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by Mary Ann Kelley

Resources about Seasons

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Reason for the four Seasons  (Y)
From Geography-for-kids and Kids-Know-It Network. Website has nice graphics that appeal to younger children. Link to learn a song about seasons for the early elementary student.

Seasons activites from Sheppard Software  (Y)
Sheppard Software site offers coloring pages, activities and creative games to help younger students learn about seasons.

Science Projects for Kids: Weather and Seasons  (Y)
From TLC's How Stuff Works. Te site has a number of science projects for different seasons of the year.

Seasons from neoK12  (Y)
The site offers videos about seasons for elementary students. Online games and puzzles, school presentations, and quizzes are also available.

Seasons background Information and Activities  (Y)
From BrainPop Jr. The webpage features a cartoon video explaining season.

Seasons and Days  (Y)
The website offers a nice set of worksheets for young learners.

Just In Time  (Y,M)
Activities, Print Materials, and lesson plans for telling time, as well as calendars and seasons.

October Theme - ABC Teach  (Y,M,O,T)

Science NetLinks:The Four Seasons  (M)
To understand that it is the tilt of earth's axis that causes the seasons. Grades 6-8

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