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ClickN READ is a beginning reading course that is entirely web-based. The course represents the entire reading program from K through 3rd grade taught in public schools. The curriculum allows the student to participate in self-paced self learning. The program is designed to have the student teach him or herself how to use it. The program requires an internet connection and works with any browser. The program has a one-time purchase price (as opposed to being subscription-based) and is fully refundable up to 60 days after purchase.

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  1. ClickN READ Review by Barb ( davendanismom)
    Pros: easy to use
    Cons: spelling of large sight words

    Grades Used: preK / K / first

    I started this program for my young five year old in the fall. He already knew his letters and sounds–which means you can move ahead to lesson 26 and start ( this was great ). He enjoyed it but it did get a bit boring for him. I sit with him and just oversee since he is young and attention span is not good. He has done very VERY well with this program and we are on lesson 43 ( out of 100 ). He is doing a fantastick job of reading for his age. The part I do not like, they do start asking the child to spell the new sight word ( where, was) We haven’t started the concept of spelling and I do a little cheating here and write out the sight words so he can type them in after he finds it on my list. I called the company and asked about it and if the child can’t do it you have to wait about one minute before the program moves on. This is too long for my ADD child. So far what we are doing works great for him. I do recommend this program and I am starting it with my 3 year old now.

  2. ClickN READ Review by Linda Farmer

    Can anyone answer this – does everyone have to start at Lesson 1? Or is there some way to go ahead if the child is in, say 2nd grade?

  3. ClickN READ Review by Alison McGreevey
    Pros: online, good value
    Cons: repeats a lot of sound bites, asks to spell words that are not easy to sound out

    Grades Used: K

    I am terrible with phonics (my brain doesn’t work that way) so I was searching for something to teach it to my kids. This worked and they got a lot better about sounding out. One complaint I have is that around lesson 70 it starts to ask the kids to spell words like “thought” that you can’t sound out so my kids have to ask for help. I think words like this are too hard for this level and they should stick with words that can use the skills-the phonetic, sounding-out skills, that the program is trying to teach.

  4. ClickN READ Review by Maree
    Pros: lifetime, learn at own pace, inexpensive
    Cons: monotonous after a while

    Grades Used: K

    We used Reading Eggs prior to finding Click n Kids but that program is just too expensive and not as value for money like Click n Kids. When one child finishes you can use it for another child unlike other reading programs. Yes, it does become a bit monotonous and had to find ways to coax our son to complete the lessons, but I know he is definitely all the better for it. He didn’t speak until age 4. I didn’t find Click n Kids until he was probably nearly the age of 5. As soon as we started using it, his speech just came on in leaps and bounds. I am definitely use this with the next children.

  5. ClickN READ Review by Peaches Tyson
    Pros: learn at own pace,
    Cons: may become boring, expensive for some who need it

    Grades Used: elementary

    This site could work for most because they learn at their pace. It may be expensive for those low income families who really are the ones who need this type of help.

  6. ClickN READ Review by L.A.
    Pros: online, inexpensive
    Cons: monotonous after awhile

    Grades Used: 1-2

    was great when we started but my son is getting bored with it. However, he is ready pretty well at some 3rd grade level books which is 1 grade level above him.

  7. ClickN READ Review by Heather
    Pros: Online
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: K-3

    This has been one of our favorite programs since starting homeschooling seven years ago. This online program allows children to move at their own pace. Two of our children have graduated from both Click and Read and their second program Click and Spell. I highly recommend both.

  8. ClickN READ Review by Janelle Wright
    Pros: inexpensive
    Cons: gets monotonous in later lessons

    Grades Used: elementary

    100 easy lessons. Inexpensive. Can work at your own pace. Can access it from any computer. Easy to use. Starts to get monotonous about half-way through, but can easily take a break and pick it back up. Can set lessons forward or back. Once you subscribe, it is yours for life or you can transfer it to someone else. My grandchildren will use it when my son is finished. He is on lesson 75 and his reading has greatly improved. He is a struggling reader (dyslexia).

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