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Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Reviews

Diana Waring’s Ancient Civilizations and the Bible is a bible-based history unit study. All of the core subjects except math are covered. There are quality resources used for each chapter, including suggested books . Each resource listed is divided up by elementary, middle school, high school and adult. The “True Tales” and “What in the World’s Going on Here?” CD sets that go along with the unit are a great addition to any history curriculum.

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  1. Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Review by Megan
    Pros: Great curriculum for the whole family.
    Cons: Can be overwhelming if you don't grasp the concept of how she's designed the curriculum to work.

    Grades Used: 3rd, 1st

    I started using Diana’s curriculum almost two years ago after using Bob Jones University Elementary History for the first two years with my oldest. BJU was a really good curriculum but it couldn’t be scaled to a “one room schoolhouse” scenario I was needing for our growing family. Diana’s design looked like it would work so much better for our family, so I purchased the first set for the two I was currently teaching. It took a bit to get used to…trying to understand how her system would best suit our situation. But we got into the groove within a few units and really have enjoyed it.

    There is a lot of repetition between the article and the audio, but I’ve found that to be very helpful in gauging my children’s comprehension of the knowledge. Diana’s enthusiasm for all things historical has really had an effect on me personally. And even though I get the eye rolls from EVERYONE (hubby included) when it’s a CD day, they generally leave the session with far more knowledge then when their eyes were trying to see into their little brains.

    One of the things that I really like about the curriculum is that it is basically a one time purchase. For about $300 you can purchase the framework for your history curriculum that could last through the entire homeschool journey. Yes, you will need to use other books from either the library or a used book store, but if you’re starting young you have more time and more options for building on the extras. And you will want to buy the notebooks as consumables, but they are very helpful.

    My children are young so I direct their education path, but this curriculum is designed to give both families and individual students options in expressing what they’re learning. The plays are starting to become a regular thing. Months after we had studied Joseph, all of them participated in an impromptu reenactment of the events of Joseph’s life as I read it from the Bible.

    Which brings me to my favorite part of her curriculum. I truly appreciate having the scriptures for us to read through and study along side the historical narrative. It’s been instructive for us all to recognize the Hand of God in history.

    I think if one were to use this curriculum as its intended and give their children both the freedom and the resources for additional study there really is no limit to where a student or family can explore.

    Now my problem is, when will I have the time to read all these amazing historical books I’ve been collecting!?!

  2. Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Review by Spauldorf
    Pros: Lots of Bible reading! Loved that! Suggestions for projects and art
    Cons: BORING articles, dry! Audio annoying, didn't remember anythign

    Grades Used: 9,10

    Use mystery of History instead! This is a great idea but no where near as interesting!
    We did LOVE the Bible readings!

  3. Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Review by Pam
    Pros: CD’s are great! Straight through the bible beginning in Genesis
    Grades Used: 2nd

    My daughter has really enjoyed Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, especially the CD’s! She loves to read and after getting this, I now know she loves to learn by listening, as well.

    She & I both enjoy going to the library and finding books on the different subjects. My library doesn’t have as many of the Christian based books – so I need to think ahead as to how to get some of them when I need them.

    She wants to know all about Creation and how God has created everything from the beginning.

    I have to admit my husband & I love it and are learning from it, too! It is fantastic information showing how much God has His hand in everything! Diana Waring does fantastic research that she shares on the CD’s! The CD’s would be an excellent resource for any history study!

    Your student picks activities to do based on the way they learn.

    My daughter wanted to do them all, at first.

  4. Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Review by Brose
    Pros: biblical view
    Cons: price, and time consuming

    Grades Used: 5th

    I was doing this curriculum with my child but found it a bit overwhelming. I found the pages in the teacher’s book to busy and hard to follow being it went to so many types of learning styles and such.
    I think video presentations would have been better than audio cds.
    The audio cds did not hold my child’s attention. I also think this curriculum is best suited for high school. (9-12)

    It is not for the faint of heart!

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