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Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran

Marian called it Roxboxen. There across the road, it looked like any rocky hill—nothing but sand and rocks, and some old wooden boxes. But it was a special place. And all children needed to go there was a long stick and a soaring imagination.

Author: Alice McLerran

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Illustrator: Barbara Cooney

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Topics from the book:

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Online Units and Resources for Roxaboxen

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Supplemental Book List
from the FIAR Message Board Archive

Mapping Roxaboxen
In this lesson, students will recall story events while practicing mapping skills. Students will also identify human features of Yuma, Arizona, and compare the play of children in the past with theirs today.

Social Studies Lesson Plan: Roxaboxen
Students will be able to create a model of a community building that contributes to a class neighborhood layout. Students will be able to explain the purpose of his/her individual role and community building, and how it fits into the class model of a neighborhood.

Roxaboxen - Mr. Fargan's Reading Pages
Grade 3


Welcome to Yuma, Arizona
All about Yuma, AZ

Roxaboxen - Then and Now

Habitats and Biomes:Desert

Why are we featuring this book?

Roxaboxen is a book featured in Five in a Row, a literature-based unit study curriculum. Many families use FIAR for all but the grammar/reading and math, and others use it in conjunction with other resources. Above is information about the author and illustrator, story summaries, and links to lesson plans and websites that are great go-alongs for Roxaboxen. Please note that these resources are meant to complement, not replace, the Five in a Row units. The Five in a Row volumes are inexpensive and well worth the investment.

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