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Build Your Bundle 2016 Explained

by Mary Ann Kelley

Build Your Bundle Explained (and a $25 GC Giveaway)

This sale can be overwhelming, so I want to do two things in this post – explain a little more about the sale and the great deals, and give away a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner.

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We have a winner!

I know many of you are as excited as I am about this one week only annual event. As an affiliate, I got to see the products early and could barely keep the secret! You may have already started filling your cart and want to be sure you are getting the best possible deal. I have some pointers and tools that will help with that.

Planning Worksheet & Spreadsheet

I wanted to let you know about two tools that will make your purchase planning much easier – the Build Your Own Worksheet and the Plan Your Purchase Spreadsheet. The Build Your Own is a free download available at the BYB website here. The Plan Your Purchase spreadsheet is a little different – it lists all of the products in all of the bundles in a Google spreadsheet and gives you an idea of where they would fit into your plans with columns for the subjects covered and the cycles for Classical Conversations. You can download or create a copy of this spreadsheet and adapt it to your own needs if you’d like. (Thanks to Kristi Bothur for the original version of this spreadsheet!)

How Build Your Bundle Works

When I first heard of the Build Your Bundle sale, I was confused. Really confused. It took awhile to wrap my head around how it worked, so I thought I’d explain it for any of you who are in the same boat I was.

There are multiple aspects to the sale, and I was getting them confused. Now that I understand how it works, it seems easy. Here are the various parts:

  1. Set Bundles. These are bundles put together by the BYB team to make it easier to purchase products that are similar or coordinate well together. There are 15 set bundles this year, and you can see all of those bundles here.
  2. Build Your Own Bundles. This is where you can put together your own bundles from all of the products available. There are 3 different ways to build your own bundles:
    • Pick 5 for $25 (these must be from the $19.99 & below products)
    • Pick 10 for $39 (these must be from the $19.99 & below products)
    • Pick ANY 10 for $59 (these can be any price)
  3. Premium Products. These are select items that are not in bundles but can be purchased for 50% off individually. You can find the premium products here.

What makes the sale so great is all of the extras. Check out the extra discounts and bonuses:

  1. Buy 2 Get 1 Free. For every 2 bundles you buy (build your own or set bundles), you get the third FREE. There is no limit on free bundles, so if you buy 4, you get 2 free bundles, buy 6 and get 3 free bundles, etc. (but, the least expensive bundles will always be the free ones, so it is better to do multiple orders for this). More info here. Keep reading below to see an example of how you can place 5 orders to get ALL the bundles for $240!
  2. FREE Bundle of Bonuses. Every bundle purchase comes with a FREE bundle of bonuses, which is loaded with over $250 in freebies (including products from Math Mammoth & Knowledge Quest) and awesome sales and deals (including a 20% off coupon from WriteShop). You can see all of the freebies and deals in the Bundle of Bonuses here.
  3. $10 Mystery Bundle. The organizers of the sale put together a mystery bundle that can only be purchased as an add-on to a sale. The mystery bundle is only $10 and contains $230 worth of products most of which are NOT in the other bundles, and none of them are in the Build Your Own options. There are 19 products in the bundle that include: Geography, Writing, Grammar/English, Electives, Homeschool Helps, Copywork, Early Learning, Character Building, Unit Studies, Science, and Homemaking. You can learn more about the Mystery Bundle here.
  4. [NEW] Anyone who orders a Premium Product will now be sent a $10 coupon to use toward a Build Your Own Bundle. This is not good for set bundles or previous purchases. If you plan to buy a Premium Product, do it first in a separate transaction, then when you get your coupon, go back to put together your Build Your Own Bundles.

Sample Combinations

What amazes me is how you can get so many products for such a steal when you combine the deals. Here are a few examples:

Sample Combo 1:

$60 for $907 worth of product
Unit Study#1 $30 (Value $228)
Unit Study#2 $30 (Value $229)
Fine Arts  Free B2G1 (Value $200)
Bundle of Bonuses Free (Value $250)

Sample Combo 2:

$40 for $1,100 worth of product
Brother & Sister$15 (Value $244)
Copywork, Notebooking, Lapbooks $15  (Value $211)
Homemaking Free B2G1 (Value $165)
Bundle of Bonuses Free (Value $250)
Mystery Bundle $10 (Value $230)

Sample Combo 3:

$70 for $1,321 worth of product
Upper Grades #1 $30 (Value $257)
Upper Grades #2 $30  (Value $290)
Charlotte Mason Free B2G1 (Value $294)
Bundle of Bonuses Free (Value $250)
Mystery Bundle $10 (Value $230)

Sample Combo 4:

$240 for $3,558 worth of product
Get ALL off the bundles ( $3,558 worth of product) for only $240 using the process below.

How To Get $3500 Worth of Homeschool Products for Only $240

If you wanted to splurge and get ALL the bundles, you can combine the deals to do that for only $240! This requires doing a few separate orders. Here is how:

Build Your Bundle: Get ALL Bundles for $240Order #1

Character Bundle – $20
Brother & Sister – $20
Copywork, Notebooking, Lapbooks ($15) – FREE

Order #2

Charlotte Mason – $30
Upper Grades #1 – $30
Early Learning ($20) – FREE

Order #3

Elementary #1 – $40
Elementary #2 – $40
Upper Grades #2 ($30) – FREE
(If you have signed up for the coupon last week, use it for this purchase to save another $8 since it’s the largest purchase)

Order #4

Fine Arts – $20
Unit Study#1 – $20
Unit Study#2 ($20) FREE

Order #5

Homemaking -$10
Homeschool Helps -$10
Mystery ($10) – FREE

$25 Gift Certificate Giveaway – Drawing complete!

I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate to the Build Your Bundle sale! This certificate is only good on pre-assembled and BYO bundles (no premium products). All you have to do to enter is submit your email address below AND click the confirmation link when you receive it (your email will not be put on the list of entrants unless you confirm). By entering the giveaway you’ll also be signing up for TheHomeSchoolMom newsletter (current subscribers are also welcome to enter using the form below), but you can unsubscribe any time.

I’ll draw a winner on Friday at 2pm EDT and email the winner. Good luck!

Congratulations to our winner! Notification is pending, so check your email if you entered.

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