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You Be The Chemist

by Mary Ann Kelley

Topic: Chemistry

Resource of the Week

Resource of the Week: You Be The ChemistYou Be The Chemist Activity Guides: Lesson Plans for Making Chemistry Fun are first-rate science resources available for free from the Chemical Education Foundation. YBTC offers 2 Activity Guides that contain “a variety of exciting science lesson plans, enabling educators to bring hands-on learning to students, inside and outside of the classroom. The Activity Guides are divided according to grade level, one for grades K-4 and the other for grades 5-8. Together the Activity Guides contain almost 1,000 pages of educator-reviewed experiments, activity sheets, supplements, and a resource guide filled with safety information, and much more.”

Although written for classroom teachers, homeschoolers can easily adapt the lessons to the homeschool setting. The extensive Activity Guides (each guide is over 450 pages) start with the basics of the scientific method and cover chemistry through a variety of topics. The guides are visually appealing, detailed, and provide all of the worksheets needed to complete the activities. The experiments use materials that are nontoxic everyday household items, and no special lab equipment is necessary (although appropriate safety gear is recommended for the experiments).

You Be The Chemist is an excellent quality resource made available at no cost by the Chemical Foundation. Free registration is required to download the materials.

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