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Notebooking is educational journaling or scrapbooking. Essentially, the idea is to create a compilation of what has been learned and experienced in any number of subjects or activities and organize it in a notebook (or binder). It is generally up to the child to determine what he wants to include in this notebook. Notebooking Pages offers a Notebooking Treasury which includes access to their entire collection, including new additions as they are added. The site also has several free downloads.

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  1. Notebooking Pages Review by AnaMaree
    Pros: Amazing amount of material,support seems very good
    Cons: none I can see

    Grades Used: Pre-K, K (and now for myself!)

    I just signed up and went with the lifetime membership. I tend to jump in feet first. I realized I had been basically notebooking but with more pre-printed materials thinking I needed those because she is only 4. Now after watching some videos and seeing samples on this site and others we are taking a different approach and it is way more fun and she seems to be learning more. Science is her favorite, so we do a project then she draws a picture of how the project turned out. You should see her fairy garden page 🙂

    I was just starting to check out the web-app and loved it after only making one page, however it is currently down because of some tech issues involved in moving to a new host. She has been right on top of keeping emails and website up to date with information.

  2. Notebooking Pages Review by Cheryl Powell
    Pros: something for every subject
    Cons: cost

    Grades Used: elementary

    I have ravished her freebie area for years!! I would love to have a lifetime membership but hubby doesn’t feel it’s an acceptable thing to have in our homeschool budget 🙁

  3. Notebooking Pages Review by Annette Vellenga
    Pros: Treasury is very affordable and gives access to everything for a year,
    Cons: took me a while to understand the point of her work

    Grades Used: kindergarten

    I’m very new to notebooking and copywork.

    So when I first looked at notebooking I thought…what’s the point of this? 🙂 And then I realized the potential. To be able to use these as templates to creating my own studies, to have ready to do copywork for a lad, for ideas and having the treasury at my fingertips for a whole year….tons of things I can save to the computer and use later for ideas and more.

    So the treasury is well worth the investment and the renewal fee is quite reasonable as well.

  4. Notebooking Pages Review by JulieCC
    Pros: inexpensive; great sales and support; loads of freebies
    Cons: wish I could afford subscription

    Grades Used: n/a

    I have several of Debra’s pages. They are wonderful! She has lots of freebies and GREAT sales. Her new subscription-based plan, with access to all products and exclusives is a fantastic idea and would be a fantastic bargain. I only wish I could afford it (next year, I will!)

  5. Notebooking Pages Review by Nicole Hale
    Pros: Easy to use, download and go
    Cons: none that I can think of

    Grades Used: K-3

    I absolutely LOVE Notebooking Pages! Debra Reed has done an excellent job in laying out pages for those of us who are computer-art challenged! I bought the complete set a couple of years ago and use it all the time! It’s a great way to spice up the writing components of your school day. I can print out as many of a certain style page as I need – and my kids love it. I can even make writing pages match the theme of the assignment making writing a little more fun. I use the spelling test pages weekly – it’s all done for me – just hit print! I don’t know how Debra finds the time to design and create all these different styles of pages AND raise/educate 9+ children. But I CAN highly recommend Notebooking Pages!!

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