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Archives for February 2011

Goodies: Investigating God’s World

by Mary Ann Kelley

I have another goodie up for grabs today as well: Investigating God’s World from A Beka (grade 5). I have available the textbook along with the teacher edition. The materials are somewhat worn but still in good shape. I noticed just a couple of places with erased marks in the textbook. Continue reading »

Goodies: Understanding God’s World

by Mary Ann Kelley

Today’s goodie up for grabs is Understanding God’s World from A Beka (grade 4). I have available the textbook, the unused test & quizzes booklet, and the tests and quizzes key. Continue reading »

Getting More Mileage from Writing Assignments

by Kim Kautzer

Writing a composition doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. As your children practice writing different kinds of paragraphs, stories, articles, and short reports, you can help them expand their skills by tweaking a piece of writing they completed in the past. What a great way to get more mileage out of a writing assignment! Let me share six tips for taking a former piece of writing to a whole new level. Continue reading »

Homeschoolers: A Lifestyle of Opting Out Part 2

by Rebecca Capuano

Many homeschoolers choose to do life differently from the norm. Interestingly, the choice to teach children in a way that goes against the status quo often belies an approach that permeates into many other areas of homeschoolers’ lives – the approach of “opting out” of the culturally accepted way of doing things. From choices about socialization to vaccination, it’s not a surprise that parents who so conscientiously (often at great personal and familial challenge) choose a non-conventional way of educating would also question the societally “given” path in many other areas. Continue reading »

Homeschoolers: A Lifestyle of Opting Out Part 1

by Rebecca Capuano

One of the most interesting things about homeschooling, which is hard to truly understand until it is experienced, is that it is much more than simply educating your children; homeschooling is a lifestyle. More specifically, it’s a way of doing life that is different from the pervading culture, an approach that goes far beyond academics into many other realms of life. Home educators often go far beyond just doing “school” differently from the norm; they tend to “opt out” of many conventional ways of handling life. Continue reading »

Goodies: Math-U-See Gamma

by Mary Ann Kelley

[Update: Congratulations to Jackie (#69) who won the Math-U-See! Jackie, please contact me with your mailing address by Monday, March 7, so I can mail your goodies.] Today’s goodie up for grabs is Math-U-See Gamma. I have available the DVD, the Teacher Manual, and the unused Test Booklet. It does not include the Student Workbook or the blocks. The materials are in very good shape but they do have Kelley written inside the cover. We really enjoyed this program when used with the blocks; by building the problems instead of just writing numbers, the students are able to understand the concept rather than just memorize the procedure. Continue reading »

Teaching Love: A Homeschool Valentine’s Day for Children

by Rebecca Capuano

February 14th – It seems like a day just for lovers. Chocolate hearts, flowers, “I love you” cards… most of us tend to think Valentine’s Day is more for us parents than for the children. And no doubt, homeschooling parents, probably more than anyone, need some time together away from the kids! So how can Valentine’s Day be a teaching opportunity within the homeschool? Continue reading »

Goodies: Easy Grammar Grades 3 & 4

by Mary Ann Kelley

It’s time for another goodie giveaway! Today I am giving away Easy Grammar Grades 3 & 4 along with Daily Grams Grade 4 and Daily Guided Teaching and Review for 2nd and 3rd Grades. Continue reading »

Love Buckets

by Shay Seaborne

The most important aspects of family centered education are things not easily measured by standardized testing, and are absent from most ready-made curricula. There were many concepts I wanted my children to grasp at an early age, including the cycle of giving and receiving. So, I gave them an object lesson. Continue reading »

Making Valentine’s Day Educational

by Rebecca Capuano

Everybody knows Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. But why not make it the holiday of learning, too? This special day has its roots in both Christian and ancient Roman traditions, based upon the legendary Saint Valentine. Continue reading »

Trying Again: Story of the World Vol. 1 & 2 Up For Grabs

by Mary Ann Kelley

[Update – Congratulations to Merideth, who won these books!] It’s time for another goodie giveaway! The first two attempt to give away these books failed. I am listing them again, but please, out of fairness to the other entrants, if you do not intend to respond to the email if you win, do not enter! Thanks. Continue reading »