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The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine offers homeschoolers a variety of resources and encouragement as well as ways to learn about the latest and greatest educational resources out there. The Old Schoolhouse is a glossy, full-color magazine, produced quarterly, packed with information and articles that homeschoolers enjoy reading. The magazine often features works written or created by homeschoolers and parents of homeschoolers. It also holds art and short story competitions and publish the winning entries in the magazine and online.

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  1. The Old Schoolhouse Review by Tammie Howell
    Pros: It's like a support group without leaving home!
    Cons: I can't think of any

    Grades Used: Three or four years now

    I have really enjoyed TOS magazine. My degree is in journalism. I am very impressed with the quality product they are able to produce. The writers are top notch in the homeschool field, and there is a wide variety of topics in each issue. Every single issue has a topic pertaining to something we’re needing in our homeschool journey. One of my favorite things about the magazine though is the online support through Facebook. What a great forum to glean ideas from other moms. I do have to add as well that anytime I’ve needed to check with the TOS staff about a matter with my account or any other matter they have been so quick with replies and have always been very kind. They get an A+ from me!

  2. The Old Schoolhouse Review by Sally
    Pros: a lot packed into one publication
    Grades Used: all

    One of my favorite things to look at are all of the new products for homeschoolers. It is also encouraging to read about problems and victories of other moms. I re-read mine several times before passing it on to others.

  3. The Old Schoolhouse Review by Theresa Walker
    Pros: Great meaty articles
    Cons: Too many advertisements

    Grades Used: 1st & 2nd

    The articles are very informational and many are very useful, however, I barely have time to get through a day let alone all the content in the magazine.

  4. The Old Schoolhouse Review by Sue S
    Pros: full of ideas and encouragement
    Grades Used: k-4th

    I really enjoy this magazine. I appreciate the fact that most of the Bible references are actually in KJV. There’s so much good info, it’s hard to list it.

  5. The Old Schoolhouse Review by Jill Ralph
    Pros: informative, encouraging
    Grades Used: Prek-k

    A friend gave me my first copy and I have been hooked every since! Wonderful articles, inspiring stories and great advice. I look forward to every edition.

  6. The Old Schoolhouse Review by JulieCC
    Pros: good sales
    Cons: hard to get it all red it's so thick!

    Grades Used: n/a

    I love TOS mostly for all the great HS’ing advertisements! I love that it’s such a huge magazine, printed on such thick, shiny paper. I have both the print and e-editions, which is great. I love the e-edition for ease of linking to all those ads! I also like the ability to print out an article and read it on the go without the fear of leaving my beloved magazine behind somewhere!

    There are , sample art activities, contests, reviews, encouraging & informative articles (sometimes one article is both!), and on and on.

    They frequently run super sales on subscriptions. Many times they come with a bonus item. There are special group/affiliate programs, also.

  7. The Old Schoolhouse Review by Nicole Hale
    Pros: Great Information, relatively inexpensive
    Grades Used: all

    I love this magazine! And they are always running subscription specials (both on the print and the e-magazine version). It’s only published every other month, but it’s jam-pack with great articles, tips, reviews, etc. And each time – there is something that speaks to my heart – right at that God-given moment. A Godly-based magazine – it also is a great resource and a boost for all homeschooling mothers AND fathers! I highly recommend that every homeschooler read at least one magazine – borrow one if you have to! You’ll really enjoy it!

  8. The Old Schoolhouse Review by Cheri Burt
    Pros: Very informational
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: Variety

    I have had a subscription off and on to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine since I started our adventure in 2003.

    Not once have I been disappointed. It is has many different articles that encourage, teach, ask questions and guide. I have seen myself portrayed in a reader’s frustration and gotten my questions answered in the response.

    The magazine always seems to have the right article for whatever I am facing or researching at the right time.

    I personally have not used everything every time I receive it in the mail but I gained a sense of perspective on how easy I have it in our state when it comes to the laws regarding homeschooling.

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