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The Usborne Art Treasury Reviews

Features 22 well-known artists, illustrations of famous works,and detailed directions how to create art in their styles.

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  1. The Usborne Art Treasury Review by Betsy
    Pros: User friendly, well conceived, colorful
    Grades Used: elementary

    The projects in this book are awesome. We have been using it for four years. There are projects younger children can easily have success with, and more advanced projects students can grow into. First, there is a presentation of an actual piece of art by a famous artist. Each is immediately followed by a student project. There is a pleasant variety of mediums, the projects are not all paintings, but include pastel, paper collage, tissue paper, raffia, foil sculpture, just to name a few. This book is super easy to use, you don’t have to be artistic yourself to ensure beautiful creations on the behalf of your student! The step-by-step directions are concise and easy to understand. This is a must have art resource!

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