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Build Your Bundle 2016 – What to Expect

by Mary Ann Kelley

[ED NOTE: This post is from the 2016 BYB sale and does not reflect the offerings and guidelines for other years.]

I am so excited about the Build Your Bundle sale that starts on Monday! For one week only, homeschoolers have the opportunity to get deeply discounted homeschool curriculum from well known publishers. This year the sale is bigger than ever with deeper discounts than ever – if you purchased in the past, you will know how impossible that seems, but it’s true.

As an affiliate, I get advance access to the titles and prices, and although I can’t tell you what they are, I can tell you that I am incredibly impressed. The ladies that put this huge event together know what they are doing, and they have developed relationships with some of the biggest names in the business. I would have loved to have access to these titles at these prices when I was still homeschooling (it seems like yesterday that I started TheHomeSchoolMom, but it’s been 16 years this fall and both of my girls are now in college – it just doesn’t seem possible).

Important Dates – Build Your Bundle

Build Your Bundle 2016 Sale Dates: May 16th thru May 23rd
May 16th: Giveaway winners will be announced (enter the giveaway here see the winner).
May 16th-May23rd: Coupon codes given out during the pre-sale can be used (get your coupon code here). [The coupon offer is over, but when you buy 2 bundles, you get the 3rd FREE, plus getting the free Bonus Bundle below!]

PLUS (and I can’t believe they are doing this), with every purchase during the sale, you get this FREE Bonus Bundle (value $250):

Bigger Bundles & Lower Prices

  • Over 200 products from 86 publishers and authors
  • Prices Starting at Just $10.00
  • Savings of 86% – 96% on each bundle
  • Several Cathy Duffy Top Picks
  • Popular Publishers & Best-Selling Products
  • Complete Curriculum Sets
  • Free Bonus Book filled with coupons, deals, and FREEBIES (over $250 in FREE offers) With Any Purchase
  • 3 Build Your OWN Options – you can pick and choose what YOU want

If you like unit studies, you are going to LOVE the Unit Study Bundles! I’m a big fan of unit studies (I’m actually working on a huge virtual tour/unit study for our subscribers but it is slow going) and these will not disappoint.

“Famous Maker” Curriculum

Have you ever seen an ad online or in the paper that just says “famous maker” because they aren’t allowed to share the brand name? In my previous life (before kids), I was a buyer for a retail store. When a famous designer brand was going to be on sale, we were not allowed to use their name in the ad so as not to degrade the brand by publicizing it as a discounted item. We used the term “famous maker” instead, and it was never a disappointment to the customers – they knew it meant a great deal.

That is how I would term the big draw of this sale if I were in charge of ad copy — “famous maker”. It’s a curriculum that my daughter used and one that is hugely popular among homeschoolers. Trust me on this — this product alone makes it worth checking out the sale (and it’s not being publicized until the sale goes live, so you won’t see it on any website or in any ad). But even if that publication doesn’t excite you, there are multiple products that are Cathy Duffy Top Picks.

More Publishers

Here are a few of the publishers (not including the “famous maker” described above) you will see:

  • WriteShop
  • Master Books
  • Amanda Bennett Unit Studies
  • Ellen McHenry – Basement Workshop
  • How Great Thou Art
  • BiblioPlan
  • Picture Smart Bible
  • Brookdale House
  • Character Concepts
  • Media Angels
  • A Journey Through Learning
  • Homeschool Legacy
  • Writing With Sharon Watson
  • Bright Ideas Press
  • Math Essentials
  • Notebooking Pages
  • Joyce Herzog
  • Triviumm Pursuit
  • National Center for Biblical Parenting
  • Knowledge Quest
  • Barefoot Ragamuffin Curricula
  • Enrichment Studies
  • Live and Learn Press
  • Intoxicated on Life
  • Grapevine Studies
  • Home School Adventure Co.

[Coupon offer expired] To be sent the coupon code (remember, you get to use that coupon on top of the already deeply discounted bundle prices) and be entered to win, click here now. You’ll be mailed the coupon and a reminder when the sale starts, and you’ll be entered to win over $3,500 in products – ALL of the products in every bundle!

Build Your Bundle 2016 - Save 86% - 96% on #homeschool #curriculum! #BYB2016

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  1. Trish Cannon

    These are all digital downliads, right? No actual paper and ink books are sent. I didn’t see that written anywhere; I heard it by word of mouth.

    • That was correct when I participated in 2016. You would have to check their website to be sure that is the case this year.

  2. Stacie M Smith

    Does the byb keep records on your pc or online? Is it a complete year of studies? Thanks

    • Hi Stacie – This is from the 2016 BYB which included different products. You would need to visit the BYB site to look at this year’s offerings and see what is included.

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