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Archives for August 2011

Back-to-School Perspective

by Rebecca Capuano

Many public and private schools are starting the new year, and it’s not surprising that many homeschoolers use the fall to “get back into the groove” of things. Whether moving up to the next level in curriculum, adding a new subject, or simply trying something new, “back-to-school” can be an exciting time of rejuvenation and starting anew for home educators. It’s easy, though, to get caught up in the whirlwind of curriculum, practices, scheduled events, and educational endeavors that before you know it, the year is halfway over and you wonder where the time has gone. As those with grown children know all too well, when raising a family, the days often seem to pass slowly, but the years pass way too quickly. Continue reading »

The Homeschooler’s Back to School List

by Rebecca Capuano

Ah, the end of August approaches. Time for back-to-school lists… Wait. We’re homeschoolers. Back to school lists? Oh yes, homeschoolers have them too. Whether you have schooled straight through all year, or taken some time off in the summer, fall is a time that many homeschoolers take inventory of their educational process, and “get set” for a new year ahead. And just like those in public or private school, homeschoolers have things on their list to help them make the upcoming school year a success. You know, all of those things you need so that this year will be the perfect homeschool year. And toward that end, the homeschooler’s back-to-school list might look just a tad bit different from the traditional school supply list… Continue reading »

Back-to-School Forms as Tea and Muffins

by Rebecca Capuano

Summer is waning, and the fall quickly approaches, with its back-to-school excitement! Even homeschoolers who educate throughout the summer often use the fall as a time to try a fresh start with new curriculum, implement a new approach, or get creative to inject a breath of fresh air into their school. For many home educators, August is an important time to send in test scores, file notice-of-intent forms, and fulfill their state’s legal requirements in order to be able to homeschool. Continue reading »

Practical Ways to Help Homeschool Moms

by Rebecca Capuano

No one knows just how hard it is until they’ve done it. No doubt, there is tremendous joy, fulfillment and fun in homeschooling, but it is also a tremendous challenge. Being responsible for your children’s physical, emotional, spiritual and academic development is a phenomenal, sometimes overwhelming task. And although there are some things that well-intentioned friends and family should not do (as mentioned in the article 3 Things Never to Say to a Homeschooling Mom), there are plenty of ways for people (spouses included!) to support and encourage homeschooling moms and keep them floating atop the waters of homeschool responsibility. Continue reading »