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Archives for April 2011

Teaching Money Management: Avoiding Borrowing (Part 4)

by Rebecca Capuano

A fourth major principle for helping kids learn to manage money effectively is to avoid borrowing. In our culture it is nearly a given that people must borrow money in order to purchase things they want. This philosophy, however, has led to tremendous debt. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Teaching Money Management />

Homeschool Convention Survival Tips

by Rebecca Capuano

Springtime brings warm weather, beautiful flowers, and….homeschool conventions! There are few better ways to be inspired, encouraged, and invigorated along the journey of homeschooling than attending a homeschool convention. It is an opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people, attend informative workshops, see lots of new curricula, and receive wisdom and encouragement from experts and veteran home educators. Continue reading »

FREE Easter Dinner Menus

by Mary Ann Kelley

Our sister site, Menus4Moms, is giving away Easter dinner menu plans. Just visit Menus4Moms’ Notes From the Kitchen (where you’ll find great recipes as well) to pick up the free menus. Each menu includes the recipes and grocery list so all you have to do is print and shop to get started. Continue reading »

Easter Crafts

by Rebecca Capuano

Easter marks the physical end of winter, as spring bursts forth with color and life from the ground. Yet for Christians, it also means the end of death, as believers celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the cross. This wonderful season of renewal is a great time to breathe new life into your homeschool, and get creative with your kids! While dyeing Easter eggs is a staple tradition for many families, there are some wonderful crafts that can make the holiday fun and memorable. Check out these suggestions for this year… Continue reading »

The Laundry Curriculum

by Shay Seaborne

When my children were small, I was a SAHHM (“stay-at-home”-homeschooling-mom), and laundry responsibilities were a natural part of our “curriculum.” This was because I intended for my children’s education to include equipping them with basic life skills, like self-care, financial responsibility, and household maintenance. Continue reading »


Spring into Writing

by Kim Kautzer

Spring has sprung… along with a serious bout of spring fever! How can you help your children stay on task while allowing them to revel in the joy of an April morning? For a welcome break, why not take writing outdoors now and then as the weather beckons?
Continue reading »