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Foreign Language Curriculum Reviews

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The Easy French

by Mary Ann Kelley

Le Français Facile! Phonetic French Homeschooling Curriculum from The Great Commission Languages company. Program includes 36 lessons (stories and vocabulary), French phonograms, French songs, and French scripture memory verses. There are 400+ pages of non-consumable textbook plus 2 audio CD’s. CD #1 is also an enhanced audio CD-ROM. It contains 200+ printable activity sheets, which Continue reading »

The Easy Spanish

by Mary Ann Kelley

¡El Español Fácil! is a language product for both the homeschooling and general education community. Contains 400+ pages of non-consumable textbook plus 2 audio CD’s. CD #1 is also an enhanced audio CD-ROM. It includes 200+ printable activity sheets, which students use as a consumable workbook. Economical for parents with multiple children. The Easy Spanish Continue reading »

The Latin Road

by Mary Ann Kelley

The LATIN Road to English Grammar is a comprehensive language curriculum designed for anyone who desires to gain a better knowledge of English through the study of Latin. This curriculum is designed so that you can learn and teach Latin at the same time – you learn along with your students. All the materials you Continue reading »

The Learnables

by Mary Ann Kelley

The Learnables language immersion system uses a pictorial system of instruction that requires no translation from English. Students look at hundreds of pictures and listen to audio recordings of words and simple sentences by native speakers.

Transparent Language

by Mary Ann Kelley

Transparent Language offers several lines of language products, from Complete Personal Language learning software and audio CDs to KidSpeak (for preK and elementary ages) to Byki (a rapid mastery system for travel or work). Each line employs different features to help students achieve complete language proficiency.

Unforgettable Languages

by Mary Ann Kelley

Unforgettable Languages are foreign language learning courses offered in 30 different languages using CD Rom, CD Audio or downloadable formats. Vocabulary is taught using the Linkword Method, meaning that you will use visual tricks to link the word to a familiar English word to facilitate learning vocabulary. “The Linkword Method is based on the principle Continue reading »

Visual Latin

by Mary Ann Kelley

Visual Latin is a video-driven Latin homeschool curriculum taught by veteran Latin teacher Dwane Thomas. It’s quite unique. Three short videos are paired with three sets of worksheets to guide students from grammar concepts, to practice sentences, to reading in Latin. The goal is to enjoy learning Latin and strengthen students’ understanding of English grammar Continue reading »

Visual Link™ Spanish

by Mary Ann Kelley

Visual Link™ Spanish is designed to teach students to speak in complete sentences and to become fluent in conversational Spanish. The computer software course consists of interactive computer based Spanish lessons that use a combination of visual and audio features to interactively teach Spanish sentence structure.

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