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Pi Day

Pi Day Unit Study
Homeschool resources for Pi Day

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What is Pi Day?  (M,O,T)
Every year on March 14, math geeks and others celebrate Pi Day. Here's how the celebration got started and other interesting facts around the holiday that's steadily growing in popularity. A You Tube entry from IDGTechtalk

Pi Day Song  (Y)
Memorize 100 Digits Of pi with this You Tube video from asapScience.

Pi for Kids  (Y)
What is that funny looking symbol? It's the Greek Letter Pi. It looks like a crooked little table! But it is important in math and physics and LIFE. Did you know that pi will help you figure out how much pizza you have? How big is your cookie? A You Tube video from Socratica Kids

Celebrate Pi Day!  (YM)
Resources from around the web to help you teach (and celebrate!) the most famous of the irrational numbers. From for grades 3-5 and 6-8,

Pi Day Celebrations  (T)
From A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums for secondary education students

Math, Media & Pi Day Converge as Kids Honor 3.14  (O,T)
From Shaping, using the power of media for a postive change.

TeachPi.Org  (M,O,T)
A one stop Pi-day stop for teachers and number lovers.

Pi Poster  (Y,M,O,T)
This poster shows the pi symbol and the value of pi in decimal to many places.

About Pi  (M,O,T)
This Math webpage answers the questions: What is pi? Who first used pi? How do you find its value? What is it for? How many digits is it?

A history of Pi  (M,O,T)
Pi as it has been recorded through history

Pi to Million (1,000,000) digits.  (M,O,T)

Pi Notes  (M,O,T)
Pi set to music using Flash

Pi Day cards  (Y,M,O,T)
Pi day is the perfect time to celebrate something that's as infinite as the value of pi, namely, your love for all those you care about. Reach out to them with our ecards and let the words speak out your feelings. From 123Greetings,com

The Pi-Search Page  (O,T)
The Pi Searcher lets you search for any string of digits (up to 120 of them) in the first 200 million digits of Pi. You can also show any substring of Pi.

What are you doing for pi day?  (T) discussions thread

10 Minute Math Pi Day Challenge  (M,O,T)
Have 10 minutes? Why not explore some math.

Pi Day March 14, 2020  (Y,M,O,T)
Founded in 1988 at the Exploratorium, Pi Day has become an international holiday, celebrated live and online all around the world. Exploratorium offers lots of information and activities each year to celebrate Pi day.

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