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Resources about frogs

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Frog Unit with Printables  (Y,T)
From 2 Teaching Mommies

Crayola: Tadpole to Frog Activity  (Y)
Mold each stage of the frog life cycle with clay

Metamorphisis Video  (T)
This video segment explores the developmental process called metamorphosis, in which an animal's body changes form dramatically on its way to becoming an adult. Features frogs and butterflies. Approximately 5 minutes long.

Frog Life Cycle Printable  (Y)
From Enchanted Learning

Frog vs. Toad Venn Diagram Printable  (Y,M)
From Enchanted Learning

Frog ctivities and Printables  (Y)
A large selection of printables from Kidzone

Weird Frog Facts  (Y,M,T)
Learn all about frogs

Scholastic: All About Frogs  (Y,T)
Lesson plan for K-1

Frog Tracker  (Y,M)
Lets you hear frog calls through the interactive Shockwave interface

All About Frogs  (Y,M,O,T)
Large site dedicated to frogs; includes everything from frogs as pets to frog jokes to a weird facts about frogs.

Frogs  (Y,M,O,T)
UW Sea Grant researchers studied the effects of toxins in the environment on local frogs. This website offers kids a chance to understand the research at their level and includes illustrated field guides for Great Lakes frogs, frog activities such as origami frogs and the ability to catch a virtual frog. Accessed through Wayback Archives.

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