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Homeschooling in Freehold:

Connection Thru Music Inter-Generational Opportunity

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Connection Thru Music?
Connection Thru Music is an initiative inspired by the award winning documentary, Alive Inside uses a young person and the power of music to bring back memories in elders with dementia.
They share life stories and share their music. Our goal is to not only bring back memories through music; we want to create a bond between the generations, empower and increase empathy in this young person; reduce loneliness in and bring joy to the elder; and increase hope for their loved ones.

How Does The Program Work?
The students and adult volunteers participate in a specialized, 2 Hour Preparation Workshop which includes discussion on the themes from the film Alive Inside, facts about dementia, music and the brain, and a “how to” on creating their new elder buddy’s favorite music list. Their training experience includes self reflection, a Hands On dementia “stimulation” exercise and encourages empathy towards elders and joy in the journey.

Then, through regular visits in the home of the elder, the young person along with an adult mentor, will learn their new buddy’s life story and discover the musical soundtrack of his/her life. Using technology, the young person searches for their buddy’s favorite songs. They listen to the music together sharing the experience. Their buddy will receive an Alive Inside Memory Player filled with their newfound “music list” so that he/she can continue to reap the benefit of the music even when their new “buddy” isn’t with them.

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Area served:Freehold
State(s):New Jersey
Location:61 Georgia Rd, Freehold, NJ 07728, USA

Connection Thru Music Inter-Generational Opportunity

61 Georgia Rd, Freehold, NJ 07728, USA

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