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Memoria Press – Latin Reviews

Memoria Press Latin offers curricula and resources for Kindergarten through high school. The program offers a variety of resources sold individually so you can buy only what you need. It is designed for parents and teachers with no background in Latin.

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  1. Memoria Press – Latin Review by Rose
    Pros: Very structured. Lots of grammar, which is so important in Latin.
    Cons: No real cons - not very exciting.

    Grades Used: 5th and 6th

    We used First Form Latin in 5ht grade and Second Form Latin for 6th grade. Very structured and lots of good grammar. I think Latin is hard, so I was very glad my daughter was willing to work through the books herself. I did buy the DVDs so she could have some good recitation practice. I like the DVDs better than the CDs. She is not taking Latin in 7th grade, but wants to start again in 8th grade and then continue through high school. A very solid Latin program.

  2. Memoria Press – Latin Review by Spauldorf
    Pros: Well laid out and organized, would recommend whole heartedly
    Cons: moves a little slow, doesn't have all units or diagramming answer key

    Grades Used: 10

    I am so glad we found this curriculum. It works well with the Henle Latin books. It is easy to follow and takes the guesswork out of planning. I do wish it had an audio pronunciation, and that the answer key had diagramming key because I was not ever taught to diagram and I don’t know if we are doing it right. We used Shurley for English so we never diagrammed. Fortunately, I had my kids take Abeka english last year and so they know how to diagram, but I don’t have a way of checking it for accuracy.

    My only complaint is about Henle being so overtly Catholic. but that has nothing to do with MP. We love MP. It does move a little slow so we double up.
    I also have been unable to find a teacher guide for units 6 on which is discouraging, but that is a ways off for us.

  3. Memoria Press – Latin Review by Emilytwinmom
    Pros: Easy for the teacher, no latin background needed
    Grades Used: 6th and 7th

    Having no latin background at all (learned Spanish 15 years ago), this was recommended to me over and over again when my son decided he wanted to learn latin. I was shocked at how easy it is! We started with Latina Christiana 1, and bought the DVD’s, teacher manual, student book, the pronunciation cd, and the Ludere Latine workbook to go with it all. We have not used the CD once, because it’s all spoken on the DVD. We picked up the pace and do two lessons a week, but that’s just us.

    I recommend this to anyone with a pupil who wants to learn latin. I plan to use it with my younger kids too if they are interested! My one piece of advice is watch the dvd’s with your child, or on your own time. It will really help you review with your students!

  4. Memoria Press – Latin Review by Robyn
    Pros: Ease of use, no Latin needed to teach,
    Cons: not overly exciting, little variety in exercises

    Grades Used: 3 and up

    I’m on my 2nd go through with Prima Latina with my 3rd grader and our first run-through of Latina Christiana I with my 4th grader. We are not Latin-centered at our household so we need something that will teach us Latin, but not take a lot of time and energy. This fits the bill! It is simple to teach. We started with the DVD’s, but I quickly abandoned them because I could teach the lesson in a much shorter time period. We use the CD for pronunciation as well as the prayers and songs. I like the “no fuss” of this curriculum… it’s to the point and that’s what we need. Latin gets done and both children are enjoying it!

  5. Memoria Press – Latin Review by Renita
    Pros: Easy to use, no prior experience needed
    Cons: takes some getting used to

    Grades Used: K, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th

    We have used Prima Latina and had a great experience with it. My girls have loved learning Latin and applying it to everyday vocabulary words. I found it very easy to implement and use. There was no prior experience with Latin needed. The student book is laid out in a student friendly way that lends itself to independent study. The Teacher book is identical to the student book so that it is easy to find the answers or help for the student. The pronunciation CD is easy to navigate but the voice is a little distracting. She has a slight southern accent that takes some getting used to.

    We have enjoyed using Memoria Press Latin and will continue to do so through high school.

  6. Memoria Press – Latin Review by Deb Wielhouwer
    Grades Used: 3rd-high school

    I have used Prima Christiana, Latina Christiana 1&2, and now the High school Henle Latin. While it’s not exciting, necessarily, the study of Latin does support critical thinking skills, grammar, and vocabulary study. It has been very helpful with any type of testing my children have had to do. The curriculum is very easy to use for parents who have never taken Latin and “grade” levels are appropriate. Henle Latin offered by Memoria Press is very challenging for high schoolers, but the Memoria Press study guides help to break it down with ease. The high schooler can mostly self teach. Also, the included quizzes/tests and answers are very handy. The Memoria Press Academy is also a (costly) but great way to have the Henle Latin presented to high schoolers. They do the prep work and grading, and help to hold a high schooler accountable for their work. My son has enjoyed this class very much.

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