Homeschooling in Montana:

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State Organizations and Local Support Groups

by Mary Ann Kelley

Montana Homeschool Organizations

Montana Coalition of Home Educators

MCHE was formed to bring homeschoolers together to protect Montana's home school freedom while maintaining the independence and autonomy of the individual families and the existing local and state organizations.

Montana Homeschool Support Groups

Bitterroot Valley Homeschoolers Bitterroot Valley

Serving Homeschooling Families of Montana's Bitterroot Valley (and beyond).

Bitterroot Homeschoolers Blog - The World is Our Classroom Bitterroot Valley

An opportunity for new, veteran, and supporters of Homeschool to gather and share and information. The blog receives information about fieldtrips and events and passes the info along to homeschoolers.

Bitterroot Homeschoolers Facebook Page Bitterroot Valley

Bitterroot Homeschoolers is a support group for homeschoolers offering fieldtrips and other homeschool adventures. Events are organized throughout the year: History Fairs, Science Fairs, Harvest Parties, Valentines Parties....just to name a few.

Bozeman Homeschool Network Bozeman

The Bozeman Homeschool Network is an inclusive gathering of families who share an interest in at-home learning. Through our activities we seek to support learners of all styles and philosophies. As a group we create opportunities for projects, field trips, community service, park days, family gatherings, discussion groups and sharing of resources.

Butte, MT Home School Families Yahoo Group Butte, Montana - Silver Bow County and surrounding areas

Families in Butte and surrounding areas that school at home.

Flathead Home Educators Association Flathead Valley

We are open to all but are Christian based. Our main purpose is to encourage homeschooling. Our group has a variety of backgrounds. In our valley we have a homeschool choir, band, sport program, educational classes for all ages, newsletter, and more.

Glendive and Rural Area Christian Educators (GRACE) Glendive

A loosely-organized group of home educators located in Glendive eastern Montana. GRACE publishes a monthly newsletter and has organized activities throughout the school year.

Great Falls Homeschool Friends Great Falls

Great Falls Homeschool Friends (GFHF) is an inclusive group open to all Great Falls and surrounding area Homeschoolers, regardless of religious affiliation, political point of view, or educational method. The purpose of Great Falls Homeschool Friends (GFHF), is to provide a network of support, organization of field trip, and other activities, for all homeschool parents and children.

Great Falls Unschoolers Great Falls

This is an online support group for members of the Great Falls Unschoolers cooperative. Our group is inclusive and open to new members in the Great Falls area regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation. We especially aim to create group discussions and group activities to support and enhance the quality of homeschooling for those who are using unschooling or other progressive approaches to teaching their children. Our members are advocates of child-led learning, including unschooling, eclectic, or relaxed, child-centered versions of other methods. All topics related to child-raising and child-led learning are encouraged.

Association of Christian Homeschoolers Great Falls

Christian homeschool group located in Great Falls. For more information, contact

Cascade County Homeschoolers Great Falls

A meeting place for homeschoolers in Great Falls, and the surrounding area. A place to network, and help each other on our homeschooling journey.

Helena Area Learning co-Opportunities Helena

We are a diverse group of families in Helena and the surrounding area. Our families cross the spectrum of homeschooling styles and all educational philosophies. We are an inclusive group and open to new members...The purpose of this group is to provide support and networking for homeschooling families with children of all ages in Helena and the surrounding area. Through networking we can facilitate activities, classes, cultural events, field trips and general gatherings. This is a place for homeschoolers to ask questions listen and learn, and relax with each other in a context where homeschooling, not religion or politics, is the primary common denominator.

Lake County Superintendent of Schools - Home Education information Lake County

Missoula Area Homeschool Network Missoula

We are a relaxed, easy-going homeschool & unschooling community in and around Missoula, Montana. We are hoping to get regular gatherings and activities planned for our families. Unschooling and homeschooling discussion is welcome as is discussion about parenting and life in general.

Park County Homeschool Network Park County

We are a membership based cooperative of home educators created for the purpose of providing support to parents and students who have chosen to educate in a home environment. The web page provides a calendar of our activities and an information resource for all of our members. The e-mail loop allows any member to post questions or announce activities to the entire group.

Montana Coalition of Home Educators Local support groups Statewide

Montana Homeschooling Statewide

Open egroup for all Montana Homeschoolers, regardless of religious affiliation, political point of view, or educational method. This group is primarily support and discussion for not only educational purposes, but for world events, or what's happening at home that day. Anyone is welcome. It doesn't matter "how" you homeschool, everyone is here for support, to help others, suggestions, discussions or, just to relate experiences of life. Let's not allow our homeschooling methods or religions stop us from seeking information or giving information about ALL our homeschooling methods.

H.O.U.S.E. in Montana Statewide

Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience in Montana...HOUSE in MT ... is nonsectarian (not religious based) and inclusive for all. That means that you will find people of all different lifestyles, educational styles, religious beliefs and unbelief's.

Education Station Whitehall

The "Station" serves primarily as a community center for the home schooling families and others that have an interest in non-governmental solutions to the problems of the culture that we find ourselves in. Our primary focus is on home schooling families because we believe that as an identifiable group, they represent one of the best hopes for the reformation of the culture and society.

Yellowstone Coalition of Home Educators Yellowstone Valley

We are a group of families who gathered in the 1980's to support and encourage other homeschoolers. Our numbers have grown to over 200 families in south central Montana. We love raising our children in the huge expanse of space and the gorgeous blue sky of our rural state. Please roam about our site and glean whatever information might be helpful to you.

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