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by Mary Ann Kelley

Working from the idea that literature communicates powerfully to young minds, WinterPromise developed a curriculum that is strongly literature-based. This offers parents the opportunity to do less teaching and more “learning together” with their children. This “Learning Together” method has the additional benefit of requiring almost no preparation for the parent, preserving as many moments Continue reading »

Wordly Wise

by Mary Ann Kelley

This curriculum addresses what the publisher calls the “growing consensus among educators regarding the need for direct teaching of academic vocabulary in a systematic program.” The course involves kindergarten through grade 12 vocabulary series that includes reproducible tests and an online test generator. The entire program introduces over 3,000 words, and exercises become more challenging Continue reading »


by Mary Ann Kelley

WordSmith teaches grammar to students from 4th grade through high school. The instruction starts with the basics of grammar, progresses through poetry writing and on to newspaper writing. The intermediate series covers some basic techniques of effective writing, and to teach students that their own experience contains plenty of material to write about. The third Continue reading »


by Mary Ann Kelley

WriteShop is designed to teach composition skills to junior high and high schoolers in a step-by-step manner. Students learn the four most common kinds of writing—descriptive, informative, narrative, and persuasive (essays)—by means of the following basic building blocks: Brainstorming, Writing Revising, and Editing. This is a two-level program consisting of WriteShop I and WriteShop II. Continue reading »

Writing Road to Reading

by Mary Ann Kelley

This program is a comprehensive K-6 total language arts program in which all elements of the language are integrated in spelling, writing, and reading lessons. According to the publishers’ materials: “the instruction is explicit, systematic, interactive, diagnostic, and multi-sensory.” The program focuses on phonograms, or the 70 letters and letter combinations that represent the minimum Continue reading »

Writing Strands

by Mary Ann Kelley

Writing Strands is a full language arts program includes writing, reading, and speaking but only focuses on grammar on a “need to know” basis. The introductory level of the course focuses on basic, organizational, descriptive, and creative writing, while the higher levels concentrate on preparing students for high school and college level writing. The courses Continue reading »

Writing With Ease

by Mary Ann Kelley

Writing With Ease provides one on one instruction in writing. The course materials allow a parent to provide writing instruction based on the content of the books. There are workbooks that accompany the instruction to work on grammar. PDFs of the course materials can be downloaded or purchased for mail delivery.

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