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Miquon Math Reviews

Miquon Math is a series of six workbooks for elementary students. The publisher avers that the programs is “based on the belief that mathematical insight grows out of observation, investigation, and the discovery of patterns, [that] lead children through an exploration of mathematical relationships.” The materials range in cost from under $10 for workbooks to over $50 for the complete curriculum or the wooden blocks that accompany the curriculum.

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  1. Miquon Math Review by Pati
    Pros: inexpensive, engaging
    Grades Used: K-1st

    My oldest daughter had her first introduction to math using these workbooks and cuisenaire rods. She loved math using these. It built her confidence. We only used the first three books though. Then the demands of a new baby encouraged me to use a more structured program for fear I might be leaving something out. A big mistake that set her behind for several years -it was too thoughtless slow moving and repetitious.

    Wish I had stuck with Miquon.

  2. Miquon Math Review by Lynn
    Pros: inexpensive
    Cons: too abstract for my kid

    Grades Used: 1st

    I liked the concept of this math program–it is very nontraditional–but it did not work for my daughter. It was too abstract so that she could not do a simple addition or subtraction problem when finished with the first year. This would be great for a child who can see the patterns easily and who does not need a lot of reinforcement. A more traditional and spiral approach is working better for us.

  3. Miquon Math Review by Heather

    I have never been good at math and my daughter is having a hard time also so this was hard for her to grasp and for me to teach. my son is very good at math and is in the 2nd grade so I may have him try them and see how he does. I think they would be fun for someone who understands math better

  4. Miquon Math Review by Cathie
    Pros: Very visual, good for younger grades
    Cons: Little instruction

    Grades Used: 1-3

    It wasn’t always clear how to instruct my child with this program. It definitely taught in a way pleasing to a visual learner. Not having a thorough instructor’s guide or answer key was it’s big downfall in my family.

  5. Miquon Math Review by Julie Scott
    Pros: facilitates discovery of math patterns, etc.
    Cons: no answers (or maybe we didn't get it?)

    Grades Used: All

    I LOVE the philosophy behind this math. (I love math too.) My girls are good at math, but don’t always see the patterns or make the “discoveries” as anticipated. I think I need to get past the “we need to complete this before going on” and just mark it & go back later to see if they’re now ready for that concept. Concepts are built up on one another as you go along, but this putting a concept aside for a time could still be done rather easily.
    We bought the rods 2nd hand, so they weren’t expensive & the girls love playing with them otherwise too, plus they can come with fun additional activities (again, my girls haven’t done a whole lot with that – they sure look fun to me! Maybe I need to make them extra credit!).
    So I have to say that my opinion of Miquon is largely based on my love for math & that I think it’s so great they teach you why & how things work before just teaching you the “short cuts”. My girls on the other hand don’t seem quite so eager as I – at least not all the time. They certainly have enjoyed aspects of it. (The pages with the pictures and unconventional math problems are probably their favorites.) And it doesn’t drill them (eg the times table).
    I don’t believe there is an answer key (??) but not a big deal as they’re pretty easy to grade. It only goes up to 3rd grade, so now I need to find another math curriculum… Btw, how DO you pronounce this curriculum???

  6. Miquon Math Review by Chrystal Richerson

    I am really enjoying this math curriculum. It makes teaching math so simple. Because it is very hands on it makes it fun for my dd too.

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