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Shutterbug Day Camp for Kids

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ShutterBug Day Camps are a great beginners class for children who are creative and show an interest in photography (ages 8-12)! A disposable camera will be provided and children are encouraged to bring a digital camera and/or a phone of their own. Children will learn how to create and compose their own images in creative ways. Gallery showing of all work will be included at the completion of each workshop (hosted the following Saturday)!

Camp will cover:
1) History of Photography
2) The Photographer’s Toolkit
3) ISO
4) Exposure
5) Shutter Speed
6) Basic Camera Settings
7) Basic Lighting
8) Basic Composition
9) Basic Posing
10) Careers in Photography (various speakers)

Camp will include:
– 15 page workbook
– disposable film camera
– class badge
– daily hands-on lessons
– 2 photo walks
– Certificate of Completion

Campers will do a photo walk the final 2 days of workshop week! These photos will be developed and presented in print format at a Saturday Gallery Showing.

Resources: Arts opportunities (art, music, theater, etc)
Area served:Kansas City
State(s):Kansas, Missouri
Location:1600 Genessee Street, #335, Kansas City, MO 64102

Shutterbug Day Camp for Kids

1600 Genessee Street, #335, Kansas City, MO 64102

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