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Giveaway: Discover Africa!


I see a lot of homeschool resources available online, so it’s not often that I get as excited about a download as I am about Discover Africa! When Jessica at Balancing Everything couldn’t find a unit available online that included all of the countries in Africa, she put together this mega download that covers all 54 (as of this writing) countries on the continent. I’m very excited to use this unit in our 9th grade geography course this year, but it’s not limited to high school. The unit is flexible enough to be used with all ages.

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Discover Africa! Coupon Code

Jessica is graciously giving our visitors a $5 coupon code toward the $15 unit, so you get this huge download for only $10! What’s more, Jessica is allowing us to give away one of these units to a lucky visitor! (If the winner has purchased the unit, Jessica will refund the purchase price, so even if you purchase the unit you can still win.) To purchase with the $5 discount, use the Discover Africa! coupon code homeschool5.

The unit includes both notebooking pages and beautiful graphics and country flags that will make a gorgeous Africa notebook. Check out these pages, available as both blank or pre-filled notebooking pages:

Discover Africa! Coupon Code

Image credit: Balancing Everything

Notebooking pages have the following features:

  • The country’s known name, plus the official name.
  • A map showing where the country is in the world.
  • A spot to write in the surrounding countries (this area is filled out on the mostly-filled-out pages).
  • The country’s flag to color. (Use the included flag color guides as needed).
  • A sample of a sentence written in a popular language of the country, and an area to write in what the language is.
  • An area to paste in included color photos showing what the people look like and what they wear.
  • Places to record population, capital city, terrain, government, currency, major religion(s), industry, agriculture, landmarks, and whether or not the country is at war or peace. (All but 3 of these will be filled in on the mostly-filled-in sheets).
  • A box to list interesting things about the culture, cuisine, or other interesting facts (this is filled in with some additional space left on the mostly-filled-in sheets).
  • Finally, there is a spot to list the page number, and the region of Africa the country is located in.
Discover Africa! Coupon Code

Image credit: Balancing Everything

Discover Africa! includes:

  • A 19 page Resource and Instruction Guide to help you get started. It’s packed full of helpful suggestions, recommended books, and directions for printing and organizing the PDF printables.
  • A file containing 54 single / individual beautifully designed, blank notebooking pages for each country in Africa in PDF format.
  • A file containing 54 single / individual mostly-filled-out PDF notebooking pages for use in a homeschool co-op / classroom setting, or for use with younger children. These pages have most of the areas filled in, but still leave areas of activity for the students.
  • A file containing outline maps of the continent of Africa, Africa with countries defined, and individual maps of each country.
  • PLUS more files containing the single notebooking and map PDFs merged together so you can print one big book all at once. Both styles (blank & filled out) are included.
  • A 7 page file containing all 54 African flags – use these as a color guide when the children color in the flag on the notebooking pages, or shrink them down for use in passports (instructions to make or buy passports is in the Resource Guide).
  • A 6 page file packed with beautiful thumbnail photos for children to paste on their notebooking pages. Photos show a wide variety of African peoples in their traditional, ceremonial, or every day dress. Photographers are listed in the Resource Guide with their URLs so your family can explore more of their pictures.

To enter: Entering to win Discover Africa! is easy. Just post a link to any page on on Facebook, Twitter, and/or your blog/website. You can link to this page and spread the word about the discount code, or you can link to any other page on our site. Each link you post is an entry, so for each link, leave a comment on this post. Example – if you post a link on your Facebook page and link to us on your blog, that is two entries so you should leave two separate comments below. If you have multiple blogs, you can get more entries by linking on each one. It’s important that you leave a comment for each link because each individual comment will be your entry, so if you linked to us 3 times but only left one comment letting us know about the 3 links, you are only entered once.

That’s it – just link to us then comment below for each link. Good luck!

******** Entries are now closed ********

Congratulations to Monica of Mommy Maestra, the winner of the Discover Africa! unit. Monica was commenter number 7 which was randomly chosen from the entries using a Random Number Generator. We’ll be contacting you by email with instructions for obtaining the unit. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Mary Ann Kelley

Mary Ann Kelley lives in Virginia with her husband and has two grown daughters, both homeschool graduates. Mary Ann, who homeschooled off and on for 16 years, believes in school choice as well as allowing children to direct their own learning with guidance and input from their parents. Interviews with Mary Ann have been featured on HuffPost and in the Free Lance-Star newspaper. Her desire is to encourage parents and children to take personal responsibility for their own educational options and choices. In her free time, Mary Ann enjoys reading, cooking (check out her free meal plans), traveling, and genealogy.

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