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Final Homeschool Giveaways: Map Trek, Dave Raymond’s American History, TOS GC, and More

Update – Congratulations to the following winners:

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  • Cheryl Powell – Dave Raymond’s American History Volumes 1&2
  • Debby Sapp – Map Trek 6 volume set
  • Jennifer Wennekamp – Cuisenaire Rod Kit and The Fun Spanish
  • Agj75 – Baktar, A Tale From the Andes and King Alfred’s English
  • Laurie – $25 TOS gift certificate

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Great Homeschool Giveaway!

This is the last chance to win in our 2014 Homeschool Giveaways event! We have a great list of prizes below that we will be giving away to 5 lucky winners, so don’t miss your chance to enter to win one of these valuable homeschool resources. Entries will be accepted through April 30th at midnight ET.

Entering is easy – just visit our Homeschool Curriculum Reviews area and post a short (but original) review of a homeschool resource that you have used. It need only be a few sentences, but your feedback might help someone make a better decision about whether it will work for them.

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Dave Raymond’s American History Curriculum from Compass Classroom

History is best understood through the dual lenses of dramatic story and godly wisdom. Veteran history teacher Dave Raymond gives a comprehensive history of the United States by applying a Christian worldview to the characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of the nation. It is an engaging american history homeschool curriculum for students age 12 and up. Designed for upper middle school and lower high school (although upper high school would enjoy it, too). Dave uses a combination of lectures and readings structured for a 5-day school week with daily tasks, weekly exams, and projects, as well as a year-long portfolio.

American History is intended to cover a full school year. It consists of 26 lessons plus 4 projects. Each lesson includes five approximately 10-minute lectures (for an hour of teaching per lesson), daily tasks, readings, weekly exams, and more. A year-long journal is also a part of the class. This american history homeschool curriculum also utilizes a Student Reader with over 100 pages of original texts and writings from history.

Retail value $160

One lucky winner will receive Dave Raymond’s American History Vol. 1&2.

Map Trek

Now you can have hundreds of historical outline maps at your finger tips. Save yourself countless hours scouring the internet for the perfect printable map for your history lesson! Recommended by The Well-Trained Mind! With Map Trek Historical Atlas and Outline Maps, your students can…

  • See the landscape (i.e. the political boundaries, major cities, etc.) from the historical time period – instead of what the region is like today.
  • Label places of historical significance on their outline maps.
  • Color in empires, trace travel routes, draw scales and directional symbols, etc.
  • Maps don’t have to be boring… Students should feel free to experiment with colored markers, pencils, paint and even glitter (this is optional, of course!)
  • Finished maps can be posted to the bulletin board or refrigerator or placed in a history notebook.

Retail Value $47.00

One lucky winner will receive the Map Trek set.

$25 Gift Certificate to The Old Schoolhouse® online store

“Browse through our store and find encouragement, support, tips, and suggestions on everything from the WannaBe™ or Curiosity Files™ series to organizing your home. Learn frugal ways of managing your home with previous Molly Green issues or learn homesteading skills with the NEW Molly Green Magazine. You’ll find what you need to kick start your spring from a Creative Nature Study or learn new techniques for teaching writing, reading, or geography. Use the gift certificate for any product in the store – physical or digital!”

Retail value $25

One lucky winner will receive the TOS gift certificate.

King Alfred’s English & Baktar’s Tale

King Alfred’s English: A History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should Be Glad We Do

Do you remember the first time you looked under the hood of a car or popped off the back of an electric toy to see the inner workings? Well, most of us go through our entire life speaking a highly complex and organized set of sounds we call language without ever getting a glimpse under its hood. So come have a look at some of the hidden springs and gears that have steered and energized English over the centuries. King Alfred’s English provides a guided tour of forces and events, conquerors and writers that have shaped, simplified, matured and expanded English into what it is today—the first truly global language in history.

Baktar, A Tale From the Andes: A unique story about a girl and a cat and the Inca King Pachacuti. Part true, part myth, all fun. Learn about the ancient Incas and the famous “Inca Way.”

Retail value $25.20

One lucky winner will receive King Alfred’s English & Baktar.

The Fun Spanish

The Fun Spanish is a fun, beginning Spanish program which teaches Spanish the Charlotte Mason way, one fun phrase at a time. Elementary children read fun Spanish sentences, write fun Spanish sentences, and draw fun silly pictures to aid in memory retention. With The Fun Spanish children draw pictures of green cats, orange rats, fish in trees, and blue houses with wings. Verb conjugations included are the following: ser (to be) , estar (to be), tener (to have), vivir (to live), comer (to eat), jugar (to play), saltar (to jump), ver (to see), oír (to hear), dormir (to sleep) and querer (to want). Besides verb conjugation, prepositions, and a host of vocabulary, children using The Fun Spanish also learn the fundamental structure of Spanish sentences. At one lesson every two weeks, The Fun Spanish is a yearlong program.

Retail value $29.90

Cuisenaire Rods

Discover the excitement of learning with Cuisenaire Rods from Lighthouse Educational Products! Spark students’ interest in mathematics and help them understand important math concepts as they progress from concrete representation to abstract thinking with our namesake math manipulative! Cuisenaire Rods provide endless opportunities to introduce, investigate, and reinforce key math topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, and geometry.

Retail value $9.99

One lucky winner will receive The Fun Spanish and the Cuisenaire Rod set.

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Mary Ann Kelley

Mary Ann Kelley lives in Virginia with her husband and has two grown daughters, both homeschool graduates. Mary Ann, who homeschooled off and on for 16 years, believes in school choice as well as allowing children to direct their own learning with guidance and input from their parents. Interviews with Mary Ann have been featured on HuffPost and in the Free Lance-Star newspaper. Her desire is to encourage parents and children to take personal responsibility for their own educational options and choices. In her free time, Mary Ann enjoys reading, cooking (check out her free meal plans), traveling, and genealogy.

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