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Reading Eggs Reviews

Reading Eggs is an online reading resource with 100 lessons for 4 to 7 year olds who are learning to read. Additional content is available for 6-8 year olds who are reading. The content contains interactive animations, fun games, great songs and lots of rewards. It supports each child’s learning by offering individual, one-on-one lessons that allow children to progress at their own rate. There is a 2 week free trial and the fee is based on a yearly subscription.

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  1. Reading Eggs Review by Shana Prenushi
    Pros: Levels the reader, higher level thinking. They can move at their own pace and work independently
    Grades Used: K-5

    Love reading eggs. I was a reading teacher and now I homeschool my boys ages 6 and 11. It is wonderful for my 6 year old. He loves the program and pushes to complete several levels a day. He also does math seeds. He really loves them both. I love the phonics. My 11 year old does reading express by the same company. It is higher level reading and questioning. I love it. He feels like he learns a lot from it as well. I love that they take a placement test for the proper level.

  2. Reading Eggs Review by Jeanne
    Pros: 8 year old has supplemented with it for 1.5 years and finds it fun enough to play
    Cons: Accents with characters painfully annoying and counter productive

    Grades Used: 1,2

    This app has characters with such drawn out vowels with deep over done accents that they aren’t communicating the right sounds at all. Seems like a bad set up for a phonics lesson. An Australian voice actor trying to do a cartoony southern US accent is just plain awful to the ears.

  3. Reading Eggs Review by Beth
    Pros: tailored to reading level, fun,
    Cons: some games too difficult mechanically for little ones

    Grades Used: prek, k

    My daughters both have tried out reading eggs. I was pretty happy with it. It places them on a path starting at their own reading level. Lessons are short and easy to understand. They are fun and engaging.
    My one complaint is that some of the first games are difficult for both my children because they are not that adept at using the mouse. They understand the concept presented but might need my help in catching letters or the like. Not something to deter me from the program, just need to make sure an adult is available for help if needed.

  4. Reading Eggs Review by Sheri Vincent
    Pros: Free trial, easy to use
    Cons: Sometimes too hard for the level

    Grades Used: K

    This program has definately helped my daughter, but though it is easy to use for her, I am a bit confused about the process. There are levels and tests but the instructions indicate levels should be repeated. There are also oter sections to the website that don’t make a lot of sense to me. I am still undecided if we will renew.

  5. Reading Eggs Review by Noe Silva
    Pros: Fun
    Cons: phonics broken up a little different than how we learned originally

    Grades Used: none

    My 6 and 5 year old love it. The 5 yer old gets a little fustrated with some exercises, but she still asks to go on it everyday. I like how it catches their attention. Now, even my 4 year old is trying it. I just wish it didn’t cost so much since I plan to use it for all 5 of my kids and you have to pay per child. Great program though.

  6. Reading Eggs Review by wendy records
    Pros: free trial
    Cons: didn't hold my daughter's attention

    Grades Used: k

    I tried this program for 2 weeks I believe but it wasn’t right for us. My daughter didn’t find the lessons engaging. We are now trying funnix…we’ll see how that goes?

  7. Reading Eggs Review by Quamia
    Pros: free-trial, curriculum, enjoyable for kids
    Cons: At times a bit too challenging, company headquartered in Australia

    Grades Used: K, 1st

    My kids loved Reading Eggs. It’s fun and informative. At times the curriculum can be a bit challenging and discouraging to smaller kids. Also, the program is a bit repetitive and at times overwhelming, but there are games and activities to play, so children can take a break from learning. My kids especially loved the music, stories, and painting online. The company is headquartered in Australia, so it can be a bit of a hassle making a payment with your credit cars unless you notify your bank first.

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