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Homeschoole resources about Bees

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Bee Tales From the Hive  (Y,M,O)
NOVA chronicles a year in the life of a bee colony with stunning images that take viewers inside the innermost secrets of the hive. The documentary team spent a year developing special macro lenses and a bee studio to deliver the film's astonishing sequences. These include the "wedding flight" of the colony's virgin queen as it mates in mid-air with a drone; the life-and-death battle between two rival queens for the colony's throne; and the defeat and death of a thieving wasp at the entrance to the hive. The show also explores such mysteries as the famous "waggle dance" with which scout bees signal the exact direction and distance of nectar sources to the rest of the hive. A vivid picture emerges of the bee's highly organized social life, revolving around the disciplined sharing of construction tasks, the collection of nectar, and warding off enemies.

Reading Rainbow: Life Cycle of the Honey Bee  (Y,M)

Bee Lessons & Activities  (Y,M,T)
Includes plenty of worksheets and printables; from an educator/entomologist

Honey Bee Lapbook Printable  (Y)
From Homeschool Share

Beekeeper Game Printable  (Y)
From HomeschoolShare

Honey Bee Anatomy Printout  (Y,M)
From Enchanted Learning

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