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Teaching a Foreign Language in the Elementary Years

by THSM Contributor

It can be very intimidating to learn, much less teach, a foreign language. If you don’t know a language other than English, it can be especially difficult. However, it is increasingly important to learn additional languages in today’s global economy. Americans are alone in their arrogant assumptions that everyone else should learn English, and that everyone in foreign countries are just waiting to assist you during your visit there. In addition, learning another language is important for future jobs. It may start as communicating with fellow dishwashers in the back of a restaurant, but it could end up as negotiating the deal that makes the company $100,000 that quarter. Even the study of a dead language like Latin or Greek can be beneficial to solidify grammar rules and usage, and about word roots, suffixes and prefixes. Continue reading »

Getting Housekeeping Help

by THSM Contributor

I do believe I’ve tried every option possible to recruit help around the house. I’ve tried withholding special items. I’ve tried paying good money for chores. I’ve even tried a little torture .. only joking. Few things have worked. Some things have not. But I have found that if you change back and forth from one good idea to another, help usually happens. When your family stops helping out around the house, try another method. After all, we all get bored with housework. Continue reading »

Unschooling Flowers in the Spring

by THSM Contributor

Well, a lot of people predicted it and now it’s happened. My daughter’s unschooling has led her to a dead-end job at low pay. Yup, she’s a hired hand on a farm. She didn’t tell me that she was taking the job. I found out about it when I came across a list of her chores that she’d written out. In addition to feeding the pigs, chickens, horses and cows, she has to haul water, milk the cows and even chop wood! And for all this, she only gets room and board! Continue reading »

Testing Tips

by THSM Contributor

About this time of year, those of us that are required by law to test our children are starting to re-focus our energies on “just the facts”. Not every state requires testing, but many of us test our students anyway to get a sense of satisfaction about what they have learned for this year. Sometimes we do it just to confirm what we already know (both positive and negative). Continue reading »

Should I Teach Geography?

by Terri Johnson

Have you ever been teaching a history lesson when one of your children pipes up with a question. “Mom, is Carthage a city in Oregon or some other country?” Oh dear, you think to yourself and then calmly explain, “Honey, first of all, Oregon is a state, not a country. And Carthage no longer exists, but I think it was located on the northern tip of Africa across the Mediterranean Sea from Italy.” After receiving two or more questions along this vein, you realize that you need some better resources. Continue reading »

“You Can’t Seriously Be Thinking of Homeschooling!”

by THSM Contributor

Have you heard that question yet? When I first decided to homeschool, and friends, family, and acquaintances found out, it was amazing how often and quickly that question is posed. In many cases, before I could even try to formulate an answer, I was usually smacked with a barrage of warnings and cautions, or had my questioner simply shake their head and smile condescendingly. It was maddening! Continue reading »

Homeschool Valentine’s Party

by THSM Contributor

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to have a party.  Whether you are part of a support group, co-op, or a class, kids really look forward to Valentine’s Day exchanges.  When a party is on the agenda, everyone can contribute ideas to make it fun. Here are some tips to plan an easy and fun Continue reading »

Germ Warfare

by Shay Seaborne

Hand washing and safe food handling are very important to me. I’m not above bringing food safety brochures to potlucks. This fixation is not without cause, though; as a teenager, I contracted my first obvious food-borne illness after eating strawberries in Mexico City. During the space of the next few years, I had the educational Continue reading »

Moms Are Glue

by THSM Contributor

Do you feel sticky? If you are a mom, you do. Kids hanging on you all day. ‘Mom’ this and ‘Mom’ that. But, even more than that, you are the glue that holds your family together. Moms set the tone, the mood in their families. When Mom’s doing well, all is well. When Mom is Continue reading »

New Year’s Goal Setting and Math Add Up to Higher Grades for Students!

by THSM Contributor

Teaching math is one of the greatest ways to instill valuable goal-setting skills while ensuring academic success. Math provides the perfect opportunity for goal-setting lessons: its aims are realistic, obtainable, measurable and can be broken down into smaller goals or tasks. Developing goal-setting skills will help students learn how to manage their time, make better decisions and take ownership of their own academic progress. Continue reading »