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Connect The Thoughts™ Curriculum Reviews

Connect The Thoughts is a home school and classroom-use curricula for ages 5-adult which offers a secular but religion-friendly core curricula. Curricula are sold in PDF bundles, which are downloaded to your PC. Curricula are broken out into age groups: Starter (ages 5-6), Elementary (ages 7-8), lower school (ages 9-10) and upper school (ages 11-adult). Curricula are meant to be used for a semester at a time, with four semesters to each program.

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  1. Connect The Thoughts™ Curriculum Review by M Laza
    Pros: None
    Cons: Below grade level, inaccurate, white washing if history

    Grades Used: High school

    I bought a high school level (step 4) civics course based on the description and samples provided. It is the single biggest homeschooling mistake I have made. First, there are inaccuracies. It also filled with massive amounts of white washing. Important points are given a single sentence and the assignments are things like draw a picture of the Boston Tea Party. For high school? I’d expect that type of assignment for lower elementary. There isn’t an meat to the course and absolutely ZERO critical thinking skills. I wouldn’t even call this acceptable for middle school. It was obvious within 15 minutes of purchase that this course was just trash. It was nothing like the description on the website and the sample was not representative of the bulk of the course. $75 and no refunds. DO NOT waste your time or money.

  2. Connect The Thoughts™ Curriculum Review by Jan
    Pros: Complete, ease of use
    Cons: No print material (this could be a pro)

    Grades Used: First grade and Manners elective

    I’ve not used a lot of this curriculum as I came upon is after I had all I needed. However, I did the starter bundle IV for part of my son’s first grade. He has ADD and was not yet reading or writing anything, yet he wanted to learn. I liked how this curriculum encouraged us to get outside, observe, and record. He struggled with the idea of recording, but it got easier as he knew what was expected. We moved through this very slowly as I had older children doing a different curriculum at the same time.

    With the whole family, we are doing the manners course. I highly recommend this course. We have great family discussion and more consideration for others.

    I would like to do more of this curriculum. The price is very reasonable.

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