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Albert Einstein

TheHomeSchoolMom: Albert Einstein resources
Einstein in 1921

Albert Einstein is a physicist known for the famous physics equation E=mc². Born in Germany, Einstein moved to the United States when Adolf Hitler came to power. Einstein received a Nobel Peace Prize in physics in 1921.

Born - March 14, 1879

Died - April 18, 1955

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Einstein Revealed  (M)
From NOVA, this site contains information relevant to the speed of light.

Albert Einstein Physicist and Genius   (M,O,T)
Biography of Albert Einstein

Einstein's Innovative Thinking  (O,T)
Lesson Plan from Teachers' Domain

Einstein Papers Project  (M,O,T)
The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein: Homeschool Teacher - Lesson Plan & Newsletter  (M,O,T)
Homeschool Teacher - Lesson Plan & Newsletter

English Lesson Plan on Albert Einstein  (Y,M,O,T)
English Lesson Plan on Albert Einstein

Man of the Century Lesson Plan  (Y,M,O,T)

Albert Einstein Lesson Plan: Homeschooling the Middle Years  (M,O,T)
Albert Einstein Lesson Plans.

Albert Einstein Links for Learning  (M,O,T)
Resources for teachers and students about Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein  (M,O,T)
Einstein Archives Online

Albert Einstein  (M,O,T)
Albert Einstein's Nobel Prize in Physics 1921

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