just for Kids" Page  (Y,M)
From Annies Home accessed through Wayback Archives

Valentine's Day Blog Posts

How Embracing My Strengths Has Made for a Better Homeschool FLOW

How Embracing My Strengths Has Made for a Better Homeschool FLOW Do you ever get hit in the face with your own weaknesses as a homeschool mom? Here’s my truth: I’m not a huge fan of holidays. If I’m being honest, I’m not great at creating mind-blowing celebrations, whether it be for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Pi Day or Halloween. So, when I woke up last Valentine’s Day morning, I thought: Uh-oh. It’s Valentine’s day. And I’ve got nothing. Read More »

A Seed of Love: A Valentine from Oak Meadow

A Seed of Love: A Valentine from Oak Meadow An atmosphere in which real learning can occur exists where the children are nurtured and supported to explore their own personal interests, as well as the world around them. Sharing love is like sharing a treasure. Whether it be through expressing warm thoughts towards one another, opening up and sharing feelings with each other, or just spending some pleasant moments together, it is the essence of the learning process. Read More »

12 Ways to Love Your Homeschool Wife This Valentine’s Day

12 Ways to Love Your Homeschool Wife This Valentine's Day Valentine’s Day is coming up. And, guys, even if you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s highly likely that your wife has. And that she’s anticipating something from you. Especially if she’s a homeschooling wife. Because, let’s face it, she doesn’t get a lot of accolades for what she does from anyone else. No “celebration of the 100th time you got Johnny back on task without losing your cool” or awards for “Homeschool Mom Most Able to Overcome Learning Obstacles All On Her Own”. Not even any team excellence award. Because — oh yeah. There is no team. Plus she has to ... Read More »

My Valentine to Homeschooling

My Valentine to Homeschooling Valentine’s Day…the holiday of love. While many will be sending chocolates to loved ones, and telling that special someone just how important they are, I’m writing a different sort of valentine this year. And though it might not be accompanied with any candy, my valentine this February is to my love Homeschooling. Read More »

Fun Ideas For a Homeschool Valentine’s Day

Fun Ideas For a Homeschool Valentine's Day We homeschoolers just love to make things educational, but even die-hard academics have to take a break from time to time and just have some fun! With a day set aside specifically to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us, there’s no better time to get creative and simply enjoy our kids. Here are some fun ideas to make a homeschool Valentine’s Day special. Read More »

Teaching Love: A Homeschool Valentine’s Day for Children

February 14th – It seems like a day just for lovers. Chocolate hearts, flowers, “I love you” cards… most of us tend to think Valentine’s Day is more for us parents than for the children. And no doubt, homeschooling parents, probably more than anyone, need some time together away from the kids! So how can Valentine’s Day be a teaching opportunity within the homeschool? Read More »

Making Valentine’s Day Educational

Everybody knows Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. But why not make it the holiday of learning, too? This special day has its roots in both Christian and ancient Roman traditions, based upon the legendary Saint Valentine. Read More »

Homeschool Valentine’s Party

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to have a party.  Whether you are part of a support group, co-op, or a class, kids really look forward to Valentine’s Day exchanges.  When a party is on the agenda, everyone can contribute ideas to make it fun. Here are some tips to plan an easy and fun party. Plan ahead.  To avoid a rush, gather all of the party supplies a week in advance.  Let everyone brainstorm ideas until the big shopping day arrives.  With list in hand, find games and items for everyone. Make cards. Challenge everyone to make Valentines for each participant ... Read More »

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